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  1. Your tame gets all the do if unmount
  2. We gonna ignore the fact that the mating range is much smaller on mobile than pc I’ve recently noticed this myself. When I mate my spinos on pc, I can have a fair size gap between them and they still are capable of mating. However, When I mate them on mobile, they have to almost touch in order to start mating. Pretty annoying because this makes it so that most breeding pens that work on pc wouldn’t on mobile
  3. the megatheriums are gonna be in future dungeons, just wait. Right now, they do not spawn on the island at all. but damn you wasted 47,000 years of your life.
  4. The countdown was for a new 2 dlc season pass 2 part season pass called genesis. It looks like the biomes shown in the countdown except the poison one.
  5. That’s because the base damage you speak of is actually a percentage. Raptor base damage is really 15. Multiply that by 900% and that’s 135.
  6. Eerie dinos and mutations The wiki states that eerie dinos have an increased chance of mutating. Has anyone who bred them noticed more frequent mutations, or is this a lie?
  7. Someone in our server been doing this to a lot of people. He obviously used that glitch to get into fully enclosed hatcherys
  8. If that is where they go up to, I’m perfectly fine with it
  9. Griffins we’re disabled for valguero because they are Ragnarok exclusive dino
  10. Nope, I’m just basing on the fact that the lvl increases the more players there are
  11. Ok but if you were to bring like 10 people then the stats would make a lot of previous lines trivial
  12. How many people did u go with
  13. It sucks for us players who have worked months/years on mutating lines before this update. It isn’t even difficult to get the higher lvl eerie Dino’s since there’s more people anyway
  14. Dungeons make breeding pointless On medium difficulty, lvl 170 Dino’s are already spawning when there is 3 players. If there is enough people, Dino’s are gonna be like lvl 300 wild. This will make it too easy to have strong Dino’s that you previously had to work hard on mutations to get to.
  15. it didnt decay. It literally went poof cuz no tribe log report and i used it to kill a titan at the same day
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