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HLN-A Explorer Notes

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3 minutes ago, SeraphimWarriors said:

Are they single use or are they like the achievement skins, where you get them every time you die if you have the box ticked?

You get them every life


1 minute ago, LadyKunaya said:

Found the other island one, 70.2, 59.2

Swampy cave on island

1 minute ago too late, rip


1 more note on the island then

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3 minutes ago, FreeEnergyDrink said:

its like literally on the path. There is no markings on the ground. You have to have HLNA on you, so it reacts when you reach the correct position :)

Then i must be in the wrong cave because I'm unable to find it. lol The swamp cave is very confusing to me.


Edit: I was indeed in the wrong cave.

Edited by SeraphimWarriors

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4 minutes ago, Prosnoopy said:

Would someone please be kind enough to add the cheat codes for HLN-A explore note coordinates. 

TIA and have a great day/night 

The locations have been posted above.

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21 minutes ago, PilotSpiritFire said:

I've never really done these chronicles things how does it work like? 

For this specific one, you want to go to the locations with your HLN-A out and it's basically finding an invisible explorer note that only HLN-A can activate. There's only 5 right now. I've quoted the GPS locations below. #1-3 are on the Island, #4-5 are on Scorched Earth


2 hours ago, Keltten said:

What i know so far. 


Locations : 
#1 Lava cave 68.7 86
#2 Upper south cave Swamp (Pack cave) 70.2, 59.2
#3 Island ice cave 27.7 27.8
#4 SE Old Tunnels Cave 56.7 44.5
#5 Ruins of Nostri Note 76.2 79.6


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