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  1. Those eggs will not decay in the nests. If nobody was farming eggs for a while, they end up with 0 sec decay timer and the moment you pick them up they spoil.
  2. Our tribe had a couple decent drake saddle BPs up to asc. Without exception they were all farmed on surface drops. But it seems so random. I never found one myself and one of my tribe mates hauled in half a dozen of em.
  3. On PvE, the flyer-enabled maps become boring so quick in contrast to Aberration or Genesis 1. At least add some apex predators to the sky that make you think twice of setting your Argy/Wyvern/Tropo on auto-pilot from one side of the map to the other. Crystal Islands was really the worst in this regard. Once you had a metal pick to get some crystals and a crystal wyvern, there was no challenge at all.
  4. It's a no-flyer map and those usually keep you on your feet (literally xD). "Survival evolved" actually means something on this map, compared to other maps where you get a flyer and just skip 90% of the dangers the game has to offer. Getting your first rock drake egg is quite the adventure unless you spoil yourself by just trading it or using youtube to look everything up. The caves were really tough as well when there were no cryo pods and you had to crouch in without any tames (given thats easier nowadays and you can even find the arties on crystal island as of late).
  5. I found lapping the caves (talking about elemental vault) not worth it at all. Sure the loot is great, but you will find good blueprints (asc rock drake saddle bps, etc.) on the surface as well. It's best combined with the xmas event and collecting santa gifts. The glowtail cave does not have great loot at all. As far as I'm aware, the caves on ab only have one drop active at a time, and those are on a 5 minute timer. It's really hit or miss. The southwest surface has a ton of drops simultaniously which are easy to round up with a drake in camo (reapers don't aggro on a drake in carmouflage).
  6. I know I'm a bit late, but since nobody mentioned it yet: You can use direbears as well (official servers). We did a couple of runs with them and they never let us down. Saddles are cheaper than drake saddles. They are easy to breed and imprint and they are tanky as hell (nameless, reapers). They eat the reapers for breakfast. Plus they have great visibility for shooting with the shotgun. We usually go in with a direbear + lightpet for each rider. 5+ people for alpha. No megalos or anything else needed. Arena time is the bottleneck in those fights as shottys can only fire so often per min
  7. I heard of someone figuring one of the routes leads near the edge of the mission area where he supposedly was able to place a huge tek turret tower (as in dozens of turrets) and made that work. Just can't find it. And then there's that:
  8. semo

    Hover Skiff

    If no one is in render distance or if you are not online. Aka if dinos are in offline protection or stasis. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Stasis
  9. Well, for the less fighty ones: Hover skiff takes a lot of practice, a lot of strafing, a good line and some luck ofc Took me a ton of tries (on PS4 the framerate just dies every other corner). Spider race is even worse, and depending on platform might indeed not be possible without a decent framerate. Key is not hitting any trunks and to keep jumping forward as much as possible instead of just using the web things. Alpha bog fishing: Try moving a raft into the mission area and fish from the raft. Will be quick. Artic fishing: Again, needs some luck, but eventually you wil
  10. Bases and tribes come and go on a regular basis. You will find room on literally every server, especially considering your are kind of a solo player. It's a cop out that all good spots are taken. Good luck on your travels.
  11. It's the most unexciting map from all the maps since Aberration. Meat runs are tedious long. The ocean is boring. The caves are empty. The spawns too low (ovis, rexes, etc.). Literally everything good about Valguero, Aberration and Genesis is missing from this map. I spent so much time just scouting for things, where on Valguero and Genesis I was rather busy making real steps.
  12. If you are looking for drake eggs and meeting a lot of reaper queens, you are most likely on the wrong way. Try strictly following the metal teleporter rings on the landway downwards. There shouldn't be any queens on that particular path (but nearby if you venture off of it). As for the eggs, don't forget to bring climbing picks if your dino can't jump like a reaper or climb like a drake
  13. Same, was during easter event when we did it. No idea if bug or intented.
  14. As every map it had and has a lot of issues, yet me and most of our tribe had a blast going from zero to hero without transfers. I just love those couple of weeks you get with every new map and won't let a couple bugs get in my way.
  15. Only a minority life that competition and indeed most people I meet don't care. OTOH on our server all three biggest tribes were kinda racing it. It is about prestigue and accomplishement, I can sign @youtubesteak comment 110% The fight itself isn't even that hard once you grinded some decent gear.
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