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  1. i found some infos in internet: make a rule to never open an unpowered cryofridge
  2. I had same problem, all my boss-rexes are dead. All cryopods were fully charged, but cryofirdge was only 2 days without energy and all cryopods were completely discharged.
  3. 425% DM Gigas are ready, thanks to Fieromyr

    © #braindrift

  4. reStyle

    PVE Servers Crashing

    PVE 494 looping crashes
  5. Hello Guys, my base in the city on official pve extinction server 494 was destructed (auto-decay) in less than 24h, only dinos and waterpipes floating in the air. Maybe you can fix it, but i think no
  6. here is a picture from twitter source: https://twitter.com/survivetheark
  7. Is it still up to date or has something changed?
  8. But sometimes it works and you can take a player on dino together (tested with Doedicorus)
  9. Happy birthday, cant wait for Extinction ))
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