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  1. Woo. quetz, and megalodon need to be made un-useless again!
  2. Ill bring this post back to life real quick. lol I think some things were not conveyed eloquently enough on my end. I dont mean to add these things to pve. PVE should never be opened to PVP like aspects or made more vulnerable to it. Using game mechanics to do things that are not intended by the devs, such as having broncos blocking you inside, etc. is exploiting and not allowed, and im not talking about that either. Im certainly not saying harrassment should be allowed. What I am meaning is that, if ones clever enough to outwit someone in-game we should leave them be and let their
  3. Jat, Wildcard, guys....I think that the solution here would certainly just be to open a high rate network of clusters, Maybe cull a quarter of the current official ones, wipe them and ramp those suckers up to like 15x. And i am not talking some short term event style servers, I mean some plain ole official servers you can expect to stick around for a bit, just 15x.
  4. thats half my point, they dont follow the rules anyways, and WC doesnt enforce them most of the time, so why give the false sense of security to begin with?
  5. There should not be rules against being immoral in-game. Ive been playing since the beginning, and it's always been a firm belief of mine that the fun is largely derived from our interaction with others. "is he being genuine? is he trying to rip me off?". Instances like being insided have ways of being defended against in-game as is, and anyone who gets insided just didnt use those. I say this as someone who has never insided somebody either. I feel like all of the rules limiting peoples moral behavior should be removed, especially when you take into consideration that they arent enforced
  6. My original idea, before seeing this posts, was to get a couple of people together to turn the conversion into a mod, that way it wouldnt have to be updated with every dev update like total conversions do. We wouldnt add anything(maybe down the line we could fork off a version that we add things too but at first I would just want a copy of Prim+ exactly how it is in a mod form). Ive messed around with the dev kit a few times so im not like a mod maker or anything but i have a couple friends that are and they would definitely teach us what we need to know to get this made. only hangup is I
  7. Me waiting to find out the fate of prim+:
  8. When do we get it, when crystal isles comes out or now?
  9. shouldve ran up and punched that arachnid in its mouth for the little bit of hp it had left.
  10. Would anyone but up to taking on the task of converting it to a mod with me? I'm talking a strict conversion, no additions or changes(maybe after its completed we could fork the mod into a seperate one that would have new stuff).
  11. "we believe we can eliminate meshing, an exploit that ruins the gaming experiences for many survivors across Official and Unofficial Networks." Negative, on unofficial we have attentive overwatch(admins) that keep it at bay
  12. to the first guy, yes i made sure i had 250gb on an ssd just for ark. to the second guy, lol well yes and no. they could tell it was worth money but the dumb apes just had hoods with drawstrings pulled tight so they looked like kenny from south park(meaning i easily was like "wait i know who that is" lol) Ive found bits and pieces all over the internet, most of its old information and didnt work though.
  13. Ark on Mac crashes with mods Hey guys, so pc was stolen, and im on mac for a bit unfortunately(no need for the imac trashing replies, trust me i know lol). Everytime i try to download mods it kinda seems like it starts too, sits there for a few minutes then poops out and gives me an error log. Anyone know what i can do? I tried all the standard stuff(7k+ hours in ark), but this subpar alien OS has me stumped. for what its worth its an i7 with 24gb ram and a decent gpu.
  14. Ced(and I dont mean to call him out, hes doing great things with the community) DID say that Prim+ was initially made a Total Conversion for constest purposes as opposed to neccesity. It was a rather clever strategy(backed with legitimately great work)... Now, I do NOT know and wont pretend to know but I will guess that everything from Prim+ asset-wise, resource changes, all changes... could be placed into a mod and work not only well, but much better in that it wouldnt need to keep up its own seperate timeline of development AND would be much more versatile, much faster loading, etc. Anyone
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