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  1. Raising Baby megalosaurus

    are they really ? that sucks
  2. The Center Lagg - Megathread Xbox

    the center is pretty unplayable to be honest
  3. Megalosaurus Spawn Locations?

    I'm referring to when the cave is to small to walk it out
  4. Megalosaurus Spawn Locations?

    if tamed in a cave you can upload them from the artifact or any drop in there and download outside of the cave
  5. Megalosaurus on xbox

    Anyone having any luck finding high level Megalosaurus on Xbox? I've checked the island and se, and ive only seen as high as 95
  6. Spamming foundations

    its quite sad some people claim vast amounts of land they will never even use
  7. I can't get a single mutation

  8. Megalosaurus: Glitched on The Island map?

    I believe their spawns may be a bit glitched on the island I seem to find a lot more on scorched earth tho their levels never are above 100 sadly
  9. Ark Is Garbage, Do NOT buy it

    Ark is great.... a game you can and will play for hours