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  1. Yea I am, still trying to get a mated pair first though.
  2. Gotta love having an alpha rex
  3. http://ark.gamepedia.com/Boss_Arenas Took all of 5 seconds lol
  4. I've lost 2 ovi's, 3 monkey's and an already adolescent giga (level 206.....) to this garbage. Whatever it is, please fix it.
  5. You have 71+ levels that can go just about anywhere with RNG. Pretame means very little considering that, if you get even 1/3rd of those bonus levels going into a single stat, you're going to be doing just fine.
  6. Hopefully they do fix this, its not just babies. I had an adolescent giga just die a rex that just hit adult and a tribemate of mine had 3 monkey's die back to back. And yes, Cocuca is correct, you never force feed a baby, you just keep refilling its inventory so it eats on its own.
  7. bosses

    Depends on the boss you're going after. Hard brood is freakin insane. She hits about 5x harder than a titan, has an insane health pool and 8-9 rex's with 40k hp and 400 melee disappeared inside 3 minutes along with the 3 turtles and the guys with OP swords. Might need to dial hard brood back just a smidgen lol
  8. Make sure you cross reference those stats in smart breeder. Stat extractors like dododex sometimes bloat the stat too high due to improper calculations
  9. breeding

    Correct, any bonus levels you get after the taming process completes can be counted into the breeding factor. Example > You tame a 150 rex, it comes out at level 221 after tame due to bonus levels of using kibble. Whatever the stats are at that 222 level, are the breeding stats it can pass on to its kids (depending upon RNG and luck).
  10. Well I fully understand that content is in alpha, optimization is in beta, thats just typical gaming development process, but after as many patches and stuff that they HAVE pushed out, this one is inexcusable....
  11. My question is, do they know what super testers are? Do they test this in a medium scaled environment? Do they know how to deploy a large patch? I mean this is basic stuff here guys.....
  12. Appreciate the update Panda, we'll tell our guys to come to us should they notice that extreme lag again and give you a shout out on here and on twitter should it go back to pot. Thanks for your work and taking the time to keep us in the loop
  13. I appreciate the response Panda, thank you for taking the time to do so. We'll hold tight and keep people dialed up on the calm factor now
  14. @Jeremy Stieglitz, @Jat, @Jen, @lilpanda, @Jarvis Guys, this has gone on for far far far too long. Official Server 353 PC has been having issues for about 5-6 weeks now. We have been grinding through it, but nonstop dino deaths due to lag, non stop crashing, battleye boots, timeouts, server crashes (has had 3 in that time frame now, 2 of them lasted for hours on end) and massive amounts of lag have taken its toll. I've watched 5 people quit the game in this time, and multiple others are on the verge. As of right now you have almost an entire server that is about to quit the game or just abandon all their hard work. Here are the issues we have with this. Besides a single tweet back from Jat and a very short visit from Jarvis about 3 weeks ago, we have heard nothing regarding our server whatsoever. That in itself is probably the most infuriating thing. We are not asking much, add us to the server outage list and say you are working on it. It at least lets us know our messages, and submits are not being lost in the Internet's black hole. Things we have tried thus far - Submitting a support request on forums - I did this personally, was told to basically pound sand, not our problem by your ticket/case rep (I have a personal beef with this as I am in IT customer service, if I can't fix it, I escalate it to someone who can) Messaging numerous people including Jat, Jen, Jeremy, thelilpanda on twitter (Not only I have been doing this, I understand you can't look at all the messages, but the sheer amount of people complaining about the same server should say something or catch someone's attention) Messaging on steam - Have replied to the outage form on steam about our server, still nothing. Filling out an outage form - We have done this probably close to 50 times now (not just one person, not just one tribe filling them out), still have never made it on the outage list. Creating a thread on reddit - I have personally made two of them, never seen a dev or mod reply yet. Now a day ago, during patch 254.5 we have a glimmer of hope. After the login crashes were fixed, it was marvelous for one glorious day, it was back to the old ark we knew and loved. Today, during an attack upon our server, neither us, nor our enemy could stay on. It was worse than before the .5 fix that came out. We had people from 4-5 different servers on today, every single one of them agreed this was HORRIBLE. Worse than any server they have seen to this day. We humbly request, pray and beg, that this situation gets attention. I ask nothing more than to acknowledge that there is an issue and that it needs to be worked upon. Please please please. I love this game too much to just throw it all away.
  15. This was the video that someone did the testing on. Basically Fire and Poison both get "initial" damage buffs if you increase their melee, so the initial impact is more devastating (my fire can one shot most people by doing this). The lightning however "scales" meaning the beam of lightning gets stronger with each point of melee you put into it, so melee points greatly increase a lighting dragons breath, while marginally increase on a fire/poison. That's not to say it won't benefit the other two, just not as much as the lighting. I still tend to get about 13-15k health, 2-3k stam and put the rest of the points I have on a dragon (regardless of type) into melee. (Maybe 2-3 points in speed, but thats debatable)