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  1. Breeding is kinda fun

  2. Better Saddles

    you should try the ice cave in the Island map. it has good saddle bp's.
  3. Feeding trough Prioritization

    yup, this happens to me once. all of my Otters died.
  4. Turret change discussion megathread

    lol really? RIP PVP
  5. Ragnarok Dino Cap

    Hi Guys. can anyone tell me a PVE Ragnarok server that has no dino cap at the moment. because i'm trying to tame a Griffin. and it says "too many tames in the ARK"
  6. Frame Drop

    Hi Guys. Does anyone know how to get better fps in ark. i'm using a GTX 1080 but i'm still getting bad fps around my base. can anyone tell me how to fix this