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  1. You forgot to click your heels three times and jump through a hoop, everyone that posted here for this bug tried these tricks with no results, read through the post next time.
  2. Keyword is LEGACY. WildCard made it very clear when the game was officially released that Legacy servers will not not have support. Most, at the time, were smart enough to leave the platform. Key word forum troll. Legacy for this bug is not a way out, get over it and go troll someone else.
  3. There is a large player base on Official legacy servers, the key word here in the server name is official. I paid the same as everyone else for the game, I can almost understand that wildcard wants to ignore almost half the population of their servers, they cant even handle all the problems of what they call regular servers. This game breaking bug has been around for years and because of that, they should help everyone on the wildcard servers, policy is no excuse in this case. As far as tricks to get a character back, I tried them all, even going to all servers tha
  4. After two months of leading me on, this is the response for an ACTIVE GAME KILLING BUG that effects everyone playing Ark. I got news for Wildcard, the server I am on says Official Server in the server name. Dont bother changing the name Wildcard, I already took a screenshot. "Due to the chaotic nature of Legacy and Hardcore modes, we here at Customer Support can only assist with issues on official servers." Legacy servers that run the exact same patches and software. I implore anyone with problems due to this game stopping tranfer bug to flood the support tic
  5. It appears that this thread is a drop box for people getting this transfer bug, not that its getting anything done any faster but maybe making more people aware of the problem.
  6. gm chival for mine, someone said they are one of the better gm's, so far not looking that good. Going to login and see if they show up, left messages on my ticket. They missed the time and day not me.
  7. Waited three and a half hours past the appointment time today, after two plus months, I am still waiting for help. Will login again tomorrow at the same time but I dont see this getting any better then.
  8. The majority of the game is the Unreal Engine, which has large community support. I do believe Ark was pieced together from many artists and made into the game it is now, everything rocks, trees, dinos and maps all made by different people and placed in the stew that is Ark. Obviously the transfer bug was added at a later date to make it possible for new maps and expansions, this needs a complete overhaul or some kind of safety system that doesn't require GM help. This is just like the games new anti-mesh system, you cant have a wyvern flap its wings and trigger a kill volume from cl
  9. This sounds like a step forward, Ive heard about this before, the buggy clone. I believe its been patched out because people always take advantage of bugs. On the other hand since they ask for your implant as proof, maybe the implant can be placed into a "cloning machine" and used to restore your char. You can save your implants and place them in storage, if you die in game, you get a new one automatically. Even if you have to go to a special map, in this map you would store an implant for cloning, only thing it would require a visi
  10. About a two month wait to get GM help for me. Lucky I had a friend in my tribe, we podded most of the dinos, still lost about 30. Talked them into resetting my base too, even though they dont play ark. This bug has been around since transfer started, cant remember when SE came out but I think that was when transfer started. Just cant believe, no effort to fix it. This really took all the fun out of the game.
  11. I guess I dont know, but I do have 5700+ hours and was around for beta Ark before transfers was a thing. Also have plenty of dinos and friends to get any tek points I want. If I have access to my base, leveling and using obs or drops isnt a problem, but for new players with nothing it can be a real challenge, try it sometime and the game actually feels easier now than it did when level 50 was max, not by much but I still think it is easier now. Nothing like argents with 2k+% pecking you to death. I dont think its bad for new players to have access to a transmitter at there base so they ca
  12. Yea my friend had me try that, but there was no download at all on any server, believe me I even tried old servers that said I had a char on.
  13. This is a bug, game ending bug, if you have this problem dont let the GM's sweep it under the rug. I dont care about policy and you shouldn't either, if you on any official server and this happens, this is a bug and needs fixed. Make wildcard fix your missing items, they have ignored this for far too long.
  14. You know before cryopods, you had no choice but to leave dinos out, and when imprints was added , you had to be there for that too. Back in those days I would fill the dino up with cooked meat or berries and the troughs around them also full. This required logging in every three hours to refill on some dinos, plus odd imprint hours. How it appears to work: I have two troughs almost side by side for my water dinos and they eat from one trough first until its empty, then move to second if in range of both. I wonder if maybe mixing food types in all close together
  15. After reading through a few of the suggestions here in "game suggestions" its becoming very clear most of the posts are for pvp. This is the underlying problem with this game, if you play pve, its been going downhill for a while now as far as gameplay, pvp and pve need different balances and Ark leans more to pvp for balance probably because more people complain here about things they dont like. The way I see it, you like being grief-ed in game which is basically anything goes pvp, then take your medicine and stop complaining.
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