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  1. Update on Gen release date would be amazing! Please and thank you. (See we can be nice!)
  2. What i know so far. Locations : #1 Lava cave 68.7 86 #2 Upper south cave Swamp (Pack cave) 70.2, 59.2 #3 Island ice cave 27.7 27.8 #4 SE Old Tunnels Cave 56.7 44.5 #5 Ruins of Nostri Note 76.2 79.6
  3. What i know so far. #1 Lava cave Cords soon (Ruins area no cords) #2 Upper south cave (Pack cave) 70.2, 59.2 #3 Island ice cave 27.7 27.8 #4 SE Old Tunnels Cave 56.7 44.5 #5 Ruins of Nostri Note 76.2 79.6
  4. Hello, Brought my character from extinction to RAG then Rag to ext (It was my crafter 131). Crafted a few things then went to move back. tried to upload character and nothing happened. Did a few things nothing happened. Thought HEY one of my toons is uploaded maybe i need to download them. Went to a server to download and did (Ab server) but i saw my crafter and was confused. Logged back in and found it on my RAG. Downloaded my char. few more tests found i had to download. Log out. Log back into rag with my crafter to get it out of the cloud. Then i could take it off ext and get my main back. The clone is still in the cloud but i might have a clone of my main on another server forgot which one. I Believe the problem is the transfer from ext is taking to long i can que my account more than once and then by removing the server number. Once my character was upload to the cloud i could not move servers. I did not have items on me so no dinos or items were dupped.
  5. Confirming 72 slots per. They also take about half the room of a normal fridge and is round. pretty cheap as well. It CHARGES the pods. When you first craft them they had 30 days of use. Without the prop tek storage fridge you cannot charge them.
  6. Keltten


    Finally got Full Tek after an Epic battle with the Dragon! Had to get just the right photo to celebrate!
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