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  1. Island PvE unofficial After days spent running various caves hunting for a megatherium bp I got super bored and frustrated. I grabbed 19 of my imprinted megatherium, leaving a breeding pair behind, threw normal saddles on them, hopped on my yuti and headed to an obelisk. My megatherium aren't fully leveled and I didnt exspect to survive but I wanted to test how close I was to beating broodmother. They 20k hp and ~500% melee. I started with gamma and was surprised at how easy it was. I grabbed my daeodon, healed up my army, and attempted beta. I succeeded... but lost 7 megatherium. Tomorro
  2. Just beat gamma and beta (lost 7 on beta) with normal saddles and not fully leveled. It was mostly a test since I got super bored looking for a saddle bp
  3. Island PVE unofficial I've been grinding caves, mostly swamp, lava, and both underwater caves looking for saddles BPs. I'm have an army of sloths for broodmother and I'm working on rexes and theri for the other two bosses but I need saddles for all of them. No luck yet except a nice Yuti BP with 70.5 armor
  4. Megatherium/Broodmother I'm working on breeding an army of megatherium to take on the broodmother. I'm still hunting a saddle bp. My base stats are currently 5.7k hp and 331% melee 100% imprint plus a yuti. Is this enough? What should I level HP to before putting points into melee? Thanks!
  5. I have quit and started from scratch on Ark more times than I can count. About 2 weeks ago I got the itch to play again so I found a cluster of servers and started. I'm playing on the island (but the cluster has all the maps except the center) I prioritized getting a few yutis to get kibble early and now have more kibble than I know what do with. I started breeding a decent line of barys, sloths, rexs, and theriz. I'm still looking for a a good hp yuti. My sloths are 34 points in hp (6.9k after imprinting) 35 points in melee (~400% after imprint) Is this good enough for broodmother? What shoul
  6. PC Official PvE Day 11 -- Island I made the mistake of trying to build the 2nd floor of my building with metal first. After much wasted metal and cp I have it almost complete. I bread some dinos and saved the eggs for my next mass hatching. I also did another beaver dam run and a few metal runs. Nothing much just another day of grinding. Current goals (in order of priority) Finish the 2nd floor crafting building Build 1 of each industrial crafting station (forge, chem bench, cooker, grill) 4-5 vaults Build a 2rd building to store dinos and a water pen. This
  7. PC Official PvE Day 10 -- Island I've been so distracted by breading with the current x2 rates I haven't been very productive. Most of my dinos aren't good enough to start a breading line with but I've been breading them anyone. I uncryptoed some dinos from day 9, bread my raptors, tek paras, colored paras, agrys, and pteras. Hatched them all and started raising them. Once I they didn't need constant attention I did a metal run and finished enclosing my breading area. I briefly started builing my crafting building on top of my breading area. I soon got tired as I only got home/logged on a
  8. PC Official PvE Day 9 -- Island This update is kinda late. Its nearly the end of day 10 now but I'm just logging on for the first time today. I had a busy day irl, spending the day with family out of town. So yesterday I did a metal run, nearly finished my breading area. Its missing a few ceiling but its usable now. I also added 3 fridges. I'll need more but its a good start. I couldn't resist the urge to bread so... I hatched 4 tek paras for my tek farm, 2 raptors for kibble (both were male so I killed them), an argent, a ptera, and uncrypoed a baby thylo (my ally was going to kill but h
  9. PC Official PvE Day 8 -- Island I didn't play much and ended up getting pretty drunk last night but at least I have the rest of the week off work to. I overcame my frustration and got the foundations placed correctly for my breading area. Its 6x6x4 with raised foundations and AC units underneath. Replaced the thatch foundations with metal, did a metal run and build about half the walls plus the gate. I managed to get my last imprint on my snow owl although I have no idea how. I was pretty wasted. Current goals (in order of priority) Tame a few snails Finish my bread
  10. This perfectly describe ark. Everytime you try to get ahead you end up 6 steps behind
  11. PvE Official Day 7 Not a very productive day today. Uncryptoed my snow owl. I gave a new player my low level female ptera. Shortly after that a higher level female ptera got stuck inside my base. Naturally I tamed it and named her Karma. Did two metal and crystal runs. Played around with my frog in the swamp and didn't get near as much cp as I hoped. I guess I'll need to take @Cymas advice and tame a few snails. Crafted a bunch of thatch foundations and wooden pillers. I played around with ideas for a new breading area. Crafting 10 AC units and tried to raise the thatch foundations enough
  12. When your rex gets a mutation but its in food instead of damage
  13. @Cymas I thought I read about certain dinos laying eggs less often, like titanoboas and scorpions? I could go for all the highest grade kibble but I kind of prefer the progression of building up one tier at a time. I'm located on a small peninsula near the southern edge of the island (I'll get cords after work) but there is a decent amount of space with shallow water so I plan to build part of my base with pillars/ceilings. I'll have the breading/hatching area with normal foundations becuase I've heard if glitches with babies falling though ceilings but my crafting area will be over the water.
  14. PvE Official Island Day 6 I didn't play much today but I made some good progress. Last night someone from my alliance gave me a rex they didn't want. It felt kinda cheap but I really needed something decent for meat runs. I bread it with one of his however I didn't watch the egg close enough and it didn't hatch. I decided no more breading till I have a good back with AC units. I mistaking killed someones tek para that they were taming while on a meat run so I gave them one of my partially imprinted ones. Turning out better than what they were taming anyway. I got 3 imprints in my snow owl
  15. I would assume he has the difficulty set the same way as official which is a max level of 150. Difficulty set to 1 and difficulty override 5.0
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