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  1. can you realy use megalania on aberration? or will the egg pop empty if you pop it on aberration? @Vaculity
  2. Hyrise

    Wild Ravagers

    Agreed, Wild Ravagers should get a slight nerf on their bleed, lost so many dinos to them, they can sometimes pin you down and than its gg.. would wish they either spawn in smaller packs or maybe not receive the pack bonus in the wild.
  3. @Kanasana it doesnt make a difference wether they are same level or not, its just helpfull since you can spot the mutations easier due to the level difference. Mutations are completely random and cant be forced
  4. Well basicly you take a dino that you want to breed, for example rex. Than you need hp, a bit of stam, and melee dmg. You take the best rexes you can find in hp amd melee and keep them unleveld. Sooner or later you will get a mutation, (Colors isnt always visible since they sometes mutate on unused regions in that species) once you get a mutation you have to find out what the mutation is (this is why you want to keep breeders unleveld and unimprinted) on rexes you only keep the HP, Stam, weight and md mutation (thats what i do) if not kill and try again. Eventualy you will get a baby with a good mutation, from than on you new generation starts, use that mutated baby in your breeding to get more and more mutations. And basicly you keep on repeating it until you have the stats you want. hope this helps you out! If not let me know and il get in touch :D
  5. Hi, i am looking for alpha rockwell run, we have dinos or payment but with have some people that need to do the boss (5-6) name your price, we will pay without problem.
  6. Are you still looking for help? we do alpha manti/dragon almost weekly. let me know if interested
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