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  1. Ced(and I dont mean to call him out, hes doing great things with the community) DID say that Prim+ was initially made a Total Conversion for constest purposes as opposed to neccesity. It was a rather clever strategy(backed with legitimately great work)... Now, I do NOT know and wont pretend to know but I will guess that everything from Prim+ asset-wise, resource changes, all changes... could be placed into a mod and work not only well, but much better in that it wouldnt need to keep up its own seperate timeline of development AND would be much more versatile, much faster loading, etc. Anyone that knows otherwise feel free to correct me. Currently(and sadly), Nobody on unofficial will play the mode because its loadtime from being a TC. If it were just a mod like everything else then it would have a life on there as well, where admins can pick and choose which of the new dinos or items or engrams stay or go, its no longer the burden for the developer to bear alone there(except on official, but if they put up new PRIM+ servers with it being a mod instead of a TC and they just spent a couple hours refining their .ini settings itll be out the door with a bang, better than its ever been across the board-drops would work, new dinos would be there except for selected ones that arent appropriate like extinctions velos, manas, meks, etc.) That would be some massive content/playabillity/value added, a "revamp" of this loved mode for all systems, and all with relatively less extensive work than itd take doing that from the ground up(since its already been done, just has to be ported, theoretically). So everybody wins, yeah?
  2. Ive got a trove of good news for you my friend lol 1)those glass walls with the quadrants are the same walls without them, you can select the models(1 side, 2 side, corner, 3 sides), and the transparency of each wall, so you can make only vertical lines of metal, or no lines, or do nothing and its quadrants. 2)building underwater. Outside of primitive, you can live in vacuum chambers all day, quite effective when used right. In primitive, Dont forget about the diplocaulus.(little newt guy that you ride and he gives you oxygen). That with a chowder will make staying underwater a while doable, especially with a small fleet of diplos following and a flank of sharks or something to protect you while youre below. Now, you cant live underwater like this, but you can absolutely keep a relatively hard to raid base down there, with a safe storage box for your diplos near, or if youre on island and snag one of the little caves, thats ideal perhaps) 3)Is there not a water reservoir in primitive+? its been a minute since ive been on but that sounds like what you are looking for. You COULD also tame some morellotops(ragnarok and scorched earth maps), and those guys can hold water for you like mobile tanks.
  3. Dear Devs: how to get high pop, effective test/beta servers Im listening to this very good series by Mr.Dolphin ft a lot of PVP mega-tribe leaders talking about the state of Ark, and they touched upon how people dont want to test on test servers because no motivation or reason since it will wipe any moment. They also mention another issue, that you cant get these very high mute breeding lines in a month, so many instances cant even be tested. The Solution: HIGH RATE SERVER(FOR ALL MAIN RATES), WITH FASTER MUTATION VIA S+ MUTATOR, WITH INCENTIVES THAT ARE MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL Make test servers 50x, or even 100x. Does that sound too high? It sure does. People can build up in hours, they can build an arsenal to wipe someone in hours. Its a fast moving, volatile, pvp heavy world. Everything can get wiped some day anyway on TEST servers so this allows for people to reach the levels that official does. ADD LOGICAL INCENTIVES- By this I mean, add in the S+ Mutator ONLY to this mode, so people CAN reach those crazy high dino levels in a fraction of the time. This is so devs can see data right there on what these scenarios will look like with whats being tested(say Genesis content, and especially even the new Test Changes Ced talked about very recently) Make changes to accomodate this servers change of pace. By this I mean raise the weight stat per level for players and dinos, lower structure limit(for entire map per tribe, not just a radius), Raise engrams per level so solos can get all engrams(Not all testers operate in