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  1. they have kind of a thorn skin wich reflect damage to the dino who attacks the arthropleura or if u use a melee weapon against them it will easily break. they increased the amount of loot on each drop but it doesnt matter, instead of needing to clean 100 times to get one decent drop, now u need to clean it like 50 times, they increased the amount of loot x2 and increased the amount of dificult x20, well if the arthropleuras max lvl was at least lvl 150, then it would be more aceptable, or at least make the spawn way lower than its now.
  2. so we just need to sacrifice one dino each time we want to do the cave? thats nice
  3. well, it was never a easy cave, new players would never have resource or dinos or lvl to do it because 150 perfect kibble tamed dinos doesnt have enought strenght to easily clean the cave and u would not have good saddles to make them strong enought, u would need at least 2-4 dinos to clean it (and u need at least lvl 81 to be able to craft the scuba set if anyone dont give to u for free), and yes, if u are an old player on pve or alpha tribe on pvp with high end breed dinos whats the problem on it being easy? u spent alot of time and hard work to manage to get those breed done to be able to clear the swamp cave without big problems, those high lvl end dinos wasnt given by anyone, u played a huge amount of hours to get them. Its funny a player who never did that cave, not even before this nonsense update saying anything about it, and when people cry like "oh, but it was easy for alpha tribes to do it" probably u didnt played enought to manage to have a dino strong enought to do the cave, do u guys think that took one day or two for alpha tribes on pvp and old players on pve to have those dinos or enought resource (like good saddles and good set)? stop crying and play the game, tame dinos, make ur own strong breeds or buy them on the forum if u want a easy way on pve..... this adittion of arthropleuras on the swamp cave made the cave really reatard for pve because on pvp u can clean it once and spread metal foundations all over the cave to block the dino spawns and will be able keep farming the artifacts and loots anytime (it will not have the fun on cleaning the cave with a dino anymore) but if this is what the WC wants, well then, the pve is getting worst and worst and losing the funny more and more, and on pvp u can dodge this changes without problem so alpha tribes will keep grinding the cave.
  4. even with 2 bears 100% imprinted with 7k health both and 800+ damage wearing saddles with 90 armor, i got both losing like 5k health each during the first tunel of the cave from the arthropleura damage return, so it doenst matter
  5. if this is the new way to do the cave well, this change just made the swamp cave the easiest cave and anyone can do it, even if u are a lvl 10 with a frog and bug repelent, this is really a poop way to spoil the fun on a cave.
  6. i dont know if u ever did the cave, but if WC want for us to spend a few hours farming and prepering ourselves to be able to do a swamp cave one time that will take like 30 min to 1 hour +, well yes sure, we can drop everything on the RL to be able to farm one time the cave. Probably the youtubers use asc compoud bow so the damage will be higher, but do u know how much an asc compoud bow is expensive to make? other thing is, do u have any idea the amount of dinos inside the cave and how many arrows u will need to take down lvl 200+ wild dinos? and flamethrowers are expensive as hell too and u need to be at close range to hit them so ur gear will get busted like in 2 secs, the thing is, looks like they want for us to spend even more time in game to do something that was fun to do, and this change only raptors up with pve players, alpha tribes from pvp will just block all the spawns, place beds and storages inside, fast travell to get the drops and get back to the base to do anything else, and even doing that wheres the fun of the cave on pvp? as i said, purlovias on the snow cave was really nice add, its harder now, u need to move more carefully otherwise u will die easy, the polar bear has a huge damage so u need to find good high spots to fight them, this is a nice change. not placing freaking arthroplueras 200+
  7. cactus broth......,so basically u are saying if u want to do the swamp cave (island cave) u need to buy the SE DLC and farm cactus broth to be able to do the cave? theres no room inside the swamp cave for u to dodge the arthropleuras, if u try to kill the arthropleuras with ur dino, well bad idea, ur dino will die because of the damage return from the arthropleuras, the only way possible i see is to bring a few hundreds sets (just in case u know.....) and a few hundred of rockets and blow up everything in the way. there u go, nice way to get everything u need like metal structures bp´s, hide set bp´s, bulllets and gps bp´s, all u ever dreamed, well if u dont need them, try again a few more time (like more 100 times) and u will get something decent from the swamp cave drop.
