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  1. What happened to the quality of life improvements list that was promised a few weeks ago?
  2. Yes I have done it myself. babies can be cryoed If you raise it in 8 hour intervals and cryopod it after each imprint, you can get a 100% imprinted giga(after a lot of time though)
  3. Tickle Chickens are the worst lol best wishes taming more dinos to kill that SOB
  4. I love the WC logic though. "Let's sell our broken game to more people instead of fixing it for the people who have already paid"
  5. This was soo frustrating for me too. Try placing the eggs on the bare ground, not on foundations or ceilings and when the server crashes and you join back they should still be there incubating.
  6. So cryopods will reset the ready to breed timer of your female dinos. How does this make sense for an item that is supposed to help with the tame cap? So for someone who has a bunch of unmutated female dinos for breeding, you must bring your dinos out of cryo around ~24 hours before you want to breed them.(if you get the higher end breeding timer, just cryo the dino and throw it back out and it will randomly change to something else until you get the lower end to reduce the time between breeding.) It just makes more sense the leave them out of cryo and take up tame slots so i dont have to wait the timer to breed them.
  7. Thanks! Someone on my server told me about incubating them on the ground prevents them from doing that and it seems to have fixed it
  8. I keep losing my fert eggs to the server crashes when incubating them
  9. Its possible for some thief to swoop in and steal your loot from OSD after completing when the loot is ejected. I was referencing the OSD as an example of how they could hve easily shown whether they care about loot stealing or not, the fact that they made it easy to steal OSD loot after it is ejected shows they do not care. Thirdly, no they do not. All of the game is based from PvP, PvE is literally PvP with player vs player damage and other things turned off to prevent trolling. The game was designed with ONLY PvP in mind, PvE exists only because people showed interest in it ad WC had an easy enough way to make it happen(host a private server through Nitrado, you will see all of the things you can turn on/off). WC have nerfed/messed with lots of things because of PvP and it affects the PvE side. Mek is a recent one for example, they nerfed it because it was wiping everyone easily in PvP and now it is way less effective in PvE because of that. They will not make it so only the tribe that killed the vein/osd dinos, activated the drop, or was present when it was completed because that would affect the PvP side of things and they want to encourage people to fight over the OSD drops and element veins. I agree the thieves shoul dbe punished somehow, but I dont see an easy way WC can fix it to stop loot stealing.
  10. Kinda sounds like you do condone it..... Just remember, if they are willing to steal your element, they will be willing to kite stuff to you too Any possible solutions to this will affect PvP battles for it, WC love their PvP too much to change something for the sake of PvE if it will affect negatively affect PvP. If WC cared about people not stealing loot, they would've made it so only the tribes that complete OSD can access the drop's inventory rather than ejecting it to the ground for anyone to steal.
  11. I will say I hate the rollbacks with a passion, Like OP said, I'm afraid to fly at all until its fixed because I don't wanna die due to a crash. They were supposed to have a fix only hours away Thursday....but that was 5 days ago now. But......a good length rollback saved our lvl 203 tamed Rex. I'd still love the rollbacks to be fixed.
  12. Raptors, carnos, dilos and pteras mainly. I typoed though and meant to type that it was a yellow instead of a blue. Havent tried a blue yet. The yellow drop gave me nightmares lol
  13. Dude me and a tribemate tried a yellow drop in official and Almost lost our 204 Rex, mana, and snow owl. We got swarmed suuuuper bad on the 2nd wave. Atleast 30-40 dinos. Idk if it was bugges or if we messed up somehow. We were lucky to save the rex and mana.
  14. @Jen How about addressing the server crashes on PC, on Thursday you were a few hours to fixing it. That was 5 days ago....
  15. Ive heard taking 20 dinos into the boss and having someone download 20 dino before the others get out of the boss run will let you overcap. Not sure if it works, just a rumor I've heard.
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