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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Survival Of The Fittest Reborn!!!!

    Agree 100% with both of you.
  2. I'll tell you since WC doesnt(at least anywhere in plain sight, and im not about to dig to find information i dont need). Just uploaded two vday cakes, they disappeared. That yellow supply drop just stole them. It stayed long enough to let me check all 3 tabs(idk why i checked the dino tab), then it whisked off into nothingness.
  3. I want a Giant squirrel, the size of a horse, with a long bushy tail and you can ride the squirrel. It can run fluidly up vertical surfaces and glide(similar to a rock drake but more agile and able to glide/jump greater distances. so its like a transport version of a rock drake). An attack it can do is a tailspin, and when it does that it does a quick 180 to face away from predators, but also spins the predator around 180 degrees, thus allowing the squirrel to escape. Saddle should have 3-4 seats. high stamina, weight, and ability to level speed. Low melee and hp.
  4. Aberration PvP is Awkward...

    nobodys going to tell the guy about using a frog on glow bugs?
  5. one of the guys who runs the company that owns WC said in an interview recently that they will be doing something with sotf most likely
  6. You state this like it is a fact when its not. Arks gunplay, farming/gathering, crafting, rleiance on dinos, geography, and the dino spawns were not a problem. They were what made it unique and great. PUBG is so painfully boring after a few matches cause its so linear and basic. In sotf you have varied routes you can take that have significant depth and take practice to master. Even then, with the events and random dino stuff and other players youre still vulnerable. Some people could tame, some tech, some just hunt and steal, some hide in bushes until the end(and some just die to piranha) . All of those mechanics you mentioned are what was good about it. The issue that is stated the most is the dino pathfinding was awful(have 3 rexs on follow and by time you reach the end you have 1 if youre not herding them constantly), and other buggy things like geting stuck in a crack or rock that cant be broken. Some people didnt like the ELO, and it wasnt perfect but it was good enough. The learning curve was tough but everyone started in the same place of not knowing anything. Finally, the biggest issue was when wildcard made it so you HAD to buy ark to get sotf, when it was free new people could try it out and many people owned sotf but not ark and thats when sotf was alive. as soon as they changed it numbers hit a plateau and then they put it on hiatus because of ark players crying so much about working on two games, and sotfs numbers began to drop. None of these are problems with sotf itself or its gameplay, but its development, community, and technical stuff like hitboxes/clipping.
  7. Id give my left acorn to have sotf back
  8. Rockwell cheese

    theyre not short on money. OP sounds salty
  9. This is something thats been beyond my comprehension the whole time I have seen it, Ive asked a couple admins why they do it, and never get a clear answer and dont want to seem like im attacking them, so can anyone tell me: Why would any person on a pvp server in Ark want floating damage numbers turned on? Yeah, of course it helps you see how much damage youre doing but it makes you and anyone else a beacon for like a half mile radius just asking to be attacked. It seems strange in a survival pvp game where sneaking and surprising are optional ways of engaging in a fight or raid with other people. You can do no sneaking or surprise raiding when you have numbers pop up at your location anytime you hit or get hit. You can be sitting there with a knocked out rex(that luckily no one saw the floating numbers while you knocked it out) but then say a raptor comes up and hits you a few times so you kill it. That shoots off numbers and youre just a sitting duck if you wait near the rex. Granted youd be a sitting duck anyways but itd be a level playing field for both sides. Last, it breaks immersion even more when youre running around and see yellow and red numbers pop up in the distance. Going to attack someone because you saw the numbers just feels like a dirtbag thing to do. Those things seem to heavily outweigh the benefit of knowing the exact number of damage your dino does, but its on most pvp servers so can someone on the other side of this topic please enlighten me? lol
  10. Option to Mute specific sounds - Misophonia

    The sound the humans make whenever getting hurt from a fall, dying, starving, or being thirsty drive me absolutely insane. lol It makes me not want to feed the character or give them water out of spite while conversely needing to get the food or water to shut them up. The being hungry/thirsty sound is by far the worst. I do not rage wheni get raided, or killed in pvp. I dont get bent out of shape by anything in the game(bugs/crazy "ark stuff" like dinos dissapearing included) except this, and its like the rage for it can easily compensate for the lack of it in other places(I dont usually express it though since theres no point in it) The only true solution thus far has been to mute the whole game and like the OP said, that is an unsuitable solution for obvious reasons. A giga army could be dancing behind you and you have no idea. A not so good solution to the hunger/thirst sounds is to just walk into a big dino and get killed, but that too comes with the death scream/sound so it doubles up on the rage. When i hear the injured from falling sound it just makes me really irritated/mad for a moment but only towards that sound/character. lol When the death sound plays Its second worst, making me often think along the lines of "i'd kill this character if it werent for the fact it just died." Interestingly, it only annoys me in specifc cases, like it doesnt usually bother me if its during pvp or from a dino encounter(likely because its masked by other sounds) I second the OPs suggestion and ive always wondered why theres no slider to mute those voice sounds.
  11. Patch Scheduling

