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  1. Same, was during easter event when we did it. No idea if bug or intented.
  2. semo

    Genesis boss

    350hp 200stam 300weight 200 running speed was our runner's spec ^^ best fun I ever had. 300+/300+ armor pieces
  3. As every map it had and has a lot of issues, yet me and most of our tribe had a blast going from zero to hero without transfers. I just love those couple of weeks you get with every new map and won't let a couple bugs get in my way.
  4. semo

    Flamethrower Ammo?

    Technically you can also get it from loot crates. Not that this is very helpful, but it's one alternative source.
  5. After the cutscene I hit the end button and come back to the screen with all our beds. Maybe I could already download the character at this point, but usually nobody realizes at this point and spawns at a bed, Then Im usually on a fresh lvl 1 character I didnt even make. So I kill it, and next time at the screen with the beds I go to download survivor, where I find my main character with the gear as well. Thats official PS4 for me. Like those guys say as well: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1692659769962949366/ At least for master controller we also kept the gear throughout the download process. Tek cave has been a while, but I think it was the same for us.
  6. Is that a random thing? Normally I spawn on a new character, kill it, download my normal one and still have all my gear. That's also what happened to us at master controller. No gear was left or put on dinos.
  7. Only a minority life that competition and indeed most people I meet don't care. OTOH on our server all three biggest tribes were kinda racing it. It is about prestigue and accomplishement, I can sign @youtubesteak comment 110% The fight itself isn't even that hard once you grinded some decent gear.
  8. Skiff I was literally one second short of alpha on official PS4. Takes off hours when nobody is online and lucky 2 minutes where nobody joins plus a lot of luck, but not as bad as the stalker. Barely clearing beta there after hours of trying and improving. Not possible during 4X on my server.
  9. Well I can see your point but the content also needs to be challenging for tribes who roll full 10 people into fights. For singleplayer they should just scale down the bosses to a challenging level, but not nerf multiplayer bosses to being soloable before transfers even open. It's the best community building content we have, as everybody has to work together if we don't want to leave anyone behind.
  10. Not me, just a random video using state of the art methods to solo it Yea the tanking part sucks but apart from this its fairly easy.
  11. I just told you the missions are possible without exploiting bugs. Feel free to not believe it. Not sure who called you a cheater, at least not me. Even gave you an example strategy to solo it. And your claim that a magma gets demolished in seconds is still very wrong. But I doubt you even tried it recently and are still nagging about something you said they might have already fixed. Whats the deal if they fixed it? Can't pancake about it and would rather see it stay impossible (which I doubt it ever was)? If it was indeed patched, it is ok to tell people the OP is obsolete. It is ok to tell people those missions are very possible. Not sure why you get hurt over someone correcting an outdated post. I like a good challenge. Glad they didn't make another easy mode extincition like map. Some bugs they will fix over time. Some they won't. Not really news and just business as usual in any online game. Like it or not. Let's leave it at that, shoudl stick to the people playing the game than arguing with forum warriors Have fun with your gigas. Invite still open if there are any group missions you won't be able to complete. PM me and i will hit you up when we are going to do it. Cheers.
  12. You know me so well Don't you think you come off as a bit bitter with all the off-topic ranting about literally anything with this DLC? "Wah they didn't test it - how dare they I gonna write an angry forum post and show them!". Meanwhile we are doing bosses and having fun; you are wrinting bitter forum posts. Hit me up if you need help with any game content. Always happy to help fellow players. If teardrops could be bottled .. *singing*
  13. You're response to that what that meks are not legit. And then me telling you that you bring in all engrams with your character. I don't care about your artifical rules. You tell me *today* I would get demolished in seconds, and you couldn't be more wrong. Of course you are going to lecture me now how much of a knowledgable guy you are. Lots of talk on a forum. I just don't think you know what you are talking about. Stuff might not be all super balanced, but it's far from the drama you are trying to stir up here. No bold or fancy formatted text will fix that.
  14. I disagree. It should take some effort and time to get into the endgame fights. Being able to do them on day 1 would be a horrible failure. And now you are going to rant about reaper again I guess LOL
  15. Jeez get a mek and stop whining. It's not anyone else fault you refuse to adapt to those missions. They are possible. Preferably not on a giga though. "They might have been fixed", "meks are not genesis", bla bla. Transfers in for your character are open on official, so you bring all your engrams. Next you are telling me it's not fair to wear armor or have friends with me. Should I invite you to roll along with us when we do it?
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