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I'm looking for help! my tribe from day one has been getting WIPPED left and right from everyone on the sever and other people from other severs I don't even have the dlc to for  them come in and troll me every day and I've had it with this broken game so I've decided to use that extremely broke aspect of the game for revenge. For the last 3 month i have not had a single tame to live threw the night. Last night was it for me i tame a level 14 horse.. things were looking good i actuall left the start area and made a new base from what the raiders left me last night build a great metal base nothing special but it was to me after how many times i had to rebuild for someone to show up the moment i put a door on my house with a max out lighting drake saying looking for Crystal when everyone knows theirs none in my area and proceeded to camp my base and when I didn't leave they killed my horse in cold blood and I snapped I hate this game can some please help my tribe I'm willing to  recruit every maxed out player who knows how to raid grief and just straight out troll other players I need your help please join my tribe and raise hell in my name on the server please if things don't get better or this broken aspect of the game isn't fixed I'm snapping it and I'm throwing in the trash this is absolutely pathetic whoever came up with that idea in the game studio is high on meth please message me on Xbox at FalseJellyfish0 thank you please help us!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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