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  1. Will so get pumpkin drops and Erie creatures
  2. the first one looks like a raptoren furry can’t the world be normal for a bit
  3. Look everyone knows that they did this during extinction release and everyone was hurrying them so look how extinction came it’s buggy as hell but if they work hard on this dlc then it will probably be worth the wait
  4. True I have about 7 of there mods in my server
  5. Cause for some damn reason ark was deleted from my steam account
  6. finally got ark for pc cause I’ve been playing on my cousin ps4 so I bought ark for 38 dollars gonna play on my work and school and project Mac saving up to buy a gaming pc
  7. Some people just complain much for someone that used to play on his friends ps4 cause he didn’t have one of his own. I have done quite a lot and have never lost a base or Dino’s on multiplayer so I don’t see what you guys are complaining about
  8. Boi don’t be such a grump if really was a copy of your mod then your mod would’ve blown before eternal so sit down and be humble
  9. And when I said it’s free to play I was correct you should search up the definition of this phrase because it seems like you don’t know that you don’t have to spend money if you grind out all the stuff you’re talking about
  10. Cause I’m not the salty one being all pussy and getting pissed at people for not being a try hard like you
  11. My brother and me were grinding the snow cave for about 8 hour a week for 2 weeks and we got a bp that if all pellets connect does around 20k damage don’t know if it’s bugged but boss is always the easiest part of the dungeon for me
  12. I guess me and you have different opinions I play on a brutal difficulty but 3 shot most bosses with my pump
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