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  1. 1.- Im using incubator, I can check the stats in it or ASB. 2.- Yes I exported the data of the parents to ASB, it shows there the 0 points on speed for both. 3.- Well I just made sure it was not a creature that has a problem with ASB such as pulminoscorp, electrophorus, etc, so it can be any oter creature/dino. 4.- Im receiving from 1 to 4 (2,3 too) points of speed in the egg as seen in the incubator, not 0, yes again, both parents has 0 points in that stats as seen in ASB. Official server.
  2. This is in an official server...
  3. Im not imprinting the offsprings. Im checking even since the amount of points that can be seen in the incubator.
  4. Indeed, I'm using smart breeding to check the stats, and it shows it has 0 points in the speed stat.
  5. Im breeding certain creature whose both parents has 0 points in the speed stat , after many tries I have waiting to get a 0 speed stat egg, isn't it supposed that if the parents have the same stat these will be guaranteed to be inherited in the offspring ? I keep getting eggs in which said stat its like 1-4 points not 0, what can be happening in this case ?
  6. Hi. The past Friday I transferred from my home server 753 to gen 2 932 to bring some items, unfortunately, when the timer to transfer back was almost done the server crashed and I could not bring back my character to my home server, it has been 'dead' according to battlemetrics for 3 days now, I need my character back in my main server, I want to avoid my creatures to starve to death or other stuff like that. Is there anything to do besides just waiting for it? Thanks.
  7. Meaning that the event will end at November 8th at 10 AM right?
  8. Miss these rates already, what will be the next event ?
  9. Thanks for the patch info, there are still some bugs in some structures though.
  10. Thanks for the update, I guess I will get genesis later :/
  11. Thanks for this great news, lets take advantage now !
  12. Will these titans be transferable? Oh and btw too bad there will not be 2x the next weekend... Can't wait to buy extintion together with aberration on steam.
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