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Community Crunch 174: Introducing... Classic PvP!


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A cordial greeting, I play in Insolate, it does not seem fair to have dedicated months for you to eliminate those servers, also if they ask me to make a move to another server, because that is very difficult since the Alphas tribes are very well positioned, I hope you consider my request not to delete the LEGACY-NA-Insolate server.
I have bought all the dlc, it is to play and not to be subject to the changes that you want to make, in this way you only show that there is no respect for us

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I dont play conquest servers, never have, but from an outside perspective, this hurts to see. I feel for all the people who do play it, they took that leap and invested a lot of time there...500 hours equals about 21 days straight, 1000 hours is 42 days worth of time....In a game mode that hasnt been out too terribly long. Thats substantial, and a real kick in the cryos to them. Granted, I think your new mode leaves far too much to be desired for me too play as it is,  I certainly wouldn't risk falling prey to the same early demise as my fellow ark players on conquest. Sure, I play on unofficial servers that wipe once a month but you know what the difference is? They make it known when the end is to be expected from the get go, AND more importantly the rates arent a joke(30x) so that in a month you can get a hell of a lot done and youre ready to wipe. 2x? get on somewhere else with that noise, at this point, especially in light of the unreliability of the server still being there a month, or two or three from now, if its not at least 10x then its not worth it.  On that note, why put out these new game modes that are SO close to the same ole modes already around? Why so afraid to take a leap and try drastically new things like significantly higher rates? That would both attract new players to official and help with the hesitance of people to even risk the investment as a result of this Titanosaur sized dookie of a revelation.

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