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  1. bulldog1986

    General Wyvern Questions

    Disagree with a lot of the above for a couple reasons. 1. what should i use to obtain the egg? i currently have no flyers, so what should i tame in order to get the egg? should i tame an argie or a ptera or what? Griffin is what you want to use, first its tanky enough to take many hits, even a level 50 griffin leveled up is better than anything else. Ptera's die to fast, especially from lightning wyverns and argies cannot outrun them long enough to make a difference. What you do is lead the wyvern's away or steal an egg, go straight up in the air, literally straight up, having them follow you all the way, then go straight into a dive (1k stam is ideal for this situation), you'll put the aggro'd wyvern's out of render in about 5 seconds flat and they'll stop chasing you or despawn so you get a clean get away. 2. if there are no wyverns rendered in the trench when i get the egg, will they aggro me once they are within render range? They will aggro if in render the moment you steal the egg, regardless of whether they have line of sight, the AI on wyvern's on rag seems to be more aggressive than it ever was in SE. 3. what will cause the parent to de-aggro? do the wyverns continue aggro after you have left render range? will a wild animal distract it? Wild animals will easily distract it, on ragnarok the wyvern's seem to have a "memory" whereas on SE you could fly and they would eventually give up, especially if you left render, on rag they will re-aggro if you re-enter render. best bet is using the dive method above 4. how many standing torches would i need to hatch the egg? how about campfires? i know ACs are the most effective but i don't have the resources to make them yet. lots, 10-15 easily surrounding it, probably more at night 5. what do the babies eat? some have told me i will only need milk, others say you have to feed it meat and milk is only optional. so which is it? is milk a substitute for food? if so, how many units of meat would milk cover? ONLY milk, nothing else, milk is what it eats and milk is what it imprints with 6. what's the best method for obtaining milk? obviously i would need to make a wyvern trap but should i go after regular wyverns or alphas? does wyvern level affect milk output? level does not affect milk output at all just costs more narc arrows to knock the wyvern out to milk it. only females have milk, 5 per female, or 50 per alpha (gender doesn't matter on alpha's). lead it into the trap, ideally with an exit big enough for your flier, not big enough for the wyvern 7. how long do they typically take to raise? on normal rates, will i be raising for a week or less? how does raising one compare to a rex? wyvern's are stupid easy, I usually raise 4-5 at a time due to making the milk runs worth it (recommended), once hatched they typically don't need to be fed (the higher level ones) til their first imprint, about comparable to rex time though, without the hassle 8. i know this is more subjective, but what is the best type of wyvern to get? does the ice wyvern compare equally to the others? Lightning, by far and away. Poison, fire and ice attacks only have the initial breath hit scale with melee, the after effects are a set tick Lightning scales its entire attack with melee. each have their niche though. i apologize for all the questions, but i want to be informed about this as much as i can before i make the leap to tame one of those beasts. if anyone is willing to contribute then that would be very much appreciated!
  2. bulldog1986

    Need more servers?

    Need more EU PvP Ragnarok's, and more PvP Ragnarok's in general for just the straight official servers. They are seriously popular.
  3. If I recall, crossark only allows you to transfer within your cluster, whereas full official allows you to transfer to any other official
  4. bulldog1986

    ARK: State of the Game

    Lol I posted this 5 min after he posted the original and had to edit it to include the answer to my question.....
  5. bulldog1986

    ARK: State of the Game

    @Jat Will legacy servers still continue to receive the same updates as the new PvP servers? Or will we be frozen as is as far as updates?
  6. bulldog1986

    Why do you play PVP?!?

    You seem to have a very poor grasp of the English language (this is me insulting you now btw) because my first post did not throw any "poop" your way lol. Basically just states, agree to disagree, it is what it is, quick rocking the boat. But hey dude, look into it however you want and by all means go ahead and generalize the PvP community into single sentences of disdain and contempt, it shows how manly and how much of an internet touch guy you can be lol. Enjoy being comedic relief for those who will post in this channel doing something you didn't have the patience to do. Godspeed.
  7. bulldog1986

    Why do you play PVP?!?

    This is one of those comments that I just gotta say, why don't you stay on your side of the fence, and we'll stay on ours. Stop throwing crap over the fence and none shall be returned. Nobody is forcing you to play PvP, go hug your jerboas and be content that nobody will be killing them.
  8. bulldog1986

    Why do you play PVP?!?

    The challenge. AI in games will never match a human's intellect to push you to the extreme and what you have to do to survive. Have had our main base for about 1.5 years, been through many rebuilds. Highest level dino was well into the 300 range.
  9. bulldog1986


    D'awww we didn't even make the cut lol. Whatever garbage you're trying to stir, go back to Overwatch or WoW.
  10. bulldog1986

    Kentro vs Bosses

    The hit from the hard brood is similar to getting stomped on *3* times by a titan if that puts this into perspective.
  11. bulldog1986

    Kentro vs Bosses

    It is my understanding that it is not a scaling damage. So no matter what is hitting it, its always a base set damage. That is well and good vs lower level dinos, but the moment you take, lets say a 250 base melee giga with a good saddle and somewhat of an imprint, I don't care how many of those things you have, they are dead. Same with Boss's, don't expect them to survive long enough to cause enough damage.
  12. bulldog1986

    Official Server 83 is EASY wipe.

    Every time I read this I just here thinking "How adorable, a Days of Our Lives" moment in ark.
  13. bulldog1986

    Nerf Clubs!

    Lol everyone in a raid should have riot huh? You don't get out on officials often do you? Stop speaking for the rest of the community please.
  14. bulldog1986

    PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    Two things I have to fully disagree on. First Ptera's within PvP are disposable assets with great potential, there is a reason people constantly push their levels higher in breeding ptera's. Have a flier army in 2 days is easy enough and the ability to get inside a base and barrel roll down their electrical system is game changing. (Should be at minimum an A creature) Second, the Moschops is a GOD when it comes to gathering organic poly, so as far as usefulness, it is by far and away the easiest thing for getting massive amounts of quick poly quick and easily. (Should be at least a C: if not a B: creature)
  15. bulldog1986

    Ptera Stats/Breeding

    Yea pvp