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  1. its probably ARK 2. personally, i think crossplay would be cool, for PVE atleast.
  2. breeding easy with egg incubator. one thing im curious is: are fert eggs babies predetermined? i had popped a baby, then server rolled back, then popped a diferent stat baby from same egg. so how would the incubation chamber work?
  3. you can mutate a stat to 255 (if it is an odd number one of course). However, you will not be able to put domestic lvls. So you will want to have a 254 stat in order to be able to add dom lvls (even number stat)
  4. the other day, we were searching for high lvl x argys all day. everytime we spot a high lvl, it would fly insanely high, to the point it goes unrendered.
  5. Also take into account the massive breeding event which sped up the Deino muts
  6. 9.1k hp 908 md X-Spinos released on official pc pve.
  7. Not completely impossible. the chances are extremely low, but not zero.
  8. it is possible for all 224 of the points to go into damage, but it is very unlikely. That would be 1443%.
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