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  1. Awesome! I'm pretty excited about this event. Just tossing this out there, but I wouldn't mind seeing the hair style bps coming back for an event or 2.
  2. I play on PC official PVE. Working on Extinction right now but I think my favorite map is either SE or Ab. I really like them both. Have bases on Island, se, ab, and Extinction. Favorite mount is the ravager, and favorite flyer is the argy especially after tlc. I like mostly everything about the game , building, taming, and breeding. Played my first 700 hours on pvp and after a few wipes I moved to pve and not looked back. Trying to get access to the trade forum lol.
  3. Looking for Alpha Tek Cave and Overseer on pve official non-legacy. Have 3 people. We can bring our own mounts, gear, and buffs. Paying in resources, or structures.
  4. Howdy! Are y'all still doing alpha island Ascension on pve official non-legacy? Think my tribe is looking for a few seats if so.
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