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  1. Where is your base located at?
  2. Were they on foundations/ceilings or on the physical ground?
  3. Were they on foundations or on the physical ground?
  4. Nice, glad it worked out
  5. Cannot tame anything over 150, that Megalodon cave from the new cave. It ventured away from its home, I'm surprised that WC allows you to even knock those untameable creatures out.
  6. Take your stuff and find a new server, that's basically your only option.
  7. It is highly, highly unlikely that WC will get your dino unstuck for you. However, one of our sister tribes did have a Mosa stuck outside the map and there was a server patch and somehow it was forced back into the map. So you might get lucky.
  8. lol, ok this is going to sound kinda weird. But you need to lure another Squid over to your Mosa, the Squid should grab your Mosa and hopefully pull it out of the map. You'll need both of you guys there because I foresee a lot of dying. Make sure to clear the cave of more enemies as well. Sidenote, I tried to advise everyone to enter that cave at your own risk, not only can you get sunk through the map, invisible dinos will attack you constantly and in some cases follow you home.
  9. Just kill it, unfortunately that's the way its got to be. No admin is going to help you, it's better you do the deed and go find a new one. Sorry
  10. Seriously, chief. You do understand that this game is still in development and that you are crying over a ptera right? Everyone has lost dinos, and loot to the game crashing or glitching out. It's just part of the experience right now, feel lucky that the Xbox/PC players have taken bore most of the brunt with this game developing over time. You PS4 players will never get to experience the lovely glitches that rendered the game completely broken, for months at a time.
  11. Ask @thelilpanda on twitter probably can answer your questions.
  12. Are you playing solo, or in a tribe?
  13. Is there a beacon drop or an artifact there?
  14. Wyverns can also use their breath weapons through walls, just a heads up.
  15. Seems to be "as intended", we have had this also happen a bunch of times. Best course of action whoop it on and keep it in render range of your tribe.