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  1. Hyena and salts

    I'm afraid I don't have the answer but I am now curious as well. Hope someone knows this. Edit: I found the answer directly from the wiki page: Placing preserving salt inside a Hyaenodon's inventory which also has a saddle bag, has the potential to increase the spoil timer of applicable items to 16x longer than in a player inventory. Notably, wyvern milk and organic polymer are not affected by the saddle bag's special ability
  2. Maintaining Sleep With Baby Wyverns?

    I'm not sure for that but I play on sp with a 1.0 with maximum difficulty and the highest egg I have seen is 180 the maximum would be 150 so...
  3. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    Not a clue. I'm not a dev.
  4. Good News Phoenix can be transfered to ragnarok!

    There is now indeed a timer on transfers.
  5. Best Way To Level Non-Ridables?

    Happens all the time. That's why I check the post date of the OP.
  6. New Ice Wyvern model???

    I'm on xbox so in the same boat as well. But if I remember correctly in a video by Syntac he had one before they got the new remodel on pc and it just changed its look.
  7. Best Way To Level Non-Ridables?

    It wasn't mentioned in the thread cause the Hesperonis wasn't released. (Thread was made in Feb.)
  8. AFK Fix incoming - Source : Reddit

    Makes me wonder when they would that statement here if ever?
  9. Bionic skins

    oh well I'm sure if you want them in your single player game (or a dedicated server where your an admin) just enter these codes: Parasaur; gfi bionicpara 1 1 0 Raptor: gfi bionicrapt 1 1 0 trike: gfi bionictri 1 1 0 stego: gfi bionicsteg 1 1 0 mosa: gfi bionicmosa 1 1 0 Quetz: gfi bionicquet 1 1 0 Rex: gfi bionicrex 1 1 0 giga: bionicgiga 1 1 0 All of these work on console so I'm assuming they work on pc.
  10. Bionic skins

    Console too. I can happily say that.
  11. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    I gotta say I'm really excited for the "Rock Drake" the one that camouflages and flies and climbs like megalania. I can't wait!
  12. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

  13. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Thanks for the merging I think?
  14. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Better late then never though right?