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  1. Loving Gen 2, I must say, and absolutely looking forward to Ark 2.
  2. To be quite honest, the Halloween photos look like a Parasyte thing from the anime. I kind of suspect it is going to pull an Alien/reaper and decapitate you instead of bursting from your chest.
  3. This is what I am curious about. Is Ark going to try to transfer over to the next gen consoles (and maybe continue with the lifespan a bit; Extinction was supposed to be the epic conclusion, too) or finish out the game on the current hardware and move onto that sequel that has been talked about since 2017?
  4. I am really interested in the time capsule stuff. I missed out on experiencing a lot of that, and while I will miss some of the conveniences I am looking forward to trying out classic flyers and the like.
  5. Definitely looking forward to the new map and all the trimmings. I would love to see the crystal wyverns become official. Honestly, I would prefer them to another real world dino, but I would happily take them both.
  6. I heard about this when they started delaying the release the first time and people got upset. Steam counts the play time in the main game, not DLC specifically, so if you spent too much time in the main game your request is denied. I never heard of getting around it, but good luck with Visa.
  7. Also imagine that this customer has already ordered three pizzas from this place that took months and months to cook them, and then though unhappy with the process still decides to order another and gets upset with the same wait and flakiness. At some point it isn't just Dominoes or whatever pizzaria's problem. Even if it is far from ideal, they have done it from the beginning and have shown no intention to stop; yet customers keep ordering with undeserved expectations. I think what bothers the "positive" people is that you don't have to preorder and raging over something seemingly obviou
  8. I am glad it worked fine for you, but I still lost my character and everything I could find at the time claimed it was a known bug with no official fix. May I ask what update you think it was fixed in?
  9. Not on PS4, I am afraid. I lost mine ascending on the Island map October 7th. I had not known about the bug before then, but then found out it was a pretty well known one with the closest thing to a workaround being a series of steps to save in-between in preparation for the crash that happens.
  10. I did not expect these elements when I bought the game, but when I joined the bandwagon Ark was pretty solidified in its formula in my opinion. I would not mind your suggestions and I agree it would give single player, small coop, and PVE especially more depth. Imagine the better social interactions available to modders and players once they had to be coded into NPCs, like trade/shop menus/interactions. However, I would honestly want to focus on something more attune, though more helpful, to the thralls in Conan Exiles. Maybe not their exact taming aspect, but as grindy as Ark can be I would l
  11. Unfortunately it isn't always that simple. I have looked around and the closest to a workaround is a several step process of saving before everything in preparation for the crash. Plus the settings, making sure they are off since it is counter intuitive. Also, I am having the problem with the PS4 version, for the record. I haven't tested it on PC. Anyway, it is hardly an official fix and it has been a known problem for a long time apparently, although I learned the hard way.
  12. Sheesh. I want things fixed, too, the single play ascension character deletion in particular, but come on. I am looking forward to the stream and it is for a good cause. There is no reason to feel bad about that.
  13. I like the idea of city management in Ark, but I personally need it to be on a small-ish scale. It breaks up the survival theme a bit, which can be good and can be bad. I would be open in getting more elements in this same vein into basic Ark, I would especially love a small family aspect, but I don't expect it and would assume it would be considered contrary to current/past goals of development. As fun as Ark is, it does feel weird in single player/small coop sometimes while reading the lore in the explorer notes and just being alone with the creatures. I know it could be a way to encour
  14. Thanks. I didn't know about the bug until it was too late. Since I have looked around most say that this is the closest to a workaround, but nothing is 100%.
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