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  1. Nelevon

    Temperature Control

    I have 21 acs might be overkill
  2. Nelevon

    So I tamed a Direwolf pack...

    Ya, wolfs art is pretty awesome now
  3. Nelevon

    x2 this weekend

    I am cool with no 2x this week, they have had it every weekend since i started, so missing one isnt that bad
  4. Nelevon

    Where are the new servers? (Answered)

    Yeah they are up!
  5. Nelevon

    New Servers Soon... but how many?

    I certianly cant wait!
  6. Nelevon

    Dino 6 TLC2?

    So excited for new patch though
  7. Nelevon

    I hate the new rex look

    I like it!
  8. Nelevon

    Solo players given raw deal

    Im solo and doing just fine!
  9. Nelevon

    Mutation stacking

    yup thats how you do it ^
  10. Nelevon

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Just breeding
  11. Nelevon

    Favourite Harvesters