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  1. Broken Drops and World Map! I have been playing my local Scorched Earth save and there are at least 3 drops that land inside the mesh making it impossible to receive. Also, every time I log onto the game my map resets and I have to fly all around the world to get the map to be filled. It would be greatly appreciated if someone would fix these things. I am unaware of any such issues occurring on pc or xbox, because I have only played ps4.
  2. I agree it should come to the game, but maybe as a conversion, making balancing not an awful issue.
  3. Right turning staircase pillar fix and corner roof This isnt a huge game changer, but the staircases look great in pve. However, they only turn to the left. What im trying to say is to make a symmetrical home you need to have both a right and a left turning staircase. Also, im sure youve heard it before, but pillars are a pain in the butt. they always snap leaving little nubs on your ceilings. occasionally however, you can get the snap point that is actually alligned, but this takes months of pracice and isnt reliable. Im not suggesting you change it so it doesn’t snap through the top, I am suggesting that you make it easier to cycle to the snap point directly enderneath the ceiling. I am sure many players would greatly appreciate this change. Last I would like to bring up roofs. I have built some cool stuff with the new homestead, and even before that I was, but one thing I am always missing is a corner roof , and an inturning corner roof. I am surprised it hasnt been suggested already. These pieces are already in other significantly worse games like Conan Exiles, and I would love to see them come to ark.
  4. Yes i am. Hate it. Love the game. Lost everything. HATE THIS! Has happened four times. Each time i rebuild. Im not going to now.
  5. Chiken120


    I tried to ascend the other day on singleplayer. I opened the tek cave and as soon as i entered my game crashed. I then opened the game again and it had a rollback. After preparing again I gave it another go. It was fine. Then I wanted to do it again with a friend so I hosted non dedicated. The same exact issue. This was on both beta and gamma. Also the path to the tek cave rubberbands otherplayers, makimg it difficult to get all your rexs in the cave during only 4 mins. There is sooooo much lag with 2 people. Lost 3 rexs to the rubberband getting to the entance.
  6. I am having the same issues. Especially with the spawn rates being super low
  7. I was in the sunken forest and I was very dissapointed. There are almost no dino spawns in this region, making it too easy. I was expecting something like abberation, with there being corrupt reapers and rockdrakes, but there was only a few normal dinos and gachas. I believe that this dlc could be the best one if the spawns were more frequent and maybe ravagers or karkinos spawns here.
  8. I went on extinction to mess around and i force tamed a yeti. I then wanted to test cryopods. The stats on the yeti were way beyond Millions, but after cryo it was mere thousands. I am unsure how this will affect boosted servers like mine. It probably isnt going to affect official unless they superbreed.
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