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  1. Perhaps, but I did put the seat back down.
  2. Actually, I've enjoyed many games on Linux. And, in those cases, I got what I paid for. In this case they did write the app so to speak. Unfortunately in a half arsed manner. If it was not going to be supported, it should not have been marketed.
  3. I've been running Windows, Free BSD, and Linux side by side for a couple decades now. I didn't gobble anti-Windows rhetoric. I had windows 10 over write my Windows 7 that I was happy with, through an update that could not be reversed. It was then that I dumped microsoft. Prior to that, windows was my OS of choice, and the other two were used for network services and utilities. After going to Linux being my prime OS, I am much happier with what I can do, and the speed at which it happens. The only drawback has been this game and it's mismanagement on what you deem lesser OS's. They charg
  4. A not rude rant. At present, I can no longer place items like walls, camp fires, etc. It occurred in one of the latest two minor patches. I'm on Linux, and have been since Microsoft went to Windows 10, spyware edition. The problem is consistent across the maps in our cluster. In my effort to troubleshoot, I attempted to place a campfire on Official, but after two hours, could not find a location free of pillars to test with, and gave up. I like this game, more than I detest windows, so next month I'm getting another hard drive and setting up a partition for windows so I can continue
  5. Being able to participate. Being on Linux, I never received an update for the July event. At present, I'm still waiting on the current patch. Day 11 now, of not being able to play with my friends.
  6. I've not had a bunch of stuff disappear, but did have an ichyornis disappear. I sent it forth to 'hunt and retrieve'. It flew out, circled back, and disappeared above my head.
  7. Here's positive for you. I'm positive I'm going to loose everything I've built since I started, as I've been locked out of the game for a week now, with no end of being locked out in sight.
  8. Wildcard, great game, pathetic management. I run Linux. I'm on an official pve server. The server remains up and running, and I'm locked out as you cannot bother to send an update to the client for linux. At this point I expect to have to replace all my critters. What I have will starve by the time you allow me to play again. What really hurts is the hours I've spent raising critters for better levels and stats. Bugs not withstanding, I enjoy the game. I detest the management.
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