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  1. This is to balance since they can mutate. Also, They are stupid easy to tame from the start. tamed up a low lvl, within 20 minutes after joining the server with a transferred toon on official.
  2. this never happened at all prior to this even during the 4x breeding
  3. Incubation timers are varying too much Ok so ever since the crystal isles patch, I have been getting my egg incubation timers bugged. I would have my air con generator off and drop 1000+ fert X-Spino eggs. I turn the generator on and I take a look at a sample of their timers and they are all pretty much the same. I log off and then come back to pick up the eggs and i see they all of a sudden have huge time gaps compared to each other. some vary by up to 40 minutes.
  4. NA - PVE - Aberration263 got wiped after the update!!!!! After patch v310.211 update server maintenance I joined 263 and it got reset to day 1 and create a character screen.
  5. I forgot to close my gate once for the night and when I logged on I opened my cryfridge to see every pod dead because someone went in and turned off the genny
  6. It happens to me occasionally but I don’t have to wait 2 hours. The cryopod usually reappears in like a minute
  7. I think we still have to wait a bit more until someone advances an x Dino line to lvl 450+.
  8. So the x variants evidently can get to lvl 500 tamed as the destroytamesoverlevelclampoffset = 50. This makes them worth breeding as they have more potential for better overall stats.
  9. I relogged lots it’s happening on official
  10. Sergio olivas biceps Anyone know why My feroxs model is glitching so much? It stretches so much it looks as long as Sergio olivas bicep
  11. Yep worries me that it’s not possible to feed dinosaurs
  12. I actually heard that on official, tamed X Dino’s can go up to lvl 500 instead of the normal lvl 450. But not confirmed yet, this info is from someone with a dev kit
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