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  1. I guess I’m just going to have to buy a gaming pc oof
  2. True I have about 7 of there mods in my server
  3. Anyone know why this is happening Does anyone know a way I can make it so that my Mac can actually run ark cause whenever I go into the loading page it freezes
  4. But that’s the thing if you’re hacking your pretty smart that your able to hack but if your gonna put effort into hacking why not put the same effort into actually grindin and working on tames realistically
  5. Cause for some damn reason ark was deleted from my steam account
  6. finally got ark for pc cause I’ve been playing on my cousin ps4 so I bought ark for 38 dollars gonna play on my work and school and project Mac saving up to buy a gaming pc
  7. Not necessarily pay to win because that would just help people and you don’t have to pay to get amber pay to win games are unbalanced and boring because you have pay to actually get things done and in ark there really is no end goal so can’t really call a pay to win game
  8. Some people just complain much for someone that used to play on his friends ps4 cause he didn’t have one of his own. I have done quite a lot and have never lost a base or Dino’s on multiplayer so I don’t see what you guys are complaining about
  9. Oof me apparently we got raided so they weren’t stealing my stuff but I’m a moron so i didn’t realize this but I’ve cleared everything up so it’s all good
  10. Why isn’t this working just a question Why does it say an error occurred when I try buying ark for ps4
  11. It’s on sp so it’s fine if I use but you know what’s funny my iPad is glitchy as hell and it happened with cuddle bears I got one stack and a lot of other breeding and taming items
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