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  1. Option to Mute specific sounds - Misophonia

    The sound the humans make whenever getting hurt from a fall, dying, starving, or being thirsty drive me absolutely insane. lol It makes me not want to feed the character or give them water out of spite while conversely needing to get the food or water to shut them up. The being hungry/thirsty sound is by far the worst. I do not rage wheni get raided, or killed in pvp. I dont get bent out of shape by anything in the game(bugs/crazy "ark stuff" like dinos dissapearing included) except this, and its like the rage for it can easily compensate for the lack of it in other places(I dont usually express it though since theres no point in it) The only true solution thus far has been to mute the whole game and like the OP said, that is an unsuitable solution for obvious reasons. A giga army could be dancing behind you and you have no idea. A not so good solution to the hunger/thirst sounds is to just walk into a big dino and get killed, but that too comes with the death scream/sound so it doubles up on the rage. When i hear the injured from falling sound it just makes me really irritated/mad for a moment but only towards that sound/character. lol When the death sound plays Its second worst, making me often think along the lines of "i'd kill this character if it werent for the fact it just died." Interestingly, it only annoys me in specifc cases, like it doesnt usually bother me if its during pvp or from a dino encounter(likely because its masked by other sounds) I second the OPs suggestion and ive always wondered why theres no slider to mute those voice sounds.
  2. Patch Scheduling

    In a perfect world that would be the way it worked. If Wildcard did announce a schedule for updates....They wouldnt always be on time and people would just harass them for being "late" or not "fulfilling their promises". Any time theyve given us a time frame and it wasnt met it wasnt like the developers planned it or wanted it to not be on time. People get upset having to wait through that time but dont even realize how much worse it is on the developers end because in that same exact time frame they arent waiting, they are likely somewhat stressed, working their butt off to get a patch or update out knowing full well that it will be largely unappreciated but still avidly played by the unappreciative. We are the fortunate ones in this relationship yet some of us ruin it for all of us by holding it against them when a deadline isnt met. Notice they used to give schedules for releases a LOT but that has dwindled to being almost nonexistent, and understandably so. It's not possible to predict when a bug or issue will cause a hang up and for how long it will take to resolve that hang up. Predictions can be made and announced, but thats it, and a vocal minority have shown that they lack the ability of having the proper conduct needed to deserve the priviledge of a predicted time frame, even in early access. So now, outside of early access that minority has only gotten to be more toxic and undeserving. what could have been an open and healthy transparency(from wildcard) that was met with understanding(from the players) never had the chance to be that and was instead a source of negativity for the company. Given that, it makes absolute and perfect sense that the predicted time frames for releases have become less acute and less frequent in their occurrences. That they have been able to remain motivated and hard working in the face of all this is amazing. They have this game that so many people play, and they play it A LOT, putting in thousands of hours, and for many of those players instead of admitting the obvious(that they are enjoying it) they publicly trash the game and everything about it and are entirely without appreciation. They will go leave a scathing review then go log another 1-2k hours in this game they supposedly "hate", dont recommend, etc. Of course Ark has its issues as the review page will gladly rub in everyones face but they arent game ruining or even bad enough to outweigh the positives or people wouldnt keep playing. These people that do this are why we cant have nice things, like predicted/estimated times for releases, why we cant have Survival of the Fittest, why many people choose to not try a game they would in all likelihood end up loving(which obviously effects the developers in that they are missing potential sales because of this toxic playerbases betrayal). Honestly I wouldnt have cared one bit if it stayed in early access for 20 years because it was constantly being worked on. I am sure everyone else agrees internally even if a lot of those people externally complained about something so superficial as it needing to have the tag of being "released" just because it didnt meet its original estimated time for release. Ark was obviously NOT ready for release, I know that, you know that, Wildcard knows that. The vocal minority knows that, yet they still pushed and caused backlash and negativity in multiple ways including pushing a premature release. Granted it is not 100% their fault for the premature release, as ps4 wouldnt accept an "unfinished" game since they do not have an early access style program and this undoubtedly played a part in things. The process playstation adheres too is outdated and hinders themselves and their products since it forces games to release unfinished just so they can be released in unison with everything else but thats a whole other topic. lol.
  3. Claims of whole server wipes

