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  1. These fish are buggy every time, it's impossible to bring, they just stop following you. Is there any solution?
  2. I mean, is it not dangerous to continue construction if there is already a limit in a certain place on the base?
  3. in some places the limit is already 16608 out of 15750, building in those places where I can, this limit only increases, but it does not prohibit building in the distance
  4. In a certain place on the base there is a limit of buildings, in other parts of the base where there are even more buildings there is no limit, does anyone know how it works?
  5. By pressing the teleportation button my character instantly died, the wyvern that stood on the teleport was transferred. the character's corpse has evaporated. is there any point in writing to those support to return the giga that was in the cryopod?
  6. is there any difference what to pass first? overseer or rockwell? and what will the implant be if you initially go through the gamma Rockwell and after the gamma overseer?
  7. Collected 6 rock drake eggs level 160, hatched them and saw that they are all like clones, the same stats and even the same color, is this a bug? luck? or do all 160 drake look the same? p.s Collected these eggs in one place from four nests, picked up eggs, flew off for 30 seconds so that they reappeared, picked up again.
  8. Due to the fact that most "Island, ragnarok" pve server are inactive during events for 7-11 hours every day, i thought about moving to a Scorched Earth, since this is the only map where pve servers do not fall during events. Are there people here who have main bases on this map? What are the nuances of the game on pve Scorched Earth in 2021?
  9. the golem itself does not give, but it should fall from containers in this cave
  10. As i understand the best way is to walk to " worms queen, lava golev, labyrinth? how long have you been looking for a rex saddle print? i went to the worms queen times 30 and nothing:(
  11. For 4 hours i can not log into any server due to error "connection timed out" . Does anyone have such a problem?
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