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  1. Says valguero included again for the weekend. Wondering if that will be changed to not included last minute like it was last time.. sigh. It’s bren out long enough now, give valguero the event...
  2. I've heard rumors of this but I haven't seen official proof for consoles. PC will have the event as well and they have the new map already so it more and likely refers to them, sadly.
  3. Oh snap! Ark devs pulling through with the breeding event! Love it and thanks a ton! This should get some players active during the week instead of only on weekends haha. Only thing I don't care for, is the prime meat and prime jerky to craft, maybe use some regular cooker jerky? I can see smaller tribes struggling with the prime part. If you don't gotta giga, getting prime is terrible.. some smaller tribes don't have Dino's to harvest like that. So I'm just looking out for them and saying the prime stuff might not be fun for some people. Besides that, great job can't wait for the event! Time to bust out the American colored dinos!
  4. I know dinos do past I believe level 430 or 450? My point is, the Christmas event was to get higher bps. I got the higher bps and they just get nerfed. Kinda upsetting and pointless of the event.
  5. So, I just went to craft an ascendent crossbow with the 330 damage bp I received from a Christmas present. It now has been dropped down to 298 damage. Along with that, every other no I gotten from Christmas presents have been dropped down to the same 298.. what was the point of having a Christmas event that offers above average bps for them to just get nerfed anyway?? Kinda makes me angry considering it was a war as It is to get a present. Also everything gotten above 298 from gachas pre patch have been nerfed to 298 damage etc. What's up with this?? Gachas I can understand but presents that are to offer better gear also got a nerf?? C'mon now wildcard.
  6. You may be able to report this to Microsoft to get the refund. I believe they would force wildcard to issue it. I'm more and likely going to do the same. If the skins ever get fixed I'll purchase them again. Until then I'd like my money back as well.
  7. I actually came to this bug report section to post this exact thing. So I'll just add my comment here. I purchased all of the skins the day they were released, now I want to use them and what do ya know... can't even get them. I bought all of the skins I think there is 5 or so of them. So $5 or $6 That as of right now they have gotten free from just me. Think of how many others that paid for these. Let's say 1000 people bought all the skins as I did. That's literally a free $5000 or $6000 That they pocketed... kinda sketchy to not provide what has already been paid for. Bottom line is, we have paid for them and we should have no no exceptions. Otherwise a full refund and we should still get the skins once fixed just because of this hassle. It's been months now with out them. I also highly doubt that it's a huge thing to fix. . Super irritating that we've paid for these and can't use them let alone get a response about the issue.
  8. I hatched one yesterday that has purple front n back haha. It's cool looking.
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