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  1. Honestly, I really like the story aspects of the maps. They make me want to play there, even if they are largely inconsequential to the gameplay. SE is my second favorite map, even if it is punishing, and adding some sort of ending to it would make me want to play it more. More exclusives, map extensions, etc. would be great for sure, but one cut scene and release the Tek Wyvern saddle and I would be thrilled.
  2. I kind of doubt it at this point, as well. I really like Ark, but the Switch port is just sad: no updates, no DLC, no communication. I bought it for Switch first, then grabbed the PC and PS4 versions later. I had assumed they would have to ramp it up like the other ports, adding updates and eventually releasing the DLC. Why not when they had for the other ports and were, hopefully, planning on Switch being a full fledged port as well? That is the second thing I most misunderstand (first being why not just make a statement on whether it is dead or not?); if this was planned as a full fledged port (and if not, why even port it?), then why weren't the DLCs in the pipeline? Surely they wanted to sell them. The closest I can come to an explanation is that Switch sales were disappointing, but surely they wouldn't have been so disappointing if it had received regular updates and the eventual DLC. It just feels like the port had been abandoned before release; it never had a chance of being successful.
  3. I like the idea of a closed Beta as a reward for purchasing the pass in advance, but I would be fine without one, too. Betas are for namely bug squashing, admittedly, but I am not sure how much I would want to deal with Ark Beta level bugginess. Also, it is not like it is necessarily abnormal to not have one either. I am not expecting one and even if I might not partake myself, I would like to see the information from the Beta.
  4. I want a large map with multiple biomes (looking good), a variety of unique creatures old and new (also looking pretty good), the standard sell point gameplay mechanic (looking like water stuff this round), and coherent story tidbits (I am still a little sore about having no ending cutscene of any kind for SE, no matter how much I love the map). Really, though, as long as it functions properly and is not rolled back, from the sneak peak I will probably be pretty happy. New automatic Tek stuff is always appreciated.
  5. I think you are right at this point. I didn't expect much, but was still slightly disappointed by the stream reveals. Not so much in the content itself, but just that it felt sparse where a fair portion had been teased prior. Especially in comparison to the Extinction reveals.
  6. I am glad it worked fine for you, but I still lost my character and everything I could find at the time claimed it was a known bug with no official fix. May I ask what update you think it was fixed in?
  7. Not on PS4, I am afraid. I lost mine ascending on the Island map October 7th. I had not known about the bug before then, but then found out it was a pretty well known one with the closest thing to a workaround being a series of steps to save in-between in preparation for the crash that happens.
  8. I did not expect these elements when I bought the game, but when I joined the bandwagon Ark was pretty solidified in its formula in my opinion. I would not mind your suggestions and I agree it would give single player, small coop, and PVE especially more depth. Imagine the better social interactions available to modders and players once they had to be coded into NPCs, like trade/shop menus/interactions. However, I would honestly want to focus on something more attune, though more helpful, to the thralls in Conan Exiles. Maybe not their exact taming aspect, but as grindy as Ark can be I would love some helpers. I know you can do that with creatures to some degree, but be able to tells NPCs to craft, gather, and best of all feed the newborns while I am off doing something else would be great. Since they are not adopting some of the more convenient aspects of the S+ mod, I would love to see the possibility of it become official in something like this. Even just seeing other survivor NPCs struggling in the wild would be somewhat interesting and dynamic without any greater interactions, with an AI similar to other creatures. I do not expect it by any means, though.
  9. I saw that and admitted in my first post that the stream was coming. I just did not assume we would get much. Something, yes, but the first good look? That I don't know. Here's to being hopeful, though.
  10. Unfortunately it isn't always that simple. I have looked around and the closest to a workaround is a several step process of saving before everything in preparation for the crash. Plus the settings, making sure they are off since it is counter intuitive. Also, I am having the problem with the PS4 version, for the record. I haven't tested it on PC. Anyway, it is hardly an official fix and it has been a known problem for a long time apparently, although I learned the hard way.
  11. Sheesh. I want things fixed, too, the single play ascension character deletion in particular, but come on. I am looking forward to the stream and it is for a good cause. There is no reason to feel bad about that.
  12. I like the idea of city management in Ark, but I personally need it to be on a small-ish scale. It breaks up the survival theme a bit, which can be good and can be bad. I would be open in getting more elements in this same vein into basic Ark, I would especially love a small family aspect, but I don't expect it and would assume it would be considered contrary to current/past goals of development. As fun as Ark is, it does feel weird in single player/small coop sometimes while reading the lore in the explorer notes and just being alone with the creatures. I know it could be a way to encourage multiplayer, but surely I am not the only one that likes the idea of seeing other "people" without the multiplayer problems. Kind of like the thralls from Conan Exiles. Great job on the mod, though. I bet it was a lot of work.
  13. I suppose the reason I am not betting on that is due to the delay. I know delays are par for the course and they are supposed to be for polish in this case, but if they need more time for release my immediate assumption would be that they need more time in general for everything. If we had the original release, the stream would have been a perfect time for a content tease before the holiday season to encourage buying the product. They are no longer tethered to the holidays with the new release date, though.
  14. When Do You Think We Will Get Our First Good Look At Genesis? I know it is all speculation at this point in regards to Genesis. I know they are going to do the Life Stream soon, but I suspect that we won't get that much by way of preview content. I am curious as to when the community thinks we will finally get a good look at what Genesis will have to offer. If I had to guess, somewhere around the original release date. Late December, maybe early January. If they delay the expansion any more then I think the previews will be delayed with it.
  15. Perhaps you have seen by now, but they announced a delay until late January with the Fear Evolved posts as well.
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