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  1. Tek Generator access

    Hmm, maybe I was wrong. I thought you could access it without the engram but maybe not. And you know how hard it is to come by wood?! Hours to just get 100 wood.
  2. Oh wow, then yeah they need to fix that.
  3. is this just the small crates you start with at early game? Before the large storage boxes?
  4. Skins Gone After Beating Alpha Rockwell...

    Did you have skins from achievements? Cause the person above I think took as if you were talking about just your Rockwell skins.
  5. Oh. Guess it's just one of those things you'll have to learn from right?
  6. I'm going to be that guy. Why not put them into a vault or place them into a room by themselves and lock the door? Sorry just being blunt.
  7. Tek Generator access

    Technically you aren't using it by opening it's inventory so they may very well be able to get into it but can't turn it on/off. I'm not sure though.
  8. Admin Commands

    Are you sure you used the right command? Last night I spawned in both Queen and Kings to see the models. I have not spawned the rest but those two do work.
  9. There is on the Survivor Companion App available on Apple and I believe Android. The only problem is the command is too long for Xbox. So you can't use it.
  10. Setting up a pc server for xbox

    Thanks I’ll attempt to see if this does work
  11. So now that Play anywhere has launched I would like to know how to set up my computer as a server. I believe that since I have a secondary account on my Home Xbox it will allow me to use that as the server host? I just want to know if anyone has done this or if it's even possible.
  12. PSA Climbing picks

    Why wouldn't they work?
  13. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    I guess we will.
  14. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    So when Play anywhere releases tomorrow can I set up a server on my PC and play on my Xbox? And would using a secondary account on my Home Xbox work as the server-client/host? If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated.