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  1. I would really like to see a 2-4 man tribe server at 20x. Before you say "aw thats broken", think about it. People now complain about how they cant get a foot in on the 6 man tribe servers, and it's somewhat true that if you started late youre in for a rough climb. If you dont have 6 people then youre going to have a REALLY hard time. If rates were 20x, then potentially a team of two could get established and become a contending tribe even if they are a week late. The wars would be more common, the fight for alpha status would be much more dynamic and interesting. Honesetly I could be happy with just 2 man tirbes but I know most players wouldnt play that lol. What do you guys think would be a good setup to see?
  2. Thank you for the quick answer;)
  3. or are they a new dino that's permanently apart of the game?
  4. mgsgta3

    NA Abberation Small Tribe servers

    theyre added, been there a couple days at least
  5. mgsgta3

    Brand New Player - Tips Wanted

    Add me, Id be happy to join whatever server you play on and tribe up or make an alliance, then i can help you out when you have any questions. After 5k hours I can likely answer most of them ha . my steam is mgsgta3, but its nicknamed Antagonist.
  6. Are by far my favorite part, genuinely. "Got em" lol
  7. Ive developed a total of 0.00 games, apps, and programs in my life, so there's that for my experience. While i have no experience, I DO pay attention and am very interested in how things work and are built, and have picked up knowledge and information over the years about Ark. So, like a news article or something similar, I tried to relay what I could recall in a way that made sense. Am I absolutely right? Never. Im not pulling answers out of a phiomas butt though. While I dont feel particularly compelled to search for sources for a random forum post I probably will lol
  8. mgsgta3

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    They learned the wise choice: say nothing, for theyd be in trouble with some fans regardless of what they did, but by being silent they wont have their words used against them;) Ark 2 would be ideal too though
  9. mgsgta3

    Life finds a way...

    lol wildcard, they need to watch what they name files, like last time with aberration i examined the countdown image and thats how i found out the name before the timer was up
  10. He just got accepted into Yale! He will never get to have babies, or fall under the map when i log on, or get stuck in a pack of wolves and die unceremoniously! He was robbed of that! Because I was taming him and I flew off when he was 90% tamed, and when I came back he was just gone! so I checked tribe logs and what did I see? He AUTO-DECAYED?! In 20 minutes?! #AlloLivesMatter #NotMyDecayTimer #JusticeForAllos #MakeSOTFGreatAgain
  11. The answer has arrived! Okay, When Ark was a little bebe, just a tiny little bundle of code it was hardly more than an unreal gamebuilding tutorial. The first things added, was the foundation of the game, that was the building mechanics and other core mechanics that EVERYTHING else relies on in order for it to function somewhat properly. If direct changes were to be made to these core mechanics it would break a lot of things, or would be a massive undertaking of editing and adjusting,well, about every single placeable item. It's be a lot more work than im making it sound like. While it should have been done better from the start you have to remember Wildcard was a small team of devs, who may NOT have been the most skilled, but certainly WERE the most ambitious. This has come back to bite them in the butt a number of times(namely with delays and release dates in general). Since then theyve grown, and hired more people, honed and learned new skills, and if they had to remake Ark starting today they likely would have the know-how to avoid basing their game off of a game developing tutorial(shootergame.exe) and would build it from the ground up, and would have the know-how to make the building systems tighter and much better functioning. tl;dr Look at it like a Jenga tower, the whole tower relies on the bottom two rows. Thos erows represent the core mechanics of the game, and to fix them theyd have to replace both rows with new pieces. is it possible? Yes. Is it going to happen? No, not in Ark 1. The best bet we have for this being solved in Ark is when they implement S+ into official(which s+ skirts the whole issue entirely with great success for the most part) Good news is though: You can be sure Ark 2 wont have these core mechanic issues.
  12. Have you tried teamviewer on your home pc through your phone? That would allow you to log into ark just enough to imprint but itd be laggy as all hell
  13. looks pretty pay to win to me
  14. I look back to when I began, it was just over 2 years ago. The beaver was about to be added in, there was no redwood, and snow biome update was still far away. Hell, there wasnt even a Chemistry Bench XD. Back then, Wildcard was different too. It's really amazing too see how much they have grown as creators, and has been pretty amazing throughout when I would be getting hotfix patches at 1am, 3am, all hours of the day and night. for a while it seemed like they never slept ha. One thing to note is that back then, they were much more open and willing to communicate, even happy to share information and news, and answer questions. In the answers they gave, they were always honest, though some answers risked being innacurate when it was ones about "when is this coming? When will this release?" So when the projected date would come-and go, with no update normally I would be thinking "what are these bums doing?" but with Wildcard it was different. It was always apparent that they would be late not because of laziness, but because of how ambitious they were. That was something I was cool with as I would infinitely prefer that to laziness, and id even prefer it to a dev with average ambition just putting out the acceptable level of content. Other players, some of them didnt see it this way though. Rather than be happy and enjoy the mass amounts of content that wasnt originally planned, they cried. And cried. and cried. On twitter. on reddit. on here. They still do to this day have that eternal faux tear at the ready. Then of course, these people whove spent 1000s of hours on the game rating bombed it on steam, saying how "bad" of a game it was, then they would get right back on that very game and put in 1000s more hours. When the devs would communicate with the playerbase at this point it began to be more of a lose-lose situation for them, because here they are passionate about their game and wanting to share whats going on with the community, but are being met with "Trap" questions, where no answers a good answer. If they showed off anything that was upcoming and it had a date on it and it wasnt ready right then, the crowd would grab their pitchforks and torches. If they gave no date then the rioters would ask "whats the release date?". When they would answer they gave their honest estimates(no reason not too). It should be common sense that they genuinely thought itd be ready on the day they stated, and also it should be common sense that it was subject to change. Unfortunately, it wasnt though. To add to it, every time theyd post anything, the comments would fill up with these crybabies basically harrassing them about things they had said in the past. If you were in this no win situation which path would you pick, the one where you open yourself up to having MORE stuff used against youby the very people playing your game all the time, or would you take the path where you simply dont say anything? So logically Wildcard severed that casual openness with the community. This choice of course riled up the crybabies("gosh, dont even talk to the community that bought your game"), as they didnt realize that it was their own doing that caused the disconnect. and iits much like this at present. We as a community are left largely in the dark now, having those glimpses at whats coming next being a thing of the past. It's a shame really, because we dont if the final dlc is coming next month, 3 months, 6 months. We dont get Q and As anymore, nothing. I miss getting those updates(and on a somewhat related note, I miss SOTF too) I also wanted to say thanks to WIldcard for really going above and beyond in every way you guys could, and for all the hard work youve put in that you didnt have to, all those weeks and months it seemed like you never slept, and for this amazing game. I dont think that is expressed enough. Thats it. lol
  15. mgsgta3

    Survival Of The Fittest Reborn!!!!

    Agree 100% with both of you.