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  1. mackyish3r3

    Does the pheromone increase baby

    The wiki states "the stats of the baby produced by a female with the Pheromone will also be increased". If this is true how does it work? does the baby have a higher chance of inheriting stronger stat?
  2. its our first squid tame so we didn't have a clue what to do but after it went well lol.
  3. mackyish3r3

    Where is the squid saddle in tannery?

    I’m the highest lvl in my tribe (lvl 86)
  4. mackyish3r3

    Where is the squid saddle in tannery?

    So my tribe managed to tame a squid. We thought the squid saddle is in tannery and guess what? No squid saddle. I’m lvl 83 so it should appear.
  5. Spinos are what I prefer because they can be used as aquatic mounts, do more dps than Rex, very fast, have water buff and look badass.
  6. mackyish3r3

    Why is my base slowly breaking??!!!

    I log in daily in my base and for some reason the behemoth gates have been auto decaying despite me being near them everyday. This game breaking bug is wasting me materials!!!
  7. mackyish3r3

    Green event dinos

    What green Dino’s have you all tamed this Color event?
  8. mackyish3r3

    Argy new tlc?

    you need to get a new argy in order for it to have the changes
  9. mackyish3r3

    Ark mobile fishing help

    I used leech blood on an ascendant fishing rod and didnt get any blueprints.
  10. mackyish3r3

    Dinos' stats on mobile

    stats in mobile are preflyer nerf so stats will be diferent than on pc which dododex follows
  11. mackyish3r3

    Dino "Revive" or "Reanimate"

    Try out ark on mobile. You can revive your dinos.
  12. mackyish3r3

    In Game Recording

    To enable screen recorder, open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording. To record, swipe from the screens control center then HOLD the screen record button and enable the microphone audio.
  13. mackyish3r3

    In Game Recording

    what platform: IOS or Android?
  14. mackyish3r3

    In Game Recording

    I think it only records ingame sound. You're gonna have to use an external screen recorder that records voice.
  15. mackyish3r3

    Add gamma adjustment please

    can't do that it isnt minecraft