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  1. And all appointments wit GMs is like 1-1,5month long wait in line.. so rip base and all dinos
  2. that is some next level Ascension!
  3. If You did the reading, you would have saw that i posted that before there was 0 words about it
  4. Um woot ? 50 prime jerky ? this is on SP and MP Official... c'mon guys..
  5. Nice trailer! Good job How to get the new chibis ?..
  6. Collected every chibi there is waiting for Summer Bash 5 new ones!
  7. Jade PG and Nooblets. <---- These two is all you need.
  8. I agree on the point that we should be able to learn any engram on a character if we got the map for it without transfering the char. It's is so easy to lose a character by transfering... and the sad part is, you need to prove that you had tek engrams unlocked to a GM, or they dont give a crap of your loss when losing a character is always 100% fault of WC
  9. Having many little lags, or batching and having less but bigger lags is not optimization Also, unsynced egg mating timer sucks... Everyone also noticed that all server performance has gotten worse for the past 1month, many servers crash and stay offline for hours, why not address that?
  10. i cooked ~800 Green ones, got back about 30 blue ones. 0 other rarities.
  11. #AllLivesMatter Give us some rates atleast please
  12. Im disappointed of people who can't keep their promise and postpone stuff.
  13. Interesting opinions One more thing that's scary is that Ark's Birthday Event, New Map, New Dino and Going Free on Epic is all on the same day. Which might create even more problems. Would be cool to get a notice of what's happening in advance. But yeah.. the Epic Mystergy Game is just a rumour still.
  14. Is ARK Coming to EpicGames for Free ? What will happen ? And if yes, then what will happen ? will EpicGames platform get separate Cluster of official servers, or is WC adding new servers to the main Official cluster ? Source: https://www.vg247.com/2020/05/28/borderlands-handsome-collection-free-epic-games-store/
  15. Do a procoptodon if you eventually get a 100+ pts in weight procoptodon, i'll for sure buy it
  16. People get depressed, rage quit, cry because of Ark Lags, Glitches, Bugs.. and WC doesnt care. The days are counting down for ark...
  17. Ark Update schedules are determined by shaking a Magic 8-ball
  18. 1. Dropped 2000 black pearls on ground for trade, they fell straight through the ground. Never to be found again. 2. Got wiped by Enforcement team completely for having 100 lightpets in aberation server with no warning.. 3. Lost over 100 dinos due to lag. Many other Ark stories
  19. More incompetent than homeless people living under the bridge.
  20. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Training_Dummy This should help.
  21. Little lesson to WC: 15mins = 900 seconds. Not 30 seconds. C'mon guys.. it's not a free game, you can't disrespect us like that..
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