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  1. Help Lost my official pvp character it is lvl 131 with most of the boss fights. Have pictures of my implants plz replace my character not my fault that I transferred servers and my character got deleted.
  2. Worse game I’ve ever played Can’t believe what a poop game this is lost 3 gigas to an osd because they can’t fix their broken game and constant crash and screen freezing. Thanks for the horrible experience wc you just lost another customer but y’all probably don’t even care because I bought the game and gave you money. Good job keep up the poop work and wasting people’s time and money. Literally you can’t find another game that is this badly created where u can’t even play the game. Thanks for the waste of time and money
  3. Good job wc don’t teleport my tame out the boss fight Did a boss fight on official pvp and lost my rock drake because it didn’t get tp out of the fight. Rock drake didn’t die in logs and is no where near or at the drop we used to start fight.
  4. Not sure how you did it but it somehow got worse Ark has now made their game completely unplayable and every time I try I crash within 5 minutes or less. We all know ark is trying to save as much money as they can but is it really so hard to make a testing server or test the new updates they put out. Now we have to wait until they fix all the glitches with their summer event and who knows when that will be. The event could end before they even fix the glitches or they could decide to just ignore it and work on that new dlc for more money.
  5. 2nd time I have lost a drake The first time I was down in red getting eggs and a rock drake hit my drake into the mesh and anti mesh killed it. The second time I Teleporter with the drake on the tp and it just disappeared and I went back and it wasn’t there. This was on official pvp and it is getting very annoying losing my tames to glitches.
  6. Ab transfer tames Can you bring a squid to ab?
  7. Lost all my stuff in a transfer I was playing on official and I went to transfer my character with some cryo tames. It says I timed out and I had to re log because I couldn’t move or do anything. When I got back on all the items in my inventory was gone
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