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pve PVE boss fight free

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Hi :)


We offer all boss  fight.

All run is free.

you bring your stuff/dino.


- Only for unlock the engram. 

- No elements.

- You need reserve your seat on my discord.


Don’t forget to read the rule on discord, if I ban you because you have not respect the discord rule is your responsibility to read the discord rule :)

discord link: https://discord.gg/5U4zYQK

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On 7/6/2018 at 2:05 AM, Bellemira said:

I offer ALPHA broodmother / gorilla and dragon run. More boss / ascension coming soon. All run is free if you bring your stuff/dino. If you don’t have the stuff or dino you can pay and you use my dino/stuff for the fight. 

Only for unlock the engram. No elements 

 Private message me for more info :)



I am interested in

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We have some veteran players and some new players. 

All fight is a success. Never fail 

we only had one player dead once during a fight on the dragon on island because of a bug that makes it pass under the map. the player had a gorilla as a mount :(

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