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  1. Please make the Ark more MEK friendly. Please increase the health of all types of MEKs, primitive, journeyman, mastercraft, Ascendant etc. Currently we have around 14k Health in lvl 51 MEK. I hope you will increase the health of Primitive MEK to 250K because MEK is a Machine made by Stainless steel and other high end Materials. So wild creatures and fall damage should not damage MEK. MEK should be invincible to Small and medium animals, Only large animals should damage MEKs and that damage should be lower too than what it is now. Please reduce the fuel consumption of MEKs. 1 element to run a MEK 1 hour should be fine and MEK should use Dusts too as fuel. MEK should have the ability to attack alone like tamed animals and protect the owners & ally. MEK should have the ability to harvest meats, tributes, hides, chitin, keratin, pelts, berries etc. And it will be glad to know if Developers permit to use MEKs in Alpha and Beta Dragon and Rockwell boss fights. Please remove the stamina bar/stat from MEK because it is a machine. A machine can never be tired as long as it is powered or it has fuel. Please increase the element harvesting to 10x in all sources from where we can get elements. And please reduce the weight of element dusts to 0.01x and give the opportunity to keep 100K dusts in 1 slot.
  2. If you still in bad condition, I may help you according to My ability. I'm in Island 79 PVE server in Atlas tribe.
  3. OzbornB, I play on PC steam. Can u take me on Ragnarok Alpha Boss fight in any official server? I have 383 Level Rex. My Steam name is ShadowGX45 It would be very nice if u helped me. All elements will be yours from the fight.
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