groups. This is for TEST purposes, TESTING end game scenario of ACTUAL official and these things are needed for that. AKA Balancing this mode is not a big concern. It shouldnt strive to be noob friendly or easy to pick up or sustainable beyond 2-3 weeks) Developer Test Ground: Being that its a test server, they can introduce these little changes like the sniper changes on a whim, or even drastic changes(like disabling cryo usage, uploading/downloading, and teleportation in/out of caves for example) without backlash. They can more freely try radical changes, and if they dont work or go horribly, then simply take it back out. If a change did work then that could be amazing and something only capable of trying out in such a setting. Introduce some small reward like a cosmetic or whatever that testers with so many hours or some other metric showing dedication to the server can get. Introduce a "score" for testing, and individualized recognition/rewards. Like 1 point for reporting a legit problem(bug, exploit, incorrectly filled volume...the wording doesn't matter. If it would cause issues in official and the person reports it first then they get a point for it) and unique and very distinguished/cool skins for people that reach a point threshold(5 or 10 bugs reported) and/OR actually deliver consistent or good feedback(this new dino too strong in this way, can be broken if used like this, etc.). Seriously consider even a small cash reward for the top 3 most productive testers($75, $150, $300 for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place perhaps) as decided by total points(keep the top 10 up somewhere on this site so people can see where they stand maybe) ENCOURAGE people to break stuff. Can you find a hole under the new map? GET IN THERE! but get a video of it with debug stats and send that too devs right THEN(and if timestamps shows a delay of time over 12 hours then only reward them half a point for the find). Conversely Introduce more heavy handed banning from the test server for SPECIFIC cases, like people exploiting bugs and purposefully not reporting them, or for LIVING under the map, or mesh raiding, etc. These people are not present for the right reason and only want to find advantages for when these things release, so give them the boot. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT BALANCING THESE NEW SETTINGS UNLESS ITS GAME BREAKING. Yes some parts will be broken or OP, like it is on 100x unofficial servers, but thats not the concern. The point is purely for hard testing changes and new content. I do believe that things like this would give people actual incentive to go to a test server, and to feel like its worth their time to be there, WHILE simultaneously tailoring the experience to be most optimal for testing. It would also introduce a sped up simulation, the freedom for people to break things like they do and have it be rewarded if its reported, and essentially faster data return and results for the devs, which means a better flow for iterating on the testing changes or new content. Video I mention at beginning:
  4. the sound that gets my gerbils is when the girl character is hungry or injured. Makes me wanna throw myself off a cliff rather than eat and wait it out lol
  5. After playing 8,100 hours and reading these 3 pages.... Changes: -Add a tek item to breed dinos inside of(cryofridge that breeds and mutates and doesnt have a flimsy 70 capacity.) -Disable uncryoing/downloading dinos in any and all caves -Velos Cannot shoot in turret mode in caves. -disable teleporters in caves -Increase turret limit by 2 or 3 times. -Disable floaters on ab, and titans on all maps but their own. maybe: -place turret limit in caves or disable them altogether.
  6. Tiny salmon swimming in a stream, Tiny salmon chasing that impossible dream. The Myna Bird says ahhh ah ahhh, The chimpanzee says ayeeee, The friendly owl says whoooo who whoooo, But the salmon can only say, blooo blooo blo blooo blooo blo blooo, And it's sad
  7. Hey Ced thanks for the update. I know if it were me personally I would be half-thinking "I don't even know if i want to do a crunch" because of some of the comments sometimes. lol Honestly though at this late in the games life cycle it's pretty awesome that it gets the attention it does from the devs, and new maps and content still. Also, someone above me mentioned primitive+ drops not working, it would be cool to get that back to normal, Its by far the best mode on official.
