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  1. Yep worries me that it’s not possible to feed dinosaurs
  2. I actually heard that on official, tamed X Dino’s can go up to lvl 500 instead of the normal lvl 450. But not confirmed yet, this info is from someone with a dev kit
  3. Proof? I’m curious about the 500 max lvl
  4. X dino variants have a damage resistance so it will take almost 3x the tranqs, but i doubt you shot 30 crossbow tranqs at it.
  5. He is asking whether can breed x dinos of same species from different biomes to combine their diff colors A lava raptor can breed with a bog raptor
  6. I tamed a lvl 65 and a lvl 140 on official today and they both took a bit over 20 minutes, not including the failed attempts when a megalodon or salmon attacked them. I never had to bring in a new swarm at all. Also in my experience, lvl has little to no affect on how long they tame.
  7. Tested the X creature stat boost I tested with the genesis x spino variant. Assuming all creatures universally follow the stat modifiers I found from testing, it isn’t much diferent than the aberrant stat modifier. For the X variant compared to normal variant, There was a hp decrease of approximately 3% and a raw damage increase of 5%. The only difference between aberrant and X variant is aberrant has 4% less hp than normal.
  8. I just tested. The hp has a decrease by ~3% and the damage increases by 5%. Same as aberration
  9. X Dino variant stat boost Has anyone figured out the stat multipliers of the biome specific creatures compared to their normal variant?
  10. Yikes. Then flyers are tameable but not mountable
  11. I have seen the Argys in the volcano biome in a stream so chances are, flyers can exist but only argies
  12. There’s a rex on the banner
  13. Breeding the biome reskins
  14. Yeah sure they are starting from scratch as well. but since they don’t have the Asia servers to join, they will all cap the other servers that are non Asia and making them laggier (they tend to have poor connection it kills the entire server performance)
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