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  1. Ehm... You can turn those off by going to Settings > Advanced > "Give Default Survivors Items" (or something like that, dont remember exactly from memory)
  2. Doubt they will provide an answer, cause its hard to answer why you wipe your players that arent cheating or hacking or doing any harm to server.
  3. I feel you dude, mine and my Gf base on Abe got wiped with all the dinos, cause we "had too many lightpets and tried to tame cap a server", even though we were breeding Featherlights... No warning, nothing, just came back home, turned on ark and found a wiped base with all the dinos, 1k+ hours completele wiped. So screw you "enforcement" team
  4. There's definitely something wrong with you, mate.
  5. Manticore is a bugged boss 100% guarantee. Manticore usually only lands like 2 times, tries to land a lot more, but just doesnt. Sometimes it stays in the air for 10mins straight without even moving and doing nothing. We tried spacing them out alot, but that just does not work. Sad that players have to have bad experience and lose armies cause of a boss which needs a fix, but doesnt get fixed..
  6. I agree, if you are an experienced player, you can reach tek tier from starting at zero in like 2-3 weeks if u grind every day... Farming metal on Abe is suuuper easy, Most of the boss fights are easy with just a simple boss rex army (easy to get boss rex fert eggs for poly) Yes, ecomony is kind of screwed right now, cause you can get boss lvl dinos for super cheap. I don't think making highier tier structures more expensive to craft make the lower tiers more relevant, cause there is a point in having metal or tek tiers instead of thatch/wood (mostly cause of decay timer). If for example you lose your char, you will get help in 2-3 weeks, and at that point you will lose thatch/wood/stone bases, if you lucky you will get help in 15days and your metal base is still there, but if you got tek base, you will be all right.
  7. dont know what "stunts" you talking here about, but im just trying to learn how do you interpret the CoC Sadly what i learned, is that you don't know how will the CoC be used to these hypothetical situations. So thanks for that i guess.. Oh and you dont have to take any sides, all is good.
  8. Ah alright, imma do that then We'll see what enforcement team thinks about it
  9. So as long as there's couple crystal nodes left on the map, i can block all spawns ?
  10. Reported a tribe that blocked off that cave, WC Support didnt care
  11. @Aqua1antern sad to hear it. I can give u some dinos if u need! rex or anky or w/e
  12. A good waitress will atleast warn you before ordering that the food you are ordering may come very slow, or might even disappear on its way to your table...
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