  8. I know, I understand that, thats why I said I am now saying something. It wasnt clear cut before in the code of conduct but exploiting as it is defined was clear cut before that incident "In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.", and to deny it being an exploit seemed dishonest but I had no way forward. He was dev wiped, not banned*
  9. I'm not sure where to put this, but I thought it best to put it in the public forum in hopes it gets a fair response. Also, To be clear I love the game, really like the devs and how ambitious and hard working they are. That said.... Last year, almost a year ago exact I reported some major exploits through email, and several(like actually 5-7+) holes in the mesh, with the exact location clearly shown(debuginfo gps coords, in game gps coords, map location, etc.), and the ease in which these holes could be exploited via short videos(one easy access one was so big you could fly a quetzal through). However, the main report made was about being able to build on the surface. keep in mind this was 6 months BEFORE all of those people on 6 man tribes were dev wiped for building up there. I did get a response via email confirming the reports were received. I asked if the surface building was an exploit, to which I was told "These wouldn't be classified as an exploit, but it is a bug and will get resolved. Just some volumes/bounds need to be adjusted to make sure we're covering everything accordingly :)" Well, Okay, that sounded like a simple fix right? If it was so simple why not just fix it then before it was an issue? Not in September when many tribes in 6 man servers were dev wiped including a big streamer, for building on the surface(because it was considered exploiting the game by using the map in unintended ways, building in unintended areas, words from the Admin himself in a video by GtJack3d). I literally saw comments on youtube saying "I was going to buy Ark, but not when stuff like this happens.". It never seemed right, for either me or for the ones wiped. If it's an exploit then why is it not named so, and if it wasnt an exploit then why were the tribes dev wiped? It felt shady but since I didnt see any way I could approach the matter, I didnt. Until today, I noticed in the code of conduct the very first line of what exploits are... " Exploiting - examples are not limited to but can include: * Attacking from, traveling through, or building in unintended game-zones (under the mesh or above the map " On top of the actual definition per Wikipedia, for exploiting is "In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hitboxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers." So I was lied too. Now, that nobody actually did anything about the holes or that simple volume adjusting on the surface back in april of last year is out of my hands. As far as reporting the exploit, I did my part. In doing so I knew it would've been in my best interest in the sense of having a gameplay advantage if I DID NOT say anything since I built up there myself. I reported anyways, spent time making many videos, editing them for the devs viewing convenience, remaking a couple even, and thoroughly showed how the surface building worked(where the line was that the burning stopped and you would be safe, that you could build ALL over the top of all the surface, etc.). So I did my end. Had they done their end they would have sold more units of Ark(and more DLC with each unit), and saved that whole September thing. They wouldnt have preferred that I pulled a HOD gaming and showed everyone about the surface via a youtube video, so both methods of informing/reporting(showing public, reporting directly) seem discouraging. Game integrity is important, and I like helping to maintain it when I can but not when Its ignored, and when Im lied too. So I guess my main point of writing this is to see about it being corrected now that I do have solid, concrete evidence that it was exploiting(via code of conduct). I chose this forum because I didnt see any other viable place for it. Heres a link to the surface video I sent in, watch at 2x to save time
  10. I dont play conquest servers, never have, but from an outside perspective, this hurts to see. I feel for all the people who do play it, they took that leap and invested a lot of time there...500 hours equals about 21 days straight, 1000 hours is 42 days worth of time....In a game mode that hasnt been out too terribly long. Thats substantial, and a real kick in the cryos to them. Granted, I think your new mode leaves far too much to be desired for me too play as it is, I certainly wouldn't risk falling prey to the same early demise as my fellow ark players on conquest. Sure, I play on unofficial servers that wipe once a month but you know what the difference is? They make it known when the end is to be expected from the get go, AND more importantly the rates arent a joke(30x) so that in a month you can get a hell of a lot done and youre ready to wipe. 2x? get on somewhere else with that noise, at this point, especially in light of the unreliability of the server still being there a month, or two or three from now, if its not at least 10x then its not worth it. On that note, why put out these new game modes that are SO close to the same ole modes already around? Why so afraid to take a leap and try drastically new things like significantly higher rates? That would both attract new players to official and help with the hesitance of people to even risk the investment as a result of this Titanosaur sized dookie of a revelation.
  11. Could anyone possibly link a steam profile/discord/email or some way to contact him? I have a couple inquiries if he's willing to hear them(aka i wont bug the guy)
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