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  1. I'm looking for a pve server that isn't completely pillared off. I'm really just looking for a pretty big piece of land next to the ocean. Don't care if it's center or island, just having a really hard time finding open space.
  2. not sure, they wont let you get big enough to go wandering. So couldnt really take a look. And I think theyre on a decent amount of time. Around American day time zones.
  3. As far as I know they are still up. Would LOVE to see them get wiped.
  4. Nevermind, the whole server is full of sausages. It needs a good clean server wipe.
  5. Hell yes! Let me know the outcome
  6. Oppressive Alphas on 810 The alphas on this server - their tribe name is "Killjoy" - won't let any new tribes build at all. We literally had three dodos and they wiped us. There is not many people on this server at all so there is no reason to wipe new tribes. Its just a sausage move. If anyone wants to go wiping, these are the people to hit.
  7. I've red that there can only be so many points put into each thing, like not all the points it obtains can go into health, even if you are a lucky S.O.B. I don't actually know what the max is, but I have had someone tell me that they had the highest melee (on a giga I think) possible because they had the max amount of points go into it plus a mutation on melee, making it the highest. But i'm not really sure what the max points that can go into it is for everything. That would be pretty useful to know.
  8. " The spawn of two dinosaurs will inherit the "natural" stat levels of its parents. Natural stat levels are the levels in each stat after it has been tamed but before it gains any stats through leveling-up by a player. " " To maximize the stats of the offspring, specialized parents with a good value in few stats are needed. The more specialized a creature is in one stat, the higher it can be. To get a really good breed you need 6 creatures, each with a high upleveled (only the wild-leveling counts here) different stat." So, the only way to get good levels is by getting them from wild creatures. Which means you would have to find animals with crazy stats in the wild to get 'super' babies. Like if I wanted a rex with 15k health base, I would have to eventually tame a wild rex that tamed out with 15k. Thats what I am saying, which is why I was asking how people gets these good rexs because it seems nearly impossible to actually find these things occuring in the wild.
  9. how do you know the max stats for 150 tames?
  10. Raising Base Stats to Max So I was wondering, how do people end up with animals and stuff with like the maximum base health and that? Like rexs born with about 12k health, I get that babies can get the highest base stats of the parents. So doesn't that mean that at one point in time you would have to tame a wild rex that came out with perfect health? Cause honestly that sounds pretty impossible. Or is there something I am missing here?
  11. thanks, makes sense.
  12. What the heck does "Bump" mean on the trading forums?? I keep seeing people comment it but i have no idea what it means.
  13. Welp, just had a giga with 2 days left and 7 baby pteras all with mutations despawn this morning. Just another day on ark I guess.
  14. So we have just hatched a baby quetzal and I went to check on the ancestry so I could write it down and it says it has wild ancestors? Anyone know why it says this even though it wasn't a tamed quetz?
  15. I was able to access it once in the past. I found that even though the bookmark button doesn't do anything when you click it, it does actually bookmark it. But thank you, I'll try to let it all load