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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
hudi1 hudi1 01/16/17 Quick and easy, would trade again :) First egg didn't hatch with the weight stat, so they got me a replacement right away BottledBurps BottledBurps
Bckjerome Bckjerome 01/16/17 quick, easy, and understanding. 10/10 would trade again. thank you aorticarch aorticarch
birdndocean birdndocean 01/16/17 Excellent seller, quick, fast, and will do business again BigRed1227 BigRed1227
Jrogers811 Jrogers811 01/16/17 Another smooth and quick trade. As allways trade went well and both part happy :) Razen Razen
Braddock110 Braddock110 01/16/17 Awesome deal, quick trade. Easy to communicate with and doesn't play game. Will verify as a TRUSTworthy trader. Thanks again Atrophical Atrophical
Dreads Dreads 01/16/17 Friendly and easy to communicate with. Will definitely trade again! Eymonlan Eymonlan
Eymonlan Eymonlan 01/16/17 Great and fast trade. Awesome trader :-) Dreads Dreads
HOSS602 HOSS602 01/16/17 Traded some Metal Pillars for a fertilized rex eggs about a week ago. He met up on my server at an obi and trade went smoothly. Waited a little while to hatch egg and got exactly what I was asking for out of it. Phetty Phetty
TheStrip TheStrip 01/16/17 Perfect! nunocsousa nunocsousa
nunocsousa nunocsousa 01/16/17 Considerate, honest and generous; patient to accomodate me while under difficult schedule :) TheStrip TheStrip
3mptylord 3mptylord 01/16/17 Fast and easy trade, recommended Bloodqq Bloodqq
Jutty Jutty 01/16/17 Good trader, fast and safe, thumbs up Bloodqq Bloodqq
Fullfusionzero Fullfusionzero 01/16/17 The allo was exaclty like he mentioned. would trade again Velasquez966 Velasquez966
Gr1m Gr1m 01/16/17 Really good trader. He offered to come to my server to complete the trade. I really recommend him Velasquez966 Velasquez966
MichelGB301 MichelGB301 01/16/17 Friendly and accommodating. Would recommend Weatherman Weatherman
wesley0444 wesley0444 01/16/17 After much lag and many tries, got the trade done, awesome guy who is understanding and patient. bulldog1986 bulldog1986
Weatherman Weatherman 01/16/17 Respectful and trustworthy MichelGB301 MichelGB301
Railgun Railgun 01/16/17 Trading was quick and easy. would trade again. thank you aorticarch aorticarch
NFxTuRbOx NFxTuRbOx 01/16/17 Easy to work with. Would definitely recommend!! Datsyuk05 Datsyuk05
birdndocean birdndocean 01/16/17 Great trade. Went smoothly and will definitely trade again. jayden5021 jayden5021
PrinsessBubbelgum PrinsessBubbelgum 01/16/17 Follows through and is very accommodating for the situation, will trade again :) TheStrip TheStrip
jayden5021 jayden5021 01/16/17 Good, fast trade no problems. Will trade with again in future. birdndocean birdndocean
Velasquez966 Velasquez966 01/15/17 Would recommend him. I met him at red ob and we both tossed our items to each other and it went smoothly Gr1m Gr1m
sagajin sagajin 01/15/17 quick and smooth trade :) would defo trade again seelion seelion
seelion seelion 01/15/17 tribe mate delivered on my behalve. Smooth sailing. would trade with again sagajin sagajin