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  1. Will so get pumpkin drops and Erie creatures
  2. the first one looks like a raptoren furry can’t the world be normal for a bit
  3. Rocks and metal Does anyone know What the res pawn time of rocks and other stone based resources is on single player because my stones aren’t respawning even with refertilizer
  4. Incest ain’t a thing in ark the dad will happily do things to his daughter grand kids or anyone of his family and it won’t decrease stats
  5. I have a question. Why do u guys play if u don’t like this game player that like the game deal with these problems in other ways than just wining
  6. It’s the second option you said and even if you could change you can only turn xp 3 times and gathering by 5 it’s not worth it if you want boosted ark I recommend playing on pc
  7. Look everyone knows that they did this during extinction release and everyone was hurrying them so look how extinction came it’s buggy as hell but if they work hard on this dlc then it will probably be worth the wait
  8. I guess I’m just going to have to buy a gaming pc oof
  9. True I have about 7 of there mods in my server
  10. Anyone know why this is happening Does anyone know a way I can make it so that my Mac can actually run ark cause whenever I go into the loading page it freezes
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