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What dinos are allowed to be transferred to aberration?

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On 1/19/2020 at 10:17 PM, Patch747 said:

But, Bronto, can you take a Bronto over ?

Dimorphodons can go and they don't even have a counter part :D or they do but, well. find it if you can 😛


There is an spawn point in the game files with ab dimorph, ab araneos and ab megalanias. To my best knowledge, that spawn is not active on official ab (maybe it was very briefly in the beginning).

With val however those spawns are now freely available, at least the ab araneos and dimorphs. I've also seen ab megalania, but from what I've been told they are GM spawned.

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I really wonder whether or not the genesis biome specific reskins that have an aberrant Dino variant will be able to transfer to aberration. For example, would the confirmed biome specific spino and paraceratherium which have their aberrant variations travel to aberrations servers or not?

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