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  1. No offense taken. Like I said, I repurposed an old thing I had around the house rather than using my main thing. I don't really plan to upgrade the computer myself, but I am in the process of replacing my main computer so this is what I have for now.
  2. I'll give the manager a shot. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. Also specs are: CPU: AMD A12-9800 Radeon R7 GPU: AMD Radeon R7 RAM: 8.00 GB
  4. Honestly, I would wait all day, but it crashes into an error textbox pretty quickly. It will not even load.
  5. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Honestly, I don't know all the details about my friends' laptops if their systems are a problem.
  6. Because it crashes whenever I run dedicated and doesn't whenever I run nondedicated.
  7. Help with PC Server Start Up So a few friends were finally convinced to join Ark around Genesis and I have been trying to do an Island run with them on a server I hosted to get them through the tutorial stage before ramping up to other maps. I would love to host a dedicated server, but I repurposed an old desktop just to do the hosting and its limit seems to be nondedicated server. Fine. The problem is, somehow, she cannot find my nondedicated server. It doesn't show up. We were in the same room. I checked by friends, nondedicated, and every other category in case there was a mistake. Nothing was right. What is the recommendation to do this properly? Also, though I have heard good things about renting servers, for people that just got the game heavily discounted and aren't sure if they like it, it is a little too much to ask.
  8. Definitely looking forward to the new map and all the trimmings. I would love to see the crystal wyverns become official. Honestly, I would prefer them to another real world dino, but I would happily take them both.
  9. I think the turtle was angering a school of fish and bringing it to the turtle for it to eat. You have to protect it during the process. The whale, though, I am not sure yet.
  10. Did you download part 1 in the store in addition to buying the pass? I had to do that for all my DLCs on PS4. There was a thread and tweet on it, I remember. If you have and it still isn't working, you probably need to file a ticket.
  11. May I ask which livestream this was?
  12. You see, I have heard both ways in the lead up to Genesis. I always assumed that it was a limitation on official, but I don't have a clue if this is normal.
  13. I am sure there are some people that would agree with you there, but I think 76 has a lot more wrong with it than just being something no one asked for. Ark has its problems for sure, but it has to be microtransaction riddled, with a premium subscription, have collector's edition memorabilia with a health hazard, and a bare minimum $60 initial buy in at release altogether before I start comparing it to 76. I would say if no one wanted it, no one would buy it and everyone would move on, but if 76 and Anthem have taught me anything it is that there is a market for everything. Take it how you will, but I like Genesis enough for it to be worth my $35 with another part coming later. It isn't my favorite Ark DLC and it might not be a product for everyone, but you have to make that call yourself.
  14. They were pretty annoying and attacked me during the intro speech, but I didn't have much of a problem once I figured out they didn't follow me into water and I got a mount. They are the annoying reason I prefer to start in the ocean biome, but I didn't really consider them broken.
  15. The posts above seem to cover it pretty well. This DLC feels like it is intended for challenge seekers that are willing to accept a certain rule set to further that. I personally think the new features, creatures, engrams, and biomes are interesting and worth my money. However, I wouldn't consider myself the ideal audience and would have preferred a large, connected map and less (or server setting modifiable) restrictions. It just depends on what you want out of the DLC.
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