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WildCard please help, I can't play for the fourth day

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Here is something, I have two network cards / network devices with the same MAC address, I know its like winning the lottery but it happens.

This can cause all kinds of problems, if you have several devices running or added something new when your problem started?


Try running just the PC you want to play ark, alone on your network.

Also if you have another network card, like a wireless USB card handy, give that a try first.

If your cable modem has battery backup you really cant shut it off, calling them is the only option.

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14 minutes ago, GEonWAR said:

After reading all comments I find, there is problem in ur connection (as many said). If ur account work on other pc then problem in uir side. I suggest you either ask help to ur ISP (might be they block some port for u) or change ur ISP.

If they have no issues connecting to non-official, it 'might' be an issue with BattlEye.
I wonder if OP can connect to other BattleEye protected servers or not.

I had a time where I launched Pixark while I was in Ark, and Because both used BattlEye, I got kicked out of Ark cause BattlEye didnt let me in both... but since then, that issue has been resolved.

Sometimes virusblockers might prevent BattlEye from running, so maybe the Windows Defender or other protective softwares maybe interfering with their connection? but I'm only speculating.

If BattlEye isnt working properly on their PC, the lack of properly working BattlEye 'maybe' preventing connection to Officials.

Does OP have Conan Exiles or Pixark? Can they connect to those games' official servers?

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