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  1. Can we get higher rates Can we get higher rates for ark mobile so we can actually breed for mutations on mobile
  2. Well no and yes people have tried to map out stat changes so there’s a small that’s not to accurate to me it seams as if it goes up by for the first level and start getting smaller amounts until it’s reaches a certain point where it goes steady
  3. We are looking for more people to join come for the fun we have weekly off lines on the weekend so we turn off the server on the weekend
  4. Rocketraptor

    Green dye

    Or they if you turn on and off the cooker
  5. The wyvern the velonosaur and ark survival evolved are my favs
  6. Why do they keep asking these stupid questions
  7. Why don’t you guys shut up and stop being jerks he’s trying to make something cool so get your complaining lifeforms out of here
  8. Where not making servers where making a map
  9. No but I’ve always wanted to make a shark pit and they always die so I dunno
  10. Well for sure they shouldn’t spawn more but I did have the same experience in affairs to tame a unicorn because I kept trying to tame a low level breeding so I think they should make a mobile exclusive item that can be made mid game to tame unicorns just my opinion
  11. Rocketraptor

    Green dye

    Just search it up why would you make a topic asking how to make a dye
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