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  1. Is genesis a map, or more like a story mode? At this point im not sure
  2. Its possible but really hard, and I would suggest mass breeding them for mutations.
  3. Best method for the first rock drake eggs Hi, I have had rock drake eggs before, I used to have a deal with a tribe stronger than me where I would help him fend off the wild rock drakes on a rock drake he gave to me whenever we went to get eggs, and when we got the eggs, I would get half of them. I raised 5 rock drakes of my own and used a strong one to get my own eggs by myself. But then me and the stronger tribe had a conflict and it turned into war, I was completely wiped and now I have built back up to the point to where I want to get more rock drakes, but I have no one to help me and no rock drake of my own anymore. So I was wondering whats the best method to get rock drake eggs, without having a rock drake.
  4. Any dinos that naturally spawn on aberration, all dinos with aberrant forms, and all non-flyer dinos from new maps that came out after aberration.
  5. Im going to be honest, you are not even close to being ready for the tek cave with those dinos, I doubt you would even get to the giga at the end of the cave with those dinos.
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