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  1. cryo works for now but it will happen again and again...
  2. I have my tek base half built lol... I wish that the replicator made tek walls faster.. seems a bit slow
  3. it is safe to upload items to other servers now right?
  4. Sent a friend request to you also noticed we have a common friend.. Paroxide
  5. so whenever I try to join a PvP server and get something small going I always wake up in the morning and someone came and destroyed everything... Is this common for bigger tribes taking over a server and not letting new people grow?
  6. I hate that raptor can take you off mounts lol... and yes that ice cave is crazy hard lol... I have heard of people having baby bears follow them inside and raising them inside then leaving them on nutral so others can kite cave dino's into them... not sure if this is still possible but seems like a good idea lol
  7. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to being able to trade lol... good morning everyone
  8. Had a preggo otter and cryoed her then threw her out later and she wasn't preggo anymore... this a issue for just me or is that the mechanic intended?
  9. excited about the new S+ features but still not much of a builder lol
  10. happened to me before and had to run around til I found a drop lol
  11. is the new S+ going to mess up current builds that aren't complete?
  12. jamesocdcleaning


    is atlas still really buggy?anyone know
  13. hello, I will post every day until I can start trading lol... hope everyone is doing good today
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