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  1. @Jen can we please get the details on the fate of the conquest server? what is going to be removed how will the already established dino / content work or will everything just be wiped ?
  2. dont go through with this change my entire tribe is going to disband and probably wont go on to any official servers.
  3. this better be an April fools joke you bunch of total younkers! destroying everything ive done on conquest your killing off my giga and tex rex breeding line after spending thousands of hours raising them and you are going to be preventing access to the newest content that i literally just paid for; this is the only reason why i joined conquest and spent so much time grinding! You are ruining the best part of my life if you want to create a new game mode create it separate from conquest and expand on it, if "and hell no it wont be" successful. Ill put a bullet in my head on April 2nd,
  4. I hate you for destroying our conquest servers i have put thousand of hours of play time leveled my character been raided many times and i having so much fun on conquest and paid for the expansion maps why are you taking this away from me!! You are totally in another world go back to the island you bunch of stupid bobs I hate you for ruining my life.
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