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  1. I just had this experience, literally just had the 007 error, if that is the bullpoop they give me, I will flip. I poured 2k hours into that character and if a month before launch they tell me they can't do anything, especially if they aren't wiping, I will kill someone.
  2. As someone who water bred, I still applaud this. Water breeding was never supposed to be a means to an end, only demonstrate that it was necessary to do to still be able to work full time and yet raise babies. Nobody should really be able to raise 20 gigas at the same time unless you do it as a full time job. This will of course put a hamper on mass raising dino's, but at the same time, bases were never designed to have 200 bronto's sitting in the water and raising at the same time. My only question for this, if you can answer it is, will "stasis" still exist if the dino is not rendered?
  3. You've already proven you are biased towards unofficial servers with your points, not to mention increasing player count on official servers, especially considering they are in clusters, would strain their current hardware even more and thereby provide a worse experience than people already have. So, how about no?
  4. Killed a few of them by blue obi near the stony fields there. Seems to be a main spawn area for them.
  5. Some of those servers have had nonstop griefers on them. For example, our EU Ragnarok, has had people killing griffin tames every day, 1 alpha's base already hit, etc... expect it to be a hostile environment for sure. Not to mention you going in an taming a griffin on someone's server allows you to grief another server with it and have it traced back to the server you tamed it on. So yea, we're likely going to keep killing guys like you bud lol
  6. No you're right, lets stay in early access for another 2 years instead.... GTFO.
  7. pvp

    D'awww we didn't even make the cut lol. Whatever garbage you're trying to stir, go back to Overwatch or WoW.
  8. Lol if you're going to post the old VVG server listing of them from their google doc, at least have the common sense to realize that is a very old document.
  9. No you have your turtles at a much much much higher level than any official. Highest base turtle health I have ever heard of of any tribe tribe is 8300 base, which is about 35k health max. Which is enough to walk up to a turret tower or a base side and place c4 while riding the turtle and blow in, then use a fresh turtle and walk inside the base adn do the same thing where their gennie is
  10. lol then you're working on unofficial and the official meta's mean absolutely nothing to you. You have it on easy mode dude......
  11. Fishing pens work, we use them all the time, for coel ill use wood fence foundations and thatch walls, wood pillars with a thatch roof and the chair on top over the side. For salmon and something a bit more permanent, wooden fence foundations, wood walls and a wood dino gate or two, you aggro the salmon in and close the gate behind.
  12. Kill the animal, then whistle attack target with the moschops, he's squirrelly, but he'll do it
  13. Depends on the raid, you must be referencing smaller bases if you're just using turtles, in which case I'd recommend just walking a turtle up and c4ing the base of the tower or base you're raiding instead of soaking. If they have turrets at high angles, soak them first and then do the above.
  14. Being that he is a distance away from Leech blood, it might not be viable for him to do consistently, so that is why the honey is recommended. Your information based on quality = blueprints is outdated or incorrect, I have caught plenty of fish above 12 quality that have had blueprints in it, including the really stupid OP ones, like 500% compounds and such (most fish above 3.0 will hit that quality).
  15. The hit from the hard brood is similar to getting stomped on *3* times by a titan if that puts this into perspective.