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  1. Server problem

    Wildcard does not rent servers and as mentioned above, If you are having problems with a server you have rented, please contact the server provider's customer support and they should be able to help you.
  2. Compatibility problems.

    Buying the Xbox version will get you a free version of the Win10 version when it is released (from the Microsoft Store) and vice versa, this being all part of Xbox Play Anywhere. This is not to be confused with the Steam PC version which is not compatible (ie: will not be able to do crossplay) with the Win10 and Xbox version. You will have to buy the Steam version if you want to play this version.
  3. pvp New Server Mega Tribes [XB1]

    You can find a lot of that info already in this thread:
  4. Is there an appropriate channel for recruiting?

    We have a Tribe section on the forum where you can create your own tribe and recruit from there: ***Note for Early Birds they do not have access to this section until they get Members status.
  5. Linux server hosting

    You can't host your own PS4 servers on your own computer(s), right now the only way is to rent a PS4 server from Nitrado....not sure what the future plans are. Here are the old announcements about it: and the twitter:
  6. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site and underneath the yellow "Hosted by Nitrado" text there will be a "Theme" link/option (to the left of the Contact Us link) where you can change it to Ark Light or Ark Dark.
  7. As mentioned above, there are tags for legacy and non legacy that you can choose from on the drop down list.
  8. No tame ragnarok has tames If you are experiencing a server with incorrect settings and/or name, please fill in this form:
  9. EU PVE Ragnarok 34 down repeatedly

    If there is an official server that is down and not already on the outage list, please fill in the server outage form/report:
  10. Can someone restart NA-Ragnarok13?

    If there is an official server that is down and not already on the outage list, please fill in the server outage form/report:
  11. Tribe forum: Filtering

    There isn't an option to select which platform the tribe is for when you create one on the site. maybe it will be added in the future, but it is a good suggestion. There are no plans to make a separate Tribes section for each platform, there is only one section and no subsections to add more "clutter" to the forum.
  12. Server Hosting pc to xbox

    It is not possible at this time, I believe it might be possible eventually (no date has been given if/when it happens). In order to host PC for Xbox and PS4 you will have to rent a server from Nitrado very soon. Tweet about the hosting:
  13. ARKitects Base and building designs

    I recommend heading over to the various Community Crunch threads in the General Discussion section on the forum. Worth checking out the submissions by our talented community.
  14. Looking for a new tribe section?

    As I said "you can create a "looking for tribe" thread in the Xbox/PS4 Dedicated Server Discussions or PC Server Advertisements section on the forum." Official servers and private dedicated servers are both dedicated servers, so any discussions regarding dedicated servers belong in their appropriate Dedicated Server Discussions section (Xbox, PS4, and PC). PC just has their's under the name Server Advertisements.