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  1. Funny cause I just did that a couple days ago and had no issue walking away with my drake. Nice, glad they actually did that. It was hard finding confirmation as to whether or not they genuinely made the change. as long as you bring an oviraptor over then, drake eggs are a serious cakewalk.
  2. Oviraptors already made drakes a cakewalk. Oviraptors can pick up the egg without aggro and you take it from them. You can load yourself up with eggs and walk out. Drakes won't care. I don't know if they ever implemented it but like a year ago WC said they were going to allow oviraptors to transfer there. Once you have your first drake, further drakes are a cakewalk any way. Just glide down, pick up an egg, go invisible, wait a minute, do it again
  3. Custom Aberration fishing Loot table Okay, for anyone playing Aberration who wants to actually use fishing on that map, I finished the new Aberration specific fishing loot table: https://pastebin.com/vjZaSNpu This takes the existing fishing loot table and tweaks it to match aberration since almost all of the saddles on there are useless. The intent of this change is to make fishing viable and useful on aberration, also to provide a loot vector before you can go to the surface. Without an ascendant pole, you're not going to get epic loot, so this probably won't replace going outside, bu
  4. start near the portal move south east to that first small lake/river with the island in the middle. Bide your time and wait for a high level spino/carno trap and tame it. Sheep everywhere so no need to worry about kibble. Set up a 2x3 foundation trap. walls 3 high, door on the back, dino gate on the front. That'll let you kite ravagers and spinos, and most other smaller dinos. Once you have a couple high level carnos and ravagers or spinos, aberration becomes extremely easy. My first group was 4 ravagers and a carno. all over 100. See a raptor? Whistle them to attack first then move in af
  5. Jat, why can't I reply to anything or post suddenly? I just joined, verified, wrote a couple replies, and suddenly the reply option is missing from every thread.

    1. Supahphupa


      I'm having a similar issue. Im not sure how this whole this works but i cant post any threads. Not sure how to "level" my community level either. Haaelp!

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