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  1. most likely RIP mate.. if you got pincodes on boxes, make a new char or ask a friend to save atleast something..
  2. there is no point to have 1090% dmg ankies, since the amounts from a node are capped go test with 600% anky and 1090% anky, u'll get the same amount from 1 single node.
  3. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Leveling this will answer your question..
  4. basically you need a clean line that you only keep if you get mutation in 1 stat, and continue to hatch n raise this line until u get 20 muts in that 1 stat. and in parallel a separate line with another stat that u want, and only keep babies that get a mut in that 1 specific stat. and when you hit mutcaps on those lines, then u can fuse them both in one
  5. oh its your choice... you can use it to mate with low lvl partner, to try to pass the important stats for you, and then either keep this one, or kill it ye.. if you manage to pass HP STA WEI DMG to a new baby, and OXY FOOD is lower, it might get lower
  6. yes. 450+ lvl dinos will get wiped after server restart.. so to be able to fully level the dino, try to lower it to 380~ born lvls.
  7. Go to your profile > press Edit profile > and at the bottom is the field
  8. How to get Manticore Element if we shoot it down in air ? How to get Manticore Element if we shoot it down in air ? So we have done the boss fight couple times now (official pve), and since the manticore is bugged atm, he almost never lands, so we always end up shooting it. But when you end up shooting it, it dies, and his body drops for a while and dissapears. So we dont get his element... How do you do it ? how to get it ?....
  9. No way to tame mantis on official right now
  10. Please read the wiki. All lightpets have a second best food to tame them after plant z. and its not that bad.
  11. There are blue gems in green biome. Check the resource map on wiki.
  12. And yes, i agree that broodmother should have atleast a low chance to drop 1-5 elements or dust..
  13. I'm not asking about the loot from spider, but what setup would you recommend to use for the broodmother spider in the redwoods ?
  14. Ravager and Rock Drake for all caves. Done all caves on Island/Center/Abe with one of these two.
  15. What settings did you use? i might try it myself aswell then..
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