  8. o yeah, try out the cave with bug repelent, try to dodge 5 arthropleuras on the first spawn at the first tunel and then tell me how it goes ^^, the swamp cave is really tight and theres no way to avoid the arthropleuras, but plz, make a video using the bug repelent and dodging the arthropleuras and geting all the drops and artifact.
  9. on pve we cant place foundations to block spawns, so its quite nearly impossible to clean it without the need to expend a huge amount of resource to maybe (like 10% or less) on getting something usefull from the drops, the flyer nerf i kind agree but somethings on how it was done i desagree (i think the mov speed bonus from imprint should be applied and they could make more "expensive" to spend points into mov speed and each dino would have a mov speed cap that could be lvled) there are no threats on the sky and if u can fly non stop, all the main threats are just ignored. I think some things on the game need to change to be harder but this is a game, not a lifetime game/work and some changes makes the game unpleasant of playing, is not feasible u need to spend 1 hour or + to clean a cave to get an artifact/drops (95% of the time is a crap drop) (and im not counting the time u need to expend to farm and craft/repair the necessary gear to make it possible to do the cave)
  10. u can change the "easy lvl" on the game by nerf the experience from meganeuras, or if its possible nerf the experience that the wild dinos gives on the swamp cave, not making it impossible of doing it by implementing arthropleuras lvl 200+, i agree that the game need to be harder in certain point because its a survival game, but i desagree making it hard even if u have high end lvl dinos and high end gear that took like alot of time to achiev this kind of lvl in the game, but im discussing about the broked idea of placing lvl 200+ arthropleuras on the swamp cave
  11. a cave thats not intended to be doing mounted are the ones where u need to crouch to enter the cave, the swamp cave is intended for u to use frogs and small mounted dinos, even with a really good breed dino u would take at least 20 minutes to clean and get all the drops and now because of this change u wil take like what? 30min - 1 hour to finish a freaking cave? that was not a cave for begginer players, now its even impossible for "old" players with high lvl end breeds. "Has anyone seen how frequent arthros are in there? They may be a rare spawn." they are not a rare spawn and its funny guys coming to the topic and posting without even had tried the cave with the new spawn after the patch
  12. u need to clean the old spawn that was there before the patch so the new spawn can come, if u think 4 -5 arthropleuras lvl 200+ in every spawn area on the swamp cave is rare, im srry but u are wrong, and if u are a solo player, it doesnt worth doing the cave anymore, dinos cant handle the damage from the "thorn ability" from the arthropleuras, and u are gonna spend alot of resource to get to the drops and find only crap loot like structures bp´s, bullets bp´s, gps bp´s and this kind of crap. if u can get a small dino like a wolf, saber, baryonys inside the cave, so its intended to be done mounted too, and im 100% sure that u cant do that cave "easy" if u get there a perfect kibble 150 tamed frog/wolf/saber/ baryonys, u probably will lost at least 30 - 1 hour to clear the cave and get the drops because of this new change, offcourse its easier to do if u have strong high lvl end breed dinos (to have this kind of dinos it takes time and effort to make them)
  13. well then try it now with a tamed dino before saying anything, is impossible because of the huge damage return from the arthropleuras and "adapt to the change, switch tactics" lol, are u kiding me? skiping the dinos with a frog is a "really nice" way to do the cave.... and using a pike and having like 237813781937192391738192378912 sets of scuba/ghilie to do the cave is really pathetic, its a poop way to screw up with that cave, the change on the snow cave was a nice idea with the purlovias to avoid the "cave runers" and the "polar" bears making it harder, this was a nice way to make the cave more challenge, but the swamp cave change in my opinion was a poop idea placing arthropleuras lvl 200+ over there
  14. well if u are on a pvp server where u can build inside the cave, u can block all the main dino spawns making the cave really easy, but on pve is freaking impossible to do that cave without spend a poopload of resourcers and in the end get only useless and crap drops
  15. i dont know how much damage are u gonna take per sec by using only ghillie, but i dont think that medical brew can keep ur health up in the same speed as the poison gas damages u, and the problem of using a frog for that tatic, if u get stuck in a floating state because of the huge amount of dnos inside the cave u will be dead, the frogs doesnt attack in floating state.
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