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  1. Are you pvp Player? If you are, that is your personal problem. You'll find problem with everything in PVP. Where do you get your tribe mates suddenly? Do not try to make the game more dependable. Ark is dependable. That's why it has become less enjoyable. The tribe system sucks. Owner can kick anyone but no one can kick Owner. So do not inform about more depending on Tribe members. You sound like downloading anything from other server takes away the immersion. But here in this case downloading something is required. Do not go against people's opportunity. The more the options, the better it is. If you don't like Managarmr, don't use it.
  2. The idea of wiping is totally evil. It doesn't matter if you become successful or not. If u are talking about the problem of not finding empty place. There are other solutions to that problem like the tribe which will claim a lot of land just by pillar/foundation, it may be possible to limit how many pillars/foundations a tribe can use in 1 server. Someone informed about Rust, Rust gets wiped so many players did not buy Rust. So Do not ask Ark to be like Rust at least in this case.
  3. Considering about the pillaring or claiming the lands of the servers in PVE, there are other solutions without making wipe the whole server, It can be limiting the amount of pillars one tribe can put(Without building) & those who violate the allowable amount of pillars and foundations, only their tribes will be wiped, nothing else in the server.
  4. This is very bad idea to remove Managarmrs from Aberration, Look how hard it will be if Managarmrs are removed from the Aberration, you will have to 1000% depend on Rock Drake for flying benefits in Aberration, lots of Gamers still cannot get a good Rock drake because it is hard. On the other hand, with Many survivors get Managarmrs in other servers from friends or buying them with some in game items or taming them, they can easily start Aberration and survive in Aberration because of Managarmrs, So why do you want to limit the flying animal to 1 only in Aberration? It is better to have variety too. and Managarmr babies are easy to get from many tribes and with Mutations, Mangarmrs will eventually be better and stronger than Rock drakes. Perhaps in near future Managarmrs can be used to kill Rock well easily. So do not expect Managarmrs to be removed from Aberration.
  5. PVE Wipe is not accepted at all, You can only want PVP wipe. And just because someone of you are lagged behind others, does not mean others will have to lose everything for you.
  6. If you want wipe, limit your fantasy to PVP only. You have no business in PVE.
  7. Air Vehicles are must after what we've got in Extinction & other maps After we get Extinction, Survivors are now in Earth and surviving in a futuristic ancient City!!! It's futuristic from our present real world time 2019 but it is ancient from the story line of Ark: Survival Evolved. As survivors now free roam around the Extinction which is set on Earth and after defeating King Titan, all Arks are coming to the Earth, so it is very much realistic to retrieve the ancient technology of crafting/ building some types of Air Vehicles. Now many gamers really want to use vehicles in games. We've got enough animals including flying animals. But if we have the technology to make Teleporter, Tek Generator, Tek gate/door, Tek Forcefield, Tek Gravity Grenade, Cloning Chamber, MEK [(which are all futuristic & far more complex and advanced technologies than the technology of making an air vehicle)], why can't we build/craft few types of Attack Helicopters when we have impossible technologies like Teleporter, Tek Generator, Tek Boots etc.???? Many Gamers like to use vehicles even you will find that many Gamers like to use vehicles more than an animal, of coarse such gamers exist but perhaps they are not playing Ark a lot. Now the thing which we miss in Ark: Survival Evolved a lot is Air vehicles, not mentioning about land vehicles much because there is no road in Ark maps but it will still be very fantastic to have land vehicles like few advanced Bikes, Cars. If WildCard adds air vehicles, we hope that the air vehicle will have at least 5 seats with 30000 weight, will NOT be locked behind any old or new Bosses. We hope we can unlock the air vehicle engram from lvling up, not by Boss fighting and the air vehicle should run by oil & gasoline and should not consume more than 4 Gasoline or Oil per hour of flying.
  8. Please make the Ark more MEK friendly. Please increase the health of all types of MEKs, primitive, journeyman, mastercraft, Ascendant etc. Currently we have around 14k Health in lvl 51 MEK. I hope you will increase the health of Primitive MEK to 250K because MEK is a Machine made by Stainless steel and other high end Materials. So wild creatures and fall damage should not damage MEK. MEK should be invincible to Small and medium animals, Only large animals should damage MEKs and that damage should be lower too than what it is now. Please reduce the fuel consumption of MEKs. 1 element to run a MEK 1 hour should be fine and MEK should use Dusts too as fuel. MEK should have the ability to attack alone like tamed animals and protect the owners & ally. MEK should have the ability to harvest meats, tributes, hides, chitin, keratin, pelts, berries etc. And it will be glad to know if Developers permit to use MEKs in Alpha and Beta Dragon and Rockwell boss fights. Please remove the stamina bar/stat from MEK because it is a machine. A machine can never be tired as long as it is powered or it has fuel. Please increase the element harvesting to 10x in all sources from where we can get elements. And please reduce the weight of element dusts to 0.01x and give the opportunity to keep 100K dusts in 1 slot.
  9. If you still in bad condition, I may help you according to My ability. I'm in Island 79 PVE server in Atlas tribe.
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