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  1. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    The quetzal was one my favorite dinosaur(and I wasnt one of those guys boxing them or even raiding with them). Now, I walk out to my dino and I just look at it in disgust and sadness, (though im not disgusted with the bird itself but more so disgusted that this happened to it.) and I dont ride it unless I HAVE too. When those rare times do come up I am dreading it the entire walk out to the dino pen. Theres more than one side to look at here and i see people generally only looking at one or the other. Prior to the nerf, birds were fun but when speed crossed a certain threshhold they could move faster than turrets, and scoop up a tribemate and be gone before you realize DILO just happened lol. So it was also unfair. Now, we look at it again and ask is it fun and is it fair? Is it fun to fly a bird now? No. All of them are slow and obnoxious except the griffin. They are neccesary evils. There is no freedom to tailor a bird into what you as a player want(a raidiing bird, farming bird, etc.) Now its confined to what were "supposed to do." Is it fair now? I will say its more fair than it was before when they were broken, in regards to raiding. Otherwise though no, it went form one side of the spectrum all the way to the other one. There was a small window where it would actually be considered fair but they went right past that and caused the inverse of the previous issue.
  2. ... Im finally done

    To OP, I see your point about the PVE thing and single player, and get the impression you(or perhaps the tribe) are playing pvp or not playing at all. Seeing as I also get the impression you(and/or your tribe) want to play but are unhappy with the way things are in pvp, I second the other people who recommend trying unofficial servers. Theyre have rates from 1x-1000x, and some are vanilla while most are modded to some degree but the thing that would solve your issue in my opinion is that well maintained servers have rules that are enforced by admins. Some common ones are no wiping(only raid to get the loot and go), no killing passives, etc. Some also have an Offline Raid Protection mod thats superior to the vanilla ORP and usually is configured so everything has 1,000,000 hp in your base and passives are invincible while youre offline. On a side note but still on topic, theres many other things that add to overall quality of life in ark in unofficial that may in itself make playing much better(Structures+ for example is an amazing mod, fixing a vast number of issues with standard structures and snap points while also adding handy extras(like resource pulling, you can pull any resource from ANY container or dino within its range, so the days of taking ten trips unloading metal from an anky or searching for which vault you put the polymer in are over). at 4200 hours in ark(including my 2nd account) id say 90% of it was in unofficial because of all these things mentioned(and more which are off topic). tl;dr Of course theres nothing wrong with pve, official pvp, or SP, but I think you and your tribe could very well see a huge improvement with the issues youre having on official by trying a decent unofficial server out. is your friend for finding a good one. Good luck
  3. tool [tool] ARK Levels/xp config generator

    Sweet baby jesus, thank you sir
  4. Im just looking to see if any tribes are recruiting, I only play pvp servers and HIGHLY prefer island map. Good at pvp, building, breeding, logistics for a raid and how to build defensively. have 3k+ hours, discord, a mic, all the standard stuff to be an effective tribemate.
  5. 484mb update

    ive been dealing with this painful ordeal too. Ill try this jew tactic out *crosses fingers* EDIT: IT WORKED!!!!! SWITCHING TO ISRAEL WORKED!!!!
  6. 484mb update

    ive been dealing with this painful ordeal too. Ill try this jew tactic out *crosses fingers*
  7. Golden Rules of Ark

    I think thats implied in rule number one but i will work it in there. Also updated list to add the thing about frozen wildlife
  8. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    Taylor Swift get on somewhere else. "somebody call pcgamer!" No. Go home, youre drunk.
  9. Seeing if this gets me out of gathering thatch... lol

  10. Golden Rules of Ark

    To be honest I have only ever tried a pve server one time, and it was by accident. Granted it was 2 hours before I noticed I cant give an opinion of any value as far as pve servers go... Isolated servers can be better but some are overrun. use, thats a great way to see data about a server like how many daily players(both new players and consistent/return players are counted seperately) and can help you see how active it is over a week, month, or 3 months. if numbers are steady then thats a good sign, if not or if the numbers are low then theres usually a reason. That also shows MANY more servers than the actual game does, and you can search keywords and sort them. I dont really know much like how many hours you have either, what youre wanting to do in ark in general( like just learn mechanics of it then try pvp, or build in peace, etc.) so you can hit me up on steam and I can help you more there if you want. my steamname is the same name I have here.
  11. Golden Rules of Ark

    Ahh, I see your problem. Anything against trying unofficial? they have some with official server settings all the way up to 1000x normal rates, benefit there is mods but also admins of servers usually are there to enforce rules(like no pillaring for example)
  12. Golden Rules of Ark

