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  1. The "hacks" im refferring too are things like the tribe living under the map and would blow up bases from under the map. That one was an exploit. Theres many instances and variants of exploits used. I myself have never encountered one of these so its not a thing where I am being salty. I just see a few problems that are small now but before long will be pretty bad, and the way to placate the players that are unhappy or quitting over these problems seemed relatively simple so I just threw my idea out. I agree with your statement, whenever I hear people in ark complaining about being raided or asking why someones raiding them I just think or say "welcome to ark:D". I know what it is, I just think the added server choices would be a solution thats solving these problems without hindering any other players in the process.
  2. I don't see this talked about much, so on unofficial servers that are high rates(50x or above), what are some good Base defense tactics and Base raiding tactics that are unique or only used/useful to these kinds of servers? While I do realize many high rate servers are annunaki and extinction I am excluding these from this topic for now.
  3. As far as i know Rexs are still the way to go, along with good saddles, imprinted riders on them, mateboost, and high levels.
  4. I agree, hence why i suggested to recycle some of the ones that are largely unplayable now(like the ones with safes on all the supply drop locations). I agree with you again and think you may misunderstand what I meant. Say hypothetically there are 100 servers right now and 20 are dead. I was suggesting to maybe take 12-16 of the dead ones and recycle them into "contained" environments. Servers 1-80 would all still be connected, however the others would be clustered like 81, 82, 83 would be in their own contained cluster inaccessible from other servers. then 84, 85, 86 would be another cluster(one cluster being pvp, one being pve, etc.)and so on. MAke one or two of the clusters region locked to different regions. Finally, for example make server 96 an only island server that was inaccessible from the others, 97 an isolated center one, 98 an isolated Scorched Earth one(and add in regional ones in the same setup to these as well). This would not be cutting off current players or affecting them in any way at all unless they choose to go to these newly repurposed servers which many surely would. You say turning off transfer isnt the best solution and while I agree, I think some would disagree and the isolated servers would suit them and solve their problems. The ones unhappy about invasions could play the isolated or region locked isolated clusters and their problems would be largely solved. As a result these dead servers would now have life again, and no new servers needed to be opened, and many complaints would be resolved without taking away from anyone inadvertantly.
  5. As wel all know, cross transers and other things have led to an invasion on servers, mostly from trolling chinese and other "box-font" players who go server to server, exploiting and killing all they can and then putting safes on all the loot drop points and turrets on obelisk which make it VERY hard to leave the map if you happen to have the bad luck of visiting it. These are people playing with the sole intent of ruining/killing servers, and if this continues as they intend it will lead to the end of official servers(and hence the end of Ark for the most part). This seems like it should be a big deal to the developers but the actions taken/not taken show that it's not. Perhaps a solution just hasnt been found yet. So heres an idea... 1)Either open new servers or take someof the ones that are currently a wasteland and are unplayable and make them so only people in set regions can play on them(i.e north america island pvp, south america island pvp, asia island pvp) 2)make SOME of these servers as well as some of the OTHER servers as well a contained environment, meaning outside of the ark cross-transfer network. Some where theres no way to leave or travel to them, and some where they can only travel among 3 set servers(one that is island, one that is center, and one scorched earth.) This would solve MANY of the current issues players have with how things are now, and I feel the added options would do a lot to save many of the players getting discouraged currently. thoughts?
  6. I just played it for a bit and have some constructive thoughts for it. The grind just became mega grind without dinos, I think modifying the stats, somewhere between here and SOTF maybe would be perfect, at least for the relation of dino hp to human hp. Second suggestion would be to increase the default movement speed just a tad bit. Thats all. Thanks
  7. The first couple cycles through center I didnt like it but my server went there so I went there. Over time I came to like it a lot though, but nothing beats island.
  8. The little guy ate your kibble
  9. Well im mainly on a group of unofficial servers but was going to ask the guy who runs one of the servers to make the craft requirements a bit easier for a couple things, namely the jetpack. (Separately from that I am actively working at tek tier the right way, kortniechan ) I guess it cant be done though so back to work. lol
  10. Im wondering how or if its possible to enable tek tier on a server, without all the prerequisites of getting element etc. Just a way for people to craft it and try it out.
  11. Turns out you still can kick the owner out if you have admin status on pc haha
  12. I love this game, and the massive amount of effort and care the team puts into making everything(original ark, but also scorched and SOTF), but sadly the first few answers to this question are pretty prophetic. Two months later and any time I talk to people who play official it only takes a few minutes at most for the conversation to be about how the chinese(sometimes brazillians) are either 1) wipiing their server,2) have wiped their server so they had to run, or 3) are setting up camp for the inevitable wiping of their server. Often times they are even followed from server to server until they are doing their best impersonations of anne frank or are obliterated. Many people I meet on servers now are translpants that tell me how they were on one server and ended up on the current one because they had to flee. The trolls are literally killing the Ark and all of its inhabitants, making them wastelands nobody can live in.
  13. Is this a recent(last 4 months) change? because back a few months ago I was in a tribe and didnt sign on for 2 days, when I came back the server admin was laughing and I could tell he couldnt wait to hear my tribe explain to me what happened. That was when I realized we were now merged with a tribe whos leader I really didnt get along with. So they thought I would be mad, but it being a game It wasnt a big deal at that point. Something more had happened obviously because the admin was still laughing at my tribemates and saying ominous things so I asked them what happened. They said they merged tribes with the guy I didnt get along with because he did have some massive bases and materials(we competed with them for alpha), etc. What they did then was started having second thoughts and worrying about being kicked from the tribe by him so they kicked him first, then the remaining people from his old tribe so they wouldnt be able to do anything vengeful. Then I saw why the admin was laughing. Even though I wasnt apart of what happened I still felt way bad just being in the tribe that stole all the other tribes work then tossed that other tribe out after. Anyways, I thought you could kick out owners because of that situation. HE may have merged into my tribe but we did have his old tribe name.
  14. Absolutely. Its similar to the real world in a way. Which i think is part of the appeal. We have the plot being written and made by the very situations were in and the people we interact with, and that puts the possibiliities for what could happen at any given moment at infinite and as a result we are constantly facing the unknown, which is very far from the linear, "known" world of most games.