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  1. what was this 8 Gigabite update yesterday?
  2. I dont adore the Ark 2, but the Ark "cartoon" is sounds great!
  3. If the devs finish the gen 2 they need to add an ascension to this map. i want to see an ascension cutscene, what shows us, how the rainstorm starts, and the desert turns into an island (the dunes is the ocean, and the canyons is the rivers).
  4. dodoperip


    i have a few other idea: The bleed damage is a great idea, but what if we give him, a blood-buff. The more blood the mosasaurus feel in the water, it stronger it gets. Let's give him a new, beautiful model, what isn't fat as the old. Mouth grab, what give bleed effect to the non-allied grabbed creatures.
  5. Good an idea boy (or girl)!
  6. remove/move to trench the sanctuary memorial park rex spawns, because the sanctuary is need to be the easiest place in extinction.
  7. dodoperip

    corps tlc

    i speak English badly, so forgive me if my grammar isn't perfect -Corps need to give fiber, when they restart growing. -New tree fruits pl: sapple(apple stuff), rodana(banana stuff). -The new tree fruits and their seeds will can be gathered from trees, and planted to large corp pots. -The citronail become a tree fruit. -The sapple and the rodana, will be great fish baits. -The tree fruits will give wood when restart growing. -New cactus fruit, can gathered from cactuses on scorched earth, and planted to small corp pots. -The cactus sap and fruit,
  8. i recommend you play on ps4 or xbox because on console, the game will run better than on pc, but you need the ps + to play multiplayer on ps4 ark
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