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  1. Due to the fact that most "Island, ragnarok" pve server are inactive during events for 7-11 hours every day, i thought about moving to a Scorched Earth, since this is the only map where pve servers do not fall during events. Are there people here who have main bases on this map? What are the nuances of the game on pve Scorched Earth in 2021?
  2. the golem itself does not give, but it should fall from containers in this cave
  3. As i understand the best way is to walk to " worms queen, lava golev, labyrinth? how long have you been looking for a rex saddle print? i went to the worms queen times 30 and nothing:(
  4. While flying in certain places on this map, the game freezes. Everytning is fine on my main map "Ragnarok" Check cache, reloading the map didn't help.
  5. Hello! Where do you look for low level dinosaurs to clean up unnecessary stats when breeding (Food/oxygen etc). As i understand the best option is scorched earth?
  6. Do they lag so much on all servers? on my server 9 out of 10 gach are non-working and do not issue crystals.
  7. cool event, true server lives 20 minutes then fell for 30 minutes and then rollback
  8. today i got the same error after installing the update
  9. I don't know about you, but on my pve ragnarok 72 chance of event content spawning is very small. Pumpkins, headstone, scarecrows, bone dinoes hardly appear, so for everyone or only on my server?
  10. Recently heard a theory thar after taming, most of the points fall into the very stats that was originally the highest while the dino was still wild. Although before that i was told that the points after taming are distributed randomly and the characteristics of a wild dinosaur do not affect this in any way. Who is right after all?
  11. I tried non-official server and the work))) only official server do not work
  12. possible, but what to do about it?) a little bit later i will check non-official
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