    Honestly the best way to tribe up on any server is to just join and get to work, level your guy up and start your starter base, move up to a good spot when you find one and just do your thing building up, be active in global chat and itll just happen on its own, most servers have at least one person a day who wanders in wanting a tribe so it wont be long before you have a few guys. If youre built up already too and take in other solo players then you usually get the benefit of being your tribes owner and calling the shots. If you dont know someone though, use your group restrictions and keep your valuables ina safe they cant access at first, or in a WELL hidden spot not at your base.
  13. If they announced plans to continue sotf...That wouldve been the absolute best news to hear. I wouldnt buy ark again for a collectors box but id pay the price of ark for sotf for sure
  14. Golden Rules of Ark

    This post here is not necessarily for the technical hints and tips, but more for the things weve learned from ark's culture/community over the many hours of playing. I made 1-4 but have now updated it to add in the other rules submitted in the responses. Rule 1: You will die. All of your dinos will die(So dont get attached). You will lose everything, more than once. Sometimes from PVP and sometimes from bugs. Accept this and take those times as valuable opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Rule 2: Never tame a stego. unless it's for a kibble farm. Rule 3: The likelihood of you crashing or experiencing some catastrophically terrible sequence of events raises in direct proportion to how valuable/irreplaceable some thing or things in your inventory are. Example: You can bop around taming stegos all day and be fine, but the moment you find an ascendant rex saddle blueprint theres an exponentially higher chance you'll be halfway back to base with no danger in sight, lose your mount because it gets stuck on a bunch of eels(that you narrowly escape from), then just as youre safe again your lscuba tank breaks and as you open your inventory to equip another one your client crashes, then it has to update before it can launch again, so you finally log in just as its the exact moment a gang of wild dinos snuffs you out, rubberbanding your body into oblivion) Rule 4: 9 times out of 10, that girls not really a girl. Rule 5: When Rule 1 happens to you, NEVER be the guy who asks "Why did you raid me?" You look and sound like a noob, it's a pvp server and thats all the reason one needs for raiding. They just took all you had, dont give them your dignity too. If you're going to get the raider back then fantastic, but theres no need to tell him and everyone about it in global. It wont gain you any sympathy or friends by crying or being salty in global chat. Rule 6: Dont be lazy and place your items in the first tamed dino that you see in your base (unless you wanna run around looking for your stuff because you forgot where you put it) Rule 7: Don't ever land in the swamp/redwood biomes, and dont even fly close to the redwood trees unless you want to get brutally murdered. Rule 8: If you join a high rate server(50x or higher) then make sure you have turrets up before you log off or you should expect to be raided. Rule 9: Don't block resources. Otherwise you could end up on Extreme Home Makeover: Ark Edition courtesy of the alpha tribe. Rule 10: Don't block caves unless your alpha Rule 11: Empty the wood from the beaver dams. Otherwise youre preventing a new one with CP to pop up. Rule 12: Dont trust anyone. No matter what. Rule 13: If you see [][][][][][][][], Your servers more than likely doomed. Similarly if you see 123(especially if you see more than one) it’s not a bad idea to make friends and double down on your defenses. Rule 14: Always keep mejoberries in the last slot on your hotbar. Rule 15: Feathers usually equal death. Therizinosaurus, Troodon and Yutyrannus are only huggable after being tamed. Rule 16: Please don't spam global with 'can i join clan pls'. Just start doing your thing, building your base and taming and be friendly and active in global chat, it’ll work out before you know it. Rule 17: Never trust dossiers. Rule 18. When joining a PVP server play the noob/PVE player card. The alphas will view you as less threatening if they think your some noob rather then some guy with 4000 hours. Rule 19: When playing on a PVP server always be friendly. You never know, maybe the person you helped out will stop another person from raiding your base while youre offline. Rule 20: The quiet ones are the ones you have keep an eye on. Players that type a lot in global chat are rarely a threat its the ones that never speak that you need to worry about. Rule 21: Dont use chat during a raid. Those seconds spent typing could be your death or a tribemates, and it would be really bad if you accidentally used global chat and are the reason a raid fails. Discord is your friend. Rule 22: Don't drop wyvern eggs! New ones won't spawn so eat the low level ones. Rule 23: Always have a parachute on you(and a grappling hook once you learn the engram) Rule 24: If the wildlife suddenly stops moving head to safety ASAP. It could save your life. Feel free to submit yours!
  15. Boss Arena Exploits

    Lol Volcano. keep fighting the good fight