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  1. Blue Ob literally been trying to get to blue ob for 4 hrs now.....between the 100 raptors 25 carno's the pego's, troodons and itchy's and not to mention the 40 alphas that somehow all spawned on a 100mx100m island.....not quite sure why this spawn is labelled "easy" you clearly didnt make it easy lol if you have a kit you dont wanna lose dont be fooled you will lose it at the easy spawn tropical island south, pretty sure it was Jens last troll before she left for that other game wild card stole.....
  2. Center Blue Ob Spawns you should fix tropical Island south, its labelled as easy, yet theres over 40 raptors and 20 alphas guarding the ob.....honestly you Devs are the biggest troll/problem wit the game.....#stolenprimalearth
  3. "pick" battles used to be my favourite part about Ark PVP..... Now that concept is as ancient as the dinos in this game
  4. Just cause you can't fly, doesn't mean it should be ruined for everyone!
  5. ?I miss my Pteras!! Every bird is garbage in war now, except the Tek Tappe, which you need a boss fight to get, so only the mega tribes have them. The game is really ruined for the beginner, birds were the best way to get on your feet, now a 150 perfect tame ptera can't even make it from herbivore Island back to main land without stamming out!
  6. this better mean you're reversing the flyer nerf and bringing back turrets on saddles, otherwise this isn't classic pvp.....it will just be another game mode that no one plays until you bring those 2 things back!
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