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  1. Ah, well I hope that’s not true, it looks interesting. Even so, point stands that Wildcard will need to keep players returning to the game long enough to launch the new one... so even if Olympus isn’t an option, there are plenty of other choices out there even in a five second google search of Ark mods lol. I’d guess there will be at least one added in. Never know though. Actually, now that I’ve thought about it, if the maker actually did say no, it would prove that wildcard is not only thinking about a new free map, but actively seeking one out.
  2. What I would like to see them do before the new game comes out though is an overhaul of PG Ark system. I totally get why they didn’t want to do it before, releasing expansions and everything, but if they’re stopping development on the game, there’s no reason not to throw in an overhaul of the PG system, and update it to include all biomes, work out the bugs and add things to make them workable maps. That way, the game and its possibilities literally become infinite.
  3. Yeah, you never know what Wildcard is going to do lol. Extinction was supposed to be the last map when it came out. Obviously, that wasn’t the case! Genesis 2 is now supposed to be the last one, but I know there’s an Olympus map, created by a player and has very high approval ratings. It is similar in size to Val and The Center. It’s finished last time I saw, who knows when that info came out though... It is currently a mod map, but so were all the other free DLCs. Besides, Wildcard has to keep player’s attention somehow, before they roll out Ark 2, which will likely be late next year, so I’d
  4. Yeah! That’s a great idea! Though I can hear the dirty jokes about it already... which might be why they haven’t done it before but oh well, definitely would be a great addition. Could work for either gender really.
  5. I like 4, slow gain faster fall. The rest of them I feel like might end up being more annoying than things are right now. Particularly numbers 2 and 8. Adding torpor while flying is a bad idea. If you don’t notice it, and it falls unconscious then you both die. Confirmation, while an interesting idea, would drive people crazy after so long not having that. my issue with fliers is if I take one inside (say a shoulder flyer in a house or a a larger animal in a bird cage) and it starts flying. They fly in a straight line and (hopefully) get stuck. But if they make it out, then they fly
  6. JCELL


    Basically, would love to see new dinos, great idea. But they’d also need to be unique and have a role in game. If you can come up with that, then it might just work. Otherwise you might as well just add a new skin onto an existing creature and claim it’s a new species when really it’s just a copy
  7. JCELL


    Can maybe add some background for nameless and reapers as well
  8. JCELL

    Dermis ideas.

    Basically take a skin from one animal and fit over top of another? Nah, that would upset a lot of people who breed for color and all that. Not to mention it’s rather weird when you think about it lol. As for chibis, that might work, it would be like a holographic trophy pedestal. Either that or add a holographic Tek pedestal to the game
  9. How about instead of being able to destroy it, which would cause a LOT of problems for the people who build the leashes and effectively make them useless against trolls, and if a player were to go on vacation or something for a few days you’d end up with your dinos completely scattered. Why not just add an option to hide the ring effect if that’s the issue? Something similar already exists on the feeding troughs
  10. That is a thing, you can enable and disable breeding. It’s an option right below the wander setting.
  11. The problem is, in order to make it all work out you’d need every blueprint to make a true structure. By the time you gather all of them, you’d probably be able to unlock them via engrams anyway, which are far more reliable since you can’t accidentally throw then away or loose them (unless you play hard core)
  12. JCELL


    Been playing Aberration, and got to thinking, what did this map look like back in its heyday? So what if a map was created, using the current Aberration map, except the setting would be right as the map started to decline. (this could be introduced as a non-cannon map like The Center and others, or maybe into Ark 2 but nobody’s certain how that would be different) The timing would be shortly after the ark starts malfunctioning. For most part, life continues as normal but every now and then (maybe every ten days or so), huge storms, they could be radioactive or conditions similar to the cu
  13. I don’t get it, those things all exist already, what are you suggesting that would be different?
  14. I happen to agree, it does seem a little odd, plus the throwing can cause issues if you try to take a drink without a canteen of some sort and wind up throwing your pet at a piranha instead (had that happen). However the aggression is totally unnecessary! On the premise, might be worth looking into but simply because of how you put your argument and then went into bashing people... no. Interesting point but you completely ruined it with a bad attitude.
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