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  1. report server problems here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  2. Your idea goes against the whole storyline of ark... Genesis is a continuation of Survival...
  3. you need to do the baby stage while being in render next to baby filled with meat.
  4. Just that the amount of time you spend and the results of you get back is horrible... and if you get unlucky with RNG then it totally sucks
  5. This Fishing is not fair to everyone. If you get screwed by RNG you will get nothing even if sit there fishing for 100 hours. Why does WC continue to create another Event which either makes community toxic or angry.
  6. No. Disagree. Charge stations have their purpose, they dont need another. Its not that hard to transfer from aberation.
  7. they talked about Genesis being part 1 and part 2 (coming year later) since day 1... go read up
  8. Manticore is broken... and WC refuses to fix it.... @complexminded why ?
  9. Shhhh man, dont speak bad about SS Enforcement Team they might come and wipe your base for speaking to loud
  10. No january release... hopefully 1st week of February
  11. Pro: Chibis system, event colors, gachaclaus, gacharaptor Cons: Event turned community toxic, because not everyone had a chance to get the chibis, and everyone wanted them. People were fighting over chat, swearing, reporting each other. Suggestion: Make chibis not tradeable, and more opportunities or ways to get them.
  12. I can bet money that they will not release on January.
  13. Genesis is not coming on January ! Let's hope they manage to fix the majority of serious bugs, and QA last build before mid February..
  14. And Valguero has Mantis spawn, but no way to tame them (no deathworms)... Anyways, valguero is a mod map..
  15. Welcome to the line of people who are camping in a tent on a street near the Genesis Store waiting for the launch!
  16. Chinese are the cancer of Ark good way to make an event that makes the whole community toxic.
  17. WC Enforcement team allows cheating and using exploits. And thats a fact.
  18. All QoL are awesome! The only one i would change, is nerf the damn Cnidarias even more!
  19. Different DLC's add new maps which has all those dinos that you dont see on Island. When playing on official servers, you can use Obelisks or Transmitters to travel between servers (different maps) and tame dinos there and bring them back to your island server. Ragnarok - Wyverns/Griffins Scorched Earth - Wyverns/Mantis/Rock Golem/Pheonix and some others Aberation - Light pets/ Rock Drakes/Reapers/ Ravagers/ Basilisks/ many other aberant variants of dinos Extinction - Managarmrs/Snow Owls/Gasbags/Velonasaurs/Gachas and some others..
  20. I would guess they will reveal a little bit more before xmas to put on some more hype, cause people like to spend money around xmas time, and then we will probably get more around 2 weeks before the launch
  21. ye, will be harder to transfer 50k+ ingots solo...
  22. This exist since way back.. works with E and F. Suggestion to put your hatchery further from your base walls.
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