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  1. StoneyDiagram2008


    70.7, 26.1 - ferox cave next to a mission
  2. Joined this cluster few days ago. One of the best clusters I have ever played on. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Their discord has a great group and events and server changes are updated regularly. Thank you for allowing us to play on your server ALF
  3. Hello! Just wondering if this cluster is planned to be up and running for long term? Looking to get back into the game and your server sounds like alot of fun!
  4. Quote


    Looking to buy a Lightning Wyvern, do you have any for sale currently?

  5. My husband and I are interested in joining but I just have a few questions. 1) Do you guys wipe servers at any point? 2) Are you planning on running a Extinction Server on the cluster when the DLC releases? I have been a admin on a Nitrado Cluster for awhile now but looking for something new and exciting. Thank you!
  6. Oh sorry for your loss :'( This is my suprise bundle lol
  7. Left a giga egg on to incubate too long!! Surprise!! 28hr handfeeding.... Along with thyla, quetz and two rexes.... Not much sleep in 28hrs.
  8. Stoney do you do kibble trades?


  9. Hi I'm looking to trade for asc rod bps but I'm being penalised( I can't access trading forums) because I haven't been using the forums long enough. Do u have any for trade pls respond. Thank-you 

  10. If you are willing to sell wyverns here's my tribe mates gamer tag cos his the one that would be supplying you the material his gamer tag is ace can't clutch and he has a second account which is called ace36

  11. If so how many wyverns are you selling and how many pearls per wyvern

  12. Mate are you selling any wyverns right now

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