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  1. I have been playing since 2016, and i must say that I am surprised by the update logs, seeing all of these updates to bugs/glitches/holes in the mesh, as well as balance changes and QOL fixes that have been needed for so long(Ankys auto harvesting). Good job Devs, keep it up:) P.s., if you have positive things to add, please do. If you have constructive criticism, then sure, go for it. If you have negative things to say, please refrain because this is not the post for it. Thanks:)
  2. mgsgta3

    it's fair?

    Genesis 1 and 2 are a different season pass than the first dlc set... but if you had also bought the genesis season pass then youre correct in that you should have genesis 2 paid for. Only thing i can think is that maybe you didnt buy the genesis season pass but instead just bought genesis 1.
  3. Jat, Wildcard, guys....I think that the solution here would certainly just be to open a high rate network of clusters, Maybe cull a quarter of the current official ones, wipe them and ramp those suckers up to like 15x. And i am not talking some short term event style servers, I mean some plain ole official servers you can expect to stick around for a bit, just 15x.
  4. My original idea, before seeing this posts, was to get a couple of people together to turn the conversion into a mod, that way it wouldnt have to be updated with every dev update like total conversions do. We wouldnt add anything(maybe down the line we could fork off a version that we add things too but at first I would just want a copy of Prim+ exactly how it is in a mod form). Ive messed around with the dev kit a few times so im not like a mod maker or anything but i have a couple friends that are and they would definitely teach us what we need to know to get this made. only hangup is I
  5. Me waiting to find out the fate of prim+:
  6. When do we get it, when crystal isles comes out or now?
  7. Would anyone but up to taking on the task of converting it to a mod with me? I'm talking a strict conversion, no additions or changes(maybe after its completed we could fork the mod into a seperate one that would have new stuff).
  8. "we believe we can eliminate meshing, an exploit that ruins the gaming experiences for many survivors across Official and Unofficial Networks." Negative, on unofficial we have attentive overwatch(admins) that keep it at bay
  9. Ced(and I dont mean to call him out, hes doing great things with the community) DID say that Prim+ was initially made a Total Conversion for constest purposes as opposed to neccesity. It was a rather clever strategy(backed with legitimately great work)... Now, I do NOT know and wont pretend to know but I will guess that everything from Prim+ asset-wise, resource changes, all changes... could be placed into a mod and work not only well, but much better in that it wouldnt need to keep up its own seperate timeline of development AND would be much more versatile, much faster loading, etc. Anyone
  10. Ive got a trove of good news for you my friend lol 1)those glass walls with the quadrants are the same walls without them, you can select the models(1 side, 2 side, corner, 3 sides), and the transparency of each wall, so you can make only vertical lines of metal, or no lines, or do nothing and its quadrants. 2)building underwater. Outside of primitive, you can live in vacuum chambers all day, quite effective when used right. In primitive, Dont forget about the diplocaulus.(little newt guy that you ride and he gives you oxygen). That with a chowder will make staying underwater a while doabl
  11. Tiny salmon swimming in a stream, Tiny salmon chasing that impossible dream. The Myna Bird says ahhh ah ahhh, The chimpanzee says ayeeee, The friendly owl says whoooo who whoooo, But the salmon can only say, blooo blooo blo blooo blooo blo blooo, And it's sad
  12. Hey Ced thanks for the update. I know if it were me personally I would be half-thinking "I don't even know if i want to do a crunch" because of some of the comments sometimes. lol Honestly though at this late in the games life cycle it's pretty awesome that it gets the attention it does from the devs, and new maps and content still. Also, someone above me mentioned primitive+ drops not working, it would be cool to get that back to normal, Its by far the best mode on official.
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