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Add NPC’s

So I have had this thought that even though the whole game is about dinosaurs they should add NPC’s to the single player games, like they can help care for your Dino’s or they can go collect items, they could also have like villages and other things and you could marry one and have a family or start a tribe of them just to make the single player games more interesting! 

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There are mods to install NPC's in game. So if you are on PC, there are a few options for. 

If you are on another platform, then it is merely a dream at this point. 

Personally I have nothing against the idea. I would not mind, and would like to try playing with NPC's on an unofficial server. It could be a fun change of pace. 

Yes, some of that could be worked in using animals or technology - however having NPC's walking around doing the work seems like a fun way to do it as well. 

Is it likely? Or necessary to gameplay? Probably not. 

But because I am all for having more options for console platforms, I will upvote it. 

It is an idea that has been brought up time and time again in the suggestion page - so obviously it is something that a percentage of players are interested in. And several modders have worked on it as well, so that too speaks to the those that may be interested in the idea. 

From a roleplaying, village, or even a PVE concept with city building, NPC's would add a bit of life to an area and that could be fun. 

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This is a point that is brought up every few weeks. Adding NPC's to the game. 

Some state it is to further increase the enjoyment in single player mode, some to add a bit more to the overall "filling" of the map by way of seeing more "people" on it, and sometimes it is simply because there are those out there that would like to "Tame" people (though I think in this case "befriending" them is a better term) to have them in their tribe. 

Regardless of the reason, it is a suggestion that filters through quite often. Which means, that whether or not intended, it is a thought that has crossed the minds of some players. Enough so now for some that we know have mods that have been developed that add NPC's to the maps in different capacities. So at the very least this has been done to an extent, for Steam players. 

Personally, I do not hate the idea as some may. I think it really depends on how they would be added, how much effect they would have on the game itself, what their purpose would be, and whether it would be an official or unofficial addition to the game. 

Do I think they should be a major part of the game? No, not really. But there are a few minor rolls I think they could play that wouldn't ruin the game. 

So for me, it really depends. And because there are no strict outlines on how that would look for this suggestion I will not be upvoting it. I rather not do so blindly without a bit more information on the overall effect of their addition. 

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I realize not everyone would support this, but thought I’d suggest it anyway and see what people thought.

Always been curious if NPC human characters could be added to the game. These “creatures” could spawn in with random items/weapons depending on their level, and spawn in small buildings (maybe a 3x3 hut) similar to the way beaver huts appear, the materials also determined by level.

As for behavior, similar to players it could be made completely random! Some might not care you’re there and run away when attacked, others might attack only when disturbed, and others still might go completely nuts and use every weapon at their disposal the instant they see you. To have a creature- any kind of creature- that behaves in an unpredictable manner is something I’ve longed to see in this game for awhile now, and this would be perfect.

Debatable whether they’d be able to tame, not sure how that would work even, so that one would need a lot of thought.

If players really don’t like them, maybe certain settings could be placed to limit their impact.

Welcoming comments, further ideas or criticism!

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