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  1. dodoperip

    corps tlc

    i speak English badly, so forgive me if my grammar isn't perfect -Corps need to give fiber, when they restart growing. -New tree fruits pl: sapple(apple stuff), rodana(banana stuff). -The new tree fruits and their seeds will can be gathered from trees, and planted to large corp pots. -The citronail become a tree fruit. -The sapple and the rodana, will be great fish baits. -The tree fruits will give wood when restart growing. -New cactus fruit, can gathered from cactuses on scorched earth, and planted to small corp pots. -The cactus sap and fruit,
  2. i recommend you play on ps4 or xbox because on console, the game will run better than on pc, but you need the ps + to play multiplayer on ps4 ark
  3. But there is still can be a turning in the story. What if the whole ark is just a simulation inside the ark's real world? Or it was just a dream of a normal person?
  4. Aberrant creature ideas: aberrant dilopho,- just for add some floor cruiser to aberration. (fertile, and biolum chamber) aberrant archaeo,- for glide over the cliffs. (fertile and element chamber) aberrant microraptor,- just for have more use of rare mushrooms/flowers, and a new shoulder mount in aberration. (fertile chamber only) aberrant pego,- for harvest the z plant seed better. (all of the chambers) aberrant stegos, trikes, paracers, molerats, and diplos add to the element chamber.
  5. these mods isn't in the sponsored mods list. So they sponsored, or not?
  6. I edited, the damage, and the flight distance.
  7. Primitive + idea: elder gun I speak English badly, so forgive me, if my grammar isn't perfect. The Elder gun, was a toy of the Hungarian kids, in former times. I think this gun can be a great early weapon, in primitive plus. Elder gun: engram level:4. engram points require
  8. But it still cant collect the eggs. I think need to give the oviraptor an egg collector ability, or add a relative of oviraptor, whit this ability
  9. I think this map is looks so nice! I can't made, map like this!
  10. I like this idea, but i want to see is map. Can you make it?
  11. I think the Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake, can be a great idea, to genesis part 1, or 2. https://www.pinterest.cl/pin/776378423255621889
  12. You can change the rules, to make game easier.
  13. I think the raptor also need a Rework. new modell=yes new texture=obligatory this thing is a Jurassic park raptor,whit a few feathers, and today this model, and the name "raptor,, already too common First need a larger, unique model whit more feathers, and rename to "utahraptor,,.
  14. Interesting, but.... Uhhmmm..... I don't know
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