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  1. I do not know why people are complaining about getting no Evo event seeing as we have got one every weekend for the last five weeks
  2. BTW for people who complain that the charcarodontasaurus did not get added you do know it would only spawn on this map
  3. I wonder what the 2 creatures are what I want them to be is titanoboa and either rock drake or basilisk
  4. Just saying is if just me or has anybody else found very few dodos or lystros on valguero, I play it on single player and a pve server yet I have only seen 2 dodos and 3 lystros and I have adventured around half the map on my single player ark
  5. I know I am just saying that as an example of what they can do all I was saying is they need a way to stop this vote getting rigged by youtubers
  6. Make this vote anonymous and give a copyright strike to any YouTubers who try to rig the vote (like Nexxus world and upfromthedepths).
  7. That is the fourth week in a row that yous have given us an evolution event, my goodness yous are being generous
  8. In the next vote I am definately going to vote for an aquatic preferably onchopristis
  9. What are you talking about my Xbox one s can barely run Minecraft but can ark very smoothly
  10. The Sinomacrops could also be good for exploring the map seeing as it is pretty much an early game glider suit
  11. BTW I voted for the yi Qi in the second round because I knew that tanystopheus had no chance of winning but the Yi Qi was in third place (at the time)and I have just realised that this is the 200th comment on this community crunch
  12. I voted for the tanystopheus in the first round but now that I think about it you are right from videos I have seen of people on the modded version of this map it does not look like there is a lot of ocean
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