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  1. Found the other island one, 70.2, 59.2 Swampy cave on island
  2. Sweet, ty guys! Haven't raised raptors in a VERY long time, so I couldn't really remember to be able to compare how much they ate vs Deinonychus.
  3. Best Crumplecorn Option to Sub in for deinon? The Crumplecorn breeding assistant hasn't been updated to include Deinonychus yet, anyone know what the next best/closest carnivore is in regards to consumption rate/growth speed that I can use as a placeholder for a good estimate of trough times?
  4. "Data Corruption Detected" in the bottom left, and from what I've tried to work through, I think the top right is just the unreadable corrupted data that will be possibly cleared up for us in the next teasers. All I've gotten off the top was _ _ L 8 c e _ _ _ f _ _ _ _ _ _ m _ _ _ _ x _ _
  5. I see people doing this and just smh. I have some little random dude who built up his base as close to mine as he could. It's been amusement in a form watching his base grow over time. I surprisingly rarely see him online, though I'm on quite often, I want to be able to gift him a few things. Like especially behemoth gate parts, because he has empty gateframes that bug me. Like, an alpha raptor could just waltz in and just wreck his whole wooden base. Close that stuff up little dude. Maybe I can see if there's a way to infiltrate his base and leave an unclaimed dino with stuff in it's inventory and messages in the form of papers and folders. And also tell him how I got in so he can fix it.
  6. Ah, still sounds awesome though! Thanks for so much info! Also, I saw what looked like porcupine quills on its tail base, is that more or less what they are? And do they seem to be part of any of its color regions? Have you tried breeding them yet? Also, compared to a Giga, how much do they seem to eat while maturing?
  7. I'm pretty excited for this to hit console, does anyone know if the Deinon has a "Roar"? From what I heard of it's voice/call in the trailer, I freaking LOVED, plus, I love also how the base of it's tail looks like porcupine quills kinda, wonder if they're a part of one of it's color regions? I'm kinda concerned about how laggy this map will be for console, considering how many biomes are squished all into one map that's smaller than Ragnarok, but excited nonetheless!
  8. WC specific rules on commissioned work? So I wasn't sure where exactly I should ask this, but it's certainly not ticket worthy, so I figured this being the most related location, to just plop it here. So does anyone know WC's thoughts on people paying/commissioning artist's to portray their beloved ark Dinos in ARK, or even custom plushies, etc? Is that something they'd get mad about or anything? I'm not talking like making an ark specific thing then trying to sell it, but an artist being specifically asked to custom-create something for them, from the game, for money?
  9. In love with the detail on that pencil Sarco sketch! And that baby Drake holding the venom jar is just too precious, love the background on it too.
  10. Hyena taming tip So I'm sure some people have heard of the vulture taming trick where you plop a tent over it where it can't fly off mid-tame and just tane from there, ta-da! But, this trick can actually be used to tame those sometimes-too-jumpy hyenas as well! Takes a bit to place it right, but have your Ghillie set on, and the tent in your hotbar, as it'll likely take a few tries to place it properly, and it's much faster to have it get picked up back into the hotbar. You'll want to be crouching the entire time, and once placed, the hyena can sometimes just walk up the back of, and out of the top of the tent. Just pick it up and try again. Once it's placed properly, you can usually just go around the back of the tent to see it's head sticking out the back and pet it until tame from there! It will rarely move, if it does, it's not hard to reposition yourself to keep petting it. To be safe, try to remain crouched while petting the hyena, don't want to spook it after all that effort to get it stuck!
  11. What is your favorite non-mountable dino, and why? These can be shoulder pets, or otherwise. Mine is the Hyaenodon without a doubt, because look at that adorable mlem. The goodest doggos deserve ALL the petting.
  12. Apparently a lot of people bring rhinos after their tlc, only bred, imprinted, and with riders though, because the charge attack is ridiculously powerful when you can have the land needed to charge it up to max, but it's really only the ridden ones brought it, everything else being a yuty, boar, and unmounted rexes or theri, not strictly rhinos.
  13. I don't find this info very easy to track down, but what are the most important stats you want to focus on breeding up in Procoptodon? I.e., for those that use them, what do you find yourself leveling the most for your practixal and daily/occasional use? I'm also looking to find out the current best stats of Wooly Rhinos that are used in boss fights, as well as how people tend to use them in boss fights?
  14. Another of the flock of peeps working towards trading access, so I figured a good start would be introducing myself here, now that I've found there is an area for that. So! I'm a solo Breeder on Official servers, mostly stationed in Ragnarok, nestled down in the swamp castle. I play on Xbox, and as I'm working on starting back up again after a break from ark, don't have a giant ton of things, but I've got myself a good bunch of colorful and powerful bred Dinos. I dabble in breeding all kinda of Dinos, but currently my best are leaning towards mammals at the moment, particularly Procoptodon, because GOD it's so fun to just run around and launch yourself across cliff divides and danger on a giant freaking kangaroo. In general, my favorite tame in ark tends to be the goofy little Hyaenodon, their little meat cargo bags are too cute.
  15. PvE, yes. And alright, that's why I wanted to check around before jumping towards any decisions. Tyvm.
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