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  1. its probably ARK 2. personally, i think crossplay would be cool, for PVE atleast.
  2. breeding easy with egg incubator. one thing im curious is: are fert eggs babies predetermined? i had popped a baby, then server rolled back, then popped a diferent stat baby from same egg. so how would the incubation chamber work?
  3. 9.1k hp 908 md X-Spinos released on official pc pve.
  4. I won’t be raising anything from now on. I lost my cyan and blue giga mutation 705% base melee
  5. Ok today I just popped a 1155% base Melee carno egg that I payed 1000 tek walls for on official server and this bug happened to me again. I watched the baby carno hit juvenile with max food in inventory with 2 troughs of cooked meat. I logged off for a few hours and then when I came back to check on it, POOF. All that’s there is the carnos item cache with raw meat. So infuriating
  6. This diloing bug is annoying. Back then, I was appointed to raise 20 boss rexes and a yuty by my tribe leader. I made sure they made it to juvie and then filled them full of meat and the troughs to go to bed. When I woke up I logged onto starved babies. Their item bags were still there and had raw meat. My tribe mate booted me out of the tribe because of my lack of care but really it’s the games fault. He refuses to believe me it’s a bug
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