    In a perfect world that would be the way it worked. If Wildcard did announce a schedule for updates....They wouldnt always be on time and people would just harass them for being "late" or not "fulfilling their promises". Any time theyve given us a time frame and it wasnt met it wasnt like the developers planned it or wanted it to not be on time. People get upset having to wait through that time but dont even realize how much worse it is on the developers end because in that same exact time frame they arent waiting, they are likely somewhat stressed, working their butt off to get a patch or update out knowing full well that it will be largely unappreciated but still avidly played by the unappreciative. We are the fortunate ones in this relationship yet some of us ruin it for all of us by holding it against them when a deadline isnt met. Notice they used to give schedules for releases a LOT but that has dwindled to being almost nonexistent, and understandably so. It's not possible to predict when a bug or issue will cause a hang up and for how long it will take to resolve that hang up. Predictions can be made and announced, but thats it, and a vocal minority have shown that they lack the ability of having the proper conduct needed to deserve the priviledge of a predicted time frame, even in early access. So now, outside of early access that minority has only gotten to be more toxic and undeserving. what could have been an open and healthy transparency(from wildcard) that was met with understanding(from the players) never had the chance to be that and was instead a source of negativity for the company. Given that, it makes absolute and perfect sense that the predicted time frames for releases have become less acute and less frequent in their occurrences. That they have been able to remain motivated and hard working in the face of all this is amazing. They have this game that so many people play, and they play it A LOT, putting in thousands of hours, and for many of those players instead of admitting the obvious(that they are enjoying it) they publicly trash the game and everything about it and are entirely without appreciation. They will go leave a scathing review then go log another 1-2k hours in this game they supposedly "hate", dont recommend, etc. Of course Ark has its issues as the review page will gladly rub in everyones face but they arent game ruining or even bad enough to outweigh the positives or people wouldnt keep playing. These people that do this are why we cant have nice things, like predicted/estimated times for releases, why we cant have Survival of the Fittest, why many people choose to not try a game they would in all likelihood end up loving(which obviously effects the developers in that they are missing potential sales because of this toxic playerbases betrayal). Honestly I wouldnt have cared one bit if it stayed in early access for 20 years because it was constantly being worked on. I am sure everyone else agrees internally even if a lot of those people externally complained about something so superficial as it needing to have the tag of being "released" just because it didnt meet its original estimated time for release. Ark was obviously NOT ready for release, I know that, you know that, Wildcard knows that. The vocal minority knows that, yet they still pushed and caused backlash and negativity in multiple ways including pushing a premature release. Granted it is not 100% their fault for the premature release, as ps4 wouldnt accept an "unfinished" game since they do not have an early access style program and this undoubtedly played a part in things. The process playstation adheres too is outdated and hinders themselves and their products since it forces games to release unfinished just so they can be released in unison with everything else but thats a whole other topic. lol.
  12. Claims of whole server wipes

    OOOHHH. You guys were building under the map because otherwise people could rocket your base from under the map? Puts the comments about "instead of wiping tribes just fix the map so people cant build under it" into context perfectly.
  13. If you're looking for a non-toxic, mature, and refined ark experience with cool people then come check this one out and bring your friends:D You'll be glad you did. In 4,000+ hours playing Ark, this community I am running this ad for is by far my favorite one. On top of that, the server is excellently ran by competent and attentive people that enjoy what they do, and they have their settings near perfect. This server just went live on 10/29, its a pvp server on Ragnarok with some light mods. It of course has the standard mods like S+, AA, kibble bench, ORP2, engram unlocker, and classic flyers, as well as a select few quality of life mods that enhance gameplay without making anything unbalanced.(list is below) Rates are 50x all except breeding and maturation which is 200x. Server link: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1552564?l%3Atime=AT Discord(server rules can be found here): https://discord.gg/9cfgd6Q mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1090733305 As a bonus, all new players may get one free dino recoloring by the admin(meaning the color will transfer to offspring as well). See you guys there!