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  1. I think no but i dont want to risc it so i want to ask if i use mindwipe if it will also forget my tek engramms. Also i found a recip of windwipe but its alot cheaper than what wiki says not sure what that means. Thx for ur help
  2. i was wondering what the max lvl for dinos to lvl and to put out from cryo is for r and x. In wiki it says that max lvl for x and r is 500 but some people said in youtube that island deletes dinos that are that hight even x ones. Or u cant put them out of cryo. Did someone tested that ? thx for the answers
  3. I know theres a forum here but after 4 years of this account i still cant enter it. And my rank is 8/100 naked? So i guess i will never be able to enter that forums. Do any of u know any other trading portal like discord or other internet pages?
  4. There should be new pvp servers for solos only where u cant make tribes or allies. Theres still a decent amount of solo people out there... . Also it would be more of a challenge to do everything solo than just join a big tribe. Yea there are smal tribe servers out that wipe which is good, but 5 man tribe is still alot. Good organized tribes can reach tek tier and huge bases in a weekend. Thats why i recommend the solo servers to be primitive but thats debateable. Atleast an offline raid protection or atleast some kind of improved balance in defense when ofline would be good. (For example turrets or so deal like alot more dmg to dinos when offline so that raiders cant just soak them easy) And/or that foundation will have more hp when afk. Ark 2 can make the balancing better where ark 1 failed.
  5. hi so today i helped an ally to raise his babys did some meat/berri runs. I also did some milkruns and narced a 185 femal lightening wyvern without a trap and with my pteranodon xD. i Was so proud hehe. I did then a huge metal run cristal run either. Tomorrow my 3 wyverns will grown up and i keep geting wilk for them farming metal/cristal/poly tame maybe a high lvl quetz and explore new cave xd
  6. i like this post realy xD. So today i did my plans i found serveral high lvl wyvern eggs in scar at ragnarok. Sadly my lvl 147 Griffin died while i lagged in the scar but nevermind i got some good eggs. I keep them in my fridges so i can hatch them probably tomorrow ?. I also bought a wyvern for a good fair price of ingots and poly it was a 185 lightening wyvern with 40 lvls ready to pump. Then i did some meat runs and berrie runs and was warching for deep sea loot crats. Theyr spwan rate is so low but the reward if u finaly find one is epic like ascend. platform saddle of parace. or a 80 armor mosa i got both but was like 1h in ozean^^. I play on offical pve ragnarok. So tomorrow i plan hatching my owm wyvern.
  7. im new here and post now randomly what i did yesterday cz i kinda like this discussion^^. The day just start now and im going to play ark later too. So yesterday (pc) i did some metal runs. And one big obsidian run with servereal argys to obsidian cave at vulcano (rag). Tamed a low lvl quetz then build a quetz catcher. Then i helped an ally. And i crafted some vaults and sorted stuff so its more easy to find later. Today ill probably look for wyvern eggs
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