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  1. Not impossible, but definitely a pain in the A
  2. Incorrect, it has already been stated there will be new servers added upon release of the game, thereby making plenty of opportunities for newer players to grow and become alphas if they so choose. Not to mention you're assuming that nobody on any server lets anyone grow anymore, again, incorrect. You're making assumptions based upon biased opinions, not facts. At this point in time, I believe you're just trolling people. More power to ya, but ya gotta try harder man.
  3. My question to you is, if your only stance is that its because people were duping, and they have ways of querying, catching dupers and finding duplicate dino/character ID's and banning/wiping those people, why would they ever do a full wipe they can systematically and individually remove said players from the game? You make it sound like every server, every place, every time went to pot. And you couldn't be more wrong. Some of us are surviving fine. I understand if I get wiped by a massive battle to keep my server, I won't like it, but Ill have had a chance to fight for it. I don't get that chance if its just "deleted".
  4. Two things I have to fully disagree on. First Ptera's within PvP are disposable assets with great potential, there is a reason people constantly push their levels higher in breeding ptera's. Have a flier army in 2 days is easy enough and the ability to get inside a base and barrel roll down their electrical system is game changing. (Should be at minimum an A creature) Second, the Moschops is a GOD when it comes to gathering organic poly, so as far as usefulness, it is by far and away the easiest thing for getting massive amounts of quick poly quick and easily. (Should be at least a C: if not a B: creature)
  5. They are exactly the same when it comes to weight, 46 points in weight (which we have on thorny dragons) is 576 weight on thorny's and beavers.
  6. Only thing I ever care about on them (as I use them as a mobile smithy) is weight, which we currently have a 46 point, 576 weight.
  7. Its been patched now, along with the clamp, and since the timers get reset in the obi, there is no place to hide them, I know after the initial patch, people found a way to infinite it again, but since then I have heard nothing. So the devs would have no reason to do this since their clamps eliminate any infinite meat anyways.
  8. I'm laughing about this as two of the biggest tribes/alliances in ark are fighting over that server. I would never even try and log in over there as I cannot even imagine the lag that happens. Consistently 70/70 as people for for the first server in ark.
  9. This is true, but every server can be wiped, whether its done by legit means or nefarious. Doesn't take much to load up with grapples, grab a transmitter and smack it down and port in 15 players worth of dinos (aka 300 dinos) and a really good fob. My point being, I'd rather have a couple noobs buffing our server numbers and/or consistently online to notice things more often than not. Not to mention them being logged in allows for 1 less enemy to log into that server initially.
  10. That's the way, make it so more potential enemies can log in at once, atta boy! Enjoy your 70/70 server when its getting wiped eventually
  11. Highest I have is 1544 on official PvP, while I have heard of 1600, it would be extremely rare. You're not likely to find it in the wild, that is a case where you take a stat like the 1544 I have and breed until it mutates multiple times.
  12. Certain ones on this list I disagree with, added them above.
  13. Correct, you may have to jump, but that is no huge deal, you'll have to be mounted in them before the quetz starts flying anyways.
  14. Better yet, this design is fairly common - However, that being said, I would modify it slightly in the sense that I would have pillars under both minigun's to ensure max LoF
  15. Yea you gotta have the right build, preferable is having the mini guns on pillars on the wing sides so they have good LoF and won't hurt your own quetz. Add in a ballista and you got a wyvern/quetz killer