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  1. Am i gonna lose the dinos that i uploaded right before the problems started to happen?
  2. Introducing the Ovis Aries, coming in ARK v254!

    Omg yes! Lmfao such a pointless creature to add tho.
  3. Console - Update on Current Patches

    So does this not include winter wonderland then?
  4. Missing Dinosaur

    I have had 4 perfect quetz 2 perfect Rex and a perfect argy just fall through the map around 23 69 where my base is. It seems that if you log out where the ground isn't stable they will just fall right through. I managed to glitch under the map on a frog and swim to where my base is but I didn't see anything. Hopefully I have the luck other have had and randomly find them again
  5. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    OK I will try it when I get on tonight. I got a megalodon, pleasia and the big guy. Only thing that I know of that im missing is that little guy and possibly that glowing fish if its tameable
  6. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    The LB and right dpad combo?
  7. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    I'm having an issue capturing an ichthy I cannot seem to equip meat into my offhand to tame them. Anyone have any ideas or a solution? I'm on Xbox.
  8. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    Caves seems to crash for me if I am running through too fast. If I walk I am fine. However in my own server while farming for chiton in the cave on bottom right of map with full resistance on, fell into a lava pit and didn't die cause of resistance, great for me. Problem is there was no way out of this pit. They really need to think about things like this when building the game. Why give us these options if we come across things like this? So I was forced to kill myself with raw meat, and when I tried to bring my flyer in with me it crashed the game. I finally got down there and all my stuff was gone. Time elapsed was 7 min and decay time for my stuff should have been 12 min if I remember right. I lost 2 relics and I'm not sure I can get them back.
  9. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    The whistle worked got my lvl 50 bird back thanks
  10. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    I was gonna build in that volcano but I wanted snow
  11. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    I have found one as well. Got me in a lot of trouble too Lol. Mine was near the dormant volcano on the northwest side of the island
  12. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    What can the petra pick up besides spitters?
  13. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    I'm always in non official server of mine. And thank you good to know. Guess I'm gonna have to get a big guy to move my Rex army to the new base. I'm not as concerned with my brontos seeing as they kinda suck. Guess I'm gonna have to get a petra to pick up a scorp to sting my bird to try to get my bird to go under and maybe fall to the ground. I don't care if it dies I just need the saddle and my ingots
  14. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    How do I pick up a scorpion? I have a platoon of them at my base. I'm on Xbox btw
  15. Xbox - Status Update: Week Two

    Tell me about it. Its gonna set me back at least a day of gaming to get that many birds trained and leveled. I would solve that problem however if I could catch a big flyer. I'm just not sure how to. All my others I shot with tranq arrows.