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  1. If you're going to rig the vote at least think of a good creature. This creature is rubbish if this wins I think most of the ark community will be very mad
  2. If this does get added it would definitely have almost none of the features that you submitted because you submitted a lot of features so many if they were all added there probably wouldn't even be enough buttons on a keyboard for all those abilities
  3. Is all people do in the comments complain, when there's no Evo event people get mad and even when there is an Evo event then people still get mad because taming too low or why is imprinting not on there etc. and then everyone starts blaming wildcard just because they did not get what they wanted. Like could we for once thank wildcard for making an amazing game.
  4. I am quite happy that desmodus won seeing as I had voted it as my third place creature (pyroraptor in first and armandillosuchus in second), and I am also glad that charcarodontasaurus is coming as well because the reason I didn't want it to win either votes was that I would have ratherred it to come more than 1 map which it is now.
  5. Syntac did not rig the vote at all people just liked the bat (Syntac did say he voted the bat as his number 1 but that was after the vote had finished).
  6. I do not know why people are complaining about getting no Evo event seeing as we have got one every weekend for the last five weeks
  7. BTW for people who complain that the charcarodontasaurus did not get added you do know it would only spawn on this map
  8. I wonder what the 2 creatures are what I want them to be is titanoboa and either rock drake or basilisk
  9. Just saying is if just me or has anybody else found very few dodos or lystros on valguero, I play it on single player and a pve server yet I have only seen 2 dodos and 3 lystros and I have adventured around half the map on my single player ark
  10. I know I am just saying that as an example of what they can do all I was saying is they need a way to stop this vote getting rigged by youtubers
  11. Make this vote anonymous and give a copyright strike to any YouTubers who try to rig the vote (like Nexxus world and upfromthedepths).
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