    OOOHHH. You guys were building under the map because otherwise people could rocket your base from under the map? Puts the comments about "instead of wiping tribes just fix the map so people cant build under it" into context perfectly.
  4. If you're looking for a non-toxic, mature, and refined ark experience with cool people then come check this one out and bring your friends:D You'll be glad you did. In 4,000+ hours playing Ark, this community I am running this ad for is by far my favorite one. On top of that, the server is excellently ran by competent and attentive people that enjoy what they do, and they have their settings near perfect. This server just went live on 10/29, its a pvp server on Ragnarok with some light mods. It of course has the standard mods like S+, AA, kibble bench, ORP2, engram unlocker, and classic flyers, as well as a select few quality of life mods that enhance gameplay without making anything unbalanced.(list is below) Rates are 50x all except breeding and maturation which is 200x. Server link: Discord(server rules can be found here): mod list: As a bonus, all new players may get one free dino recoloring by the admin(meaning the color will transfer to offspring as well). See you guys there!
  5. Claims of whole server wipes

    I will admit when I am wrong... in this case, I was wrong. lol That was welllll after update 226.5 released back on December, 12, 2015.(when destroytribestructure was added) and thats Stark doing the commands soooo yeah. That was sloppy to say the least. Im not even going near whether the reasoning was legitimate or not though, ha. at face value it seems legit but some questionable things were brought up in comments.
  6. Claims of whole server wipes

    It was Russia! Just kidding Even the most noob admin knows you can simply erase a tribes structures, dinos, players, and entire existence off of a server without it effecting anyone or anything else. On top of this, any person who has owned and ran a server knows that while they may be extremely rare in occurence, sometimes crap just happens. You'll get players coming to you saying their stuff dissapeared(after an update sometimes, other times for no obvious reason) or something strange has happened, and if your unlucky enough sometimes itll affect multiple people or even the whole server. if you dont know how to use the backups properly(a problem in itself) or dont have one thats recent enough then theres not much you can do for them either. Nothings perfect. While the odds are against them, I absolutely believe that wildcard and its team knew how to use their own commands and tools and file system well enough to not have to wipe the whole server. Given that, I also believe that what happened was unintended. Look at the big picture, its tough to get them to punish tribes often times, because they need undeniable proof and reason to act. to think theyd do the opposite and just flippantly go wiping anyone and everyone is out of character with their largely deist-like way or running things.
  7. Ark: Aberration

    yeah for sure. If it were the other way around and you were telling me a friend said that id be skeptical lol. the main reason i checked on this post here was too see if anyone else saw it, or if when 6pm rolls around anything happens
  8. Ark: Aberration

    a friend of mine saw on this very website the other day it said abberation would be out today at 6pm(didnt catch a timezone) and he said it was gone when he returned to the page. Normally id say nonsense but its not someone who makes stuff like that up. guess we will see, but i expect itll be out soon
  9. Will we ever get footprints ?

    As nice as that would be someone said something the other day that caught me offguard but is true...Ark is old. Sure it just released but for that release I would say it was more of a formality. Im not knocking on the game at all, I would just take a guess and say if its not added in for a dlc then it wont be added in. It's not in EA anymore, and the core game is done and out the door. Reviews have been written and all, theres not a whole lot of reason to keep adding/tweaking things at this point. That would be awesome to have footprints and id love to be proven wrong though
  10. Bring back SOTF!!!

    Just throwing this out there, I'd give my first, second, and third born child for sotf to come back and get some polish(not much even, little things like gettingstuck on trees, maybe a dino or two would be cool. Its more fun than pubg but thats what I am stuck with since sotf hiatus brought its playerbase down:(
  11. Ragnarok Bosses

    Cool. At least its not a "its broke and we dont know what is causing it" situation
  12. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    1) I can say with certainty that i have met more legal aged adult players than ive met people 16 or younger on ark. windows not missed, and anyhow, with kids starting school....I dont know about you but thats like the blowoff part of the school year. I was in honors classes and can attest that the first 6 weeks of the school year are the easiest. Kids will have time. 2)About Dark and Light. Have you seen that game? Have you played it? Have you by chance seen the ini and game files? I have, and the funny thing is it all looked exactly like ark in many ways, particularly the ini and config files and file structure(right down to portions being copied and pasted pretty much, which you can tell because of the things like "dinofooddrain=1.0000" and stuff like that. This makes total sense because wildcard is owned by the same company that owns the dev studio that does Dark and Light. So, if it werent for wildcard then dark and light would be at square one still, and not with a premade and finely tweaked engine made by wildcard. Given that its a business nothing is free, like the use of that engine, even if it is their sister company so my point here is is Dark and Light suceeds then that means Wildcard succeeds. IT also suceeds by merit alone of the fact that the very foundation of that game was wildcards creation, so in that perspective if Dark and Light succeeds then thats something for WC to be proud of. It's pretty smart for the parent company, its like a guy going to a small town with no restaraunts and opening a mcdonalds on one side of a street and a burger king on the other side of the street. People will pick their side and some may dabble in both, and some may hate the opposing side. Either way, the guy owns both and still rakes in money by giving both options, seemingly pitted against each other.
  13. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    The quetzal was one my favorite dinosaur(and I wasnt one of those guys boxing them or even raiding with them). Now, I walk out to my dino and I just look at it in disgust and sadness, (though im not disgusted with the bird itself but more so disgusted that this happened to it.) and I dont ride it unless I HAVE too. When those rare times do come up I am dreading it the entire walk out to the dino pen. Theres more than one side to look at here and i see people generally only looking at one or the other. Prior to the nerf, birds were fun but when speed crossed a certain threshhold they could move faster than turrets, and scoop up a tribemate and be gone before you realize DILO just happened lol. So it was also unfair. Now, we look at it again and ask is it fun and is it fair? Is it fun to fly a bird now? No. All of them are slow and obnoxious except the griffin. They are neccesary evils. There is no freedom to tailor a bird into what you as a player want(a raidiing bird, farming bird, etc.) Now its confined to what were "supposed to do." Is it fair now? I will say its more fair than it was before when they were broken, in regards to raiding. Otherwise though no, it went form one side of the spectrum all the way to the other one. There was a small window where it would actually be considered fair but they went right past that and caused the inverse of the previous issue.
  14. ... Im finally done

    To OP, I see your point about the PVE thing and single player, and get the impression you(or perhaps the tribe) are playing pvp or not playing at all. Seeing as I also get the impression you(and/or your tribe) want to play but are unhappy with the way things are in pvp, I second the other people who recommend trying unofficial servers. Theyre have rates from 1x-1000x, and some are vanilla while most are modded to some degree but the thing that would solve your issue in my opinion is that well maintained servers have rules that are enforced by admins. Some common ones are no wiping(only raid to get the loot and go), no killing passives, etc. Some also have an Offline Raid Protection mod thats superior to the vanilla ORP and usually is configured so everything has 1,000,000 hp in your base and passives are invincible while youre offline. On a side note but still on topic, theres many other things that add to overall quality of life in ark in unofficial that may in itself make playing much better(Structures+ for example is an amazing mod, fixing a vast number of issues with standard structures and snap points while also adding handy extras(like resource pulling, you can pull any resource from ANY container or dino within its range, so the days of taking ten trips unloading metal from an anky or searching for which vault you put the polymer in are over). at 4200 hours in ark(including my 2nd account) id say 90% of it was in unofficial because of all these things mentioned(and more which are off topic). tl;dr Of course theres nothing wrong with pve, official pvp, or SP, but I think you and your tribe could very well see a huge improvement with the issues youre having on official by trying a decent unofficial server out. is your friend for finding a good one. Good luck
  15. tool [tool] ARK Levels/xp config generator

    Sweet baby jesus